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  1. Bolt Action Talk
    I shipped by Tikka T1x with KRG Chassis for repairs to Beretta in November. The bolt handle broke off and the remnants of the screw were stuck inside the bolt. My experience with Beretta's so-called customer service has been of of the worst. Unless I inquire multiple times they don't even...
  2. Handgun Misc
    In 1982 when Glock hit the streets it was thrown to the forefront of the gun control battle by having a polymer frame. The anti-gun leftist claimed a Glock would slip past airport metal detectors. The anti-gun media did one thing, they gave Glock all the free advertising the company could...
  3. Handgun Misc
    Hey guys, So i have been looking at handguns for when I turn 21, Just for target practice with and So far I have been highly interested in the beretta 92fs, any one care to put in there two sense on quality / reliability of one? how is the trigger pull on them usually ?
  4. Semi-auto Handgun Talk
    Does anyone know if the Bianchi UM84 and the Bianchi 92 holsters will fit the Beretta M9A1? As I am sure you know, the the M9A1 has a rail, unlike the 92FS. So, I was not sure if the M9A1 would fit these holsters. It is not listed on the Bianchi website and the representive at Bianchi could not...
  5. Semi-auto Handgun Talk
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  6. Handgun Misc
    Real pleased with my new Beretta 92fs. She was pretty tight for the first 50 rounds, but no FTFs. Now she is smooth, and dead-on accurate. Very pleased with the pistol.
  7. Rifles Misc
    Beretta Web - CX4 Storm Sorry if I have landed this in the wrong forum. I couldn't decide so I opted for the AR forum because of the futuristic look and practicality of this weapon. Anyway, I just orderd a couple of these weapons, one in .40 and the other in the .45 Anyone own one of these...
1-7 of 7 Results