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  1. Lever Action Talk
    With the innovation newer cartridges, is the 30-30 Winchester obsolete? This question arises from comments on a youtube video I made about stockpiling ammo. A John Rambo commented: I respectfully disagree. I have seen first hand time and time again what the 30-30 Winchester does to...
  2. Lever Action Talk
    My father in law was nice enough to give me this rifle. He has shot this gun once (gave me a box of 30-30's he bought with the rifle with one missing) no box. Basically I figure the gun is worth $400-800. My question is there any reason I should not make this my primary deer hunting rifle...
  3. Lever Action Talk
    how is the accuracy on the 336A? and would anyone recommend it?
  4. Lever Action Talk
    Hi, I just bought a Marlin 336A at Dick's (blue, walnut stock, scope and rings $339 OTD, in case you were wondering). Sorry there are no pics - I'm too clueless to be posting pictures. :) It's my first lever action, I'm very pleased. It shoots great, has a nice action - it's a great rifle. So...
  5. Lever Action Talk
    The old eyes aren't what the used to be, so I've been toying with the idea of scoping my Marlin 336, 30/30. The only thing I use the gun for is recreational shooting at public and private ranges. Got a new Cabela's catalog a couple days ago and they are featuring a lever-action scope...
  6. Lever Action Talk
    I have a marlin 336 in 30-30. I bought it used. It wasn't shot much that I can tell. It shoots horrible. I used 170gr federal ammo. Shot 4" groups at best. I know how to shoot; so, it's not me. I did notice that the primer is backing out of the case which indicates headspace problem. Did...
1-6 of 6 Results