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  1. New member introduction
    Ok, time to clean out the closet. Found my 7.62 (308) long rifle that I use to shoot competitively back in the day. ('68-70). It has a floating sportco (Australi) barrel, Mauser Action, Iron sights (which served me very well to 1000 meters), and a bunch of auxialliary items. Furniture was...
  2. For Sale - MISC
    I would like to sell 1250+ rounds of 7.62x51 ammunition. I have 8 sealed battle packs with 140 rounds each. 115 loose rounds, from a battle pack, but I had loaded it into mags, and 2x20 round boxes. All packaged in a military case. Ammo is surplus from South Africa, 79 + 80s manufacture dates...
1-2 of 3 Results