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  1. AR-15 Talk
    Hey guys! I'm a representative from Bump Fire systems, and I just joined the site to help answer questions about our stock and just be a general gun nut! :ar15: Here is some info about our stock. I will answer questions on here periodically as you ask them, feel free to reach out on our Facebook...
  2. AR-15 Gallery
    What I have now... Bushmaster AR15, originally had a fixed carry handle, swaped it over to a flat top.... 4x32 ACOG Green reticle (horseshoe) Magpul ACS stock FDE Magpul 30 round magazines x5 FDE Magpul angled foregrip FDE Magpul quad rail covers FDE Magpul pistol grip FDE Yankee Hill specter...
1-2 of 2 Results