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  1. Rifle Reloading Forum
    I am new and am gearing up to reload. I already own a Mini-14 and have a Lee press and 223 dies, etc... I will be acquiring an M1 Garand in the near future. I wanted to know if there are any powders that can be used in both cartridges (30-06 and 223/556) to good effect? Or is this an...
  2. Rifles Misc
    If you have a local academy sports and outdoors or gander mountain, they have ammo on sale. Academy: Winchester power point 30-30 $14.49 30-06 $15.99 243 & 270 $15.99 Remington core-lokt 30-30 $13.49 30-06 $15.99 243 & 270 $15.99 There is also a $2 mail-in-rebate the drops the price even...
  3. Rifles Misc
    I just saw the new Outdoor Life magazine with the new rifle test, there was a good article about the new Ruger 308 scout rifle. It made the editor favorite!
  4. Bolt Action Talk
    I recently bought a used Savage Model 110 30-06. It is completely covered with factory cammo in Mossy Oak Brush pattern. It has a heavy barrel. I cant find anything on this weapon on Savages website. I find similar rifles but none in the 30-06. Can anyone tell me what this rifle may be...
  5. Hunting Forum
    It was the last weekend of regular deer season, saturday night. A long time member of the deer lease drives up to the camp, and backs his truck up to the scales. That is usually a sure sign that there is a deer in the back of the truck. They get the doe weighed and are stringing it up to skin...
  6. Bolt Action Talk
    My Dad had a long time friend that was a masterful gunsmith. This man turned a 1903 Springfield into a beautiful sporter back in the '60s. or early '70s. It's a 30-06, and a fine shooter. I took it to another gunsmith about 10 years ago, and he said I should insure this rifle for $4,000. The...
  7. Bolt Action Talk
    I;m looking at a VERY nice 1993 Remington 700 ADL deluxe. .30'06, has the sights and bases, no rings or glass. Wood is very good, deep dark black bluing, 95% Barrel looks mint, crown is perfect, great trigger I can get it for $400, or just ok?
  8. Bolt Action Talk
    Recently, I read an article where the author cited a report on the top five rifle cartridges sold in 2008. He stated the numbers seem to be consistent from year to year. The report included the top three companies; Remington, Winchester and Federal. Care to guess which ones they are and how...
  9. Bolt Action Talk
    "Yeah, I know, we live in the age of diversity. We're supposed to have free choice in all things. That is well and good, but I think the manufacturers are offering us far too much choice in rifle cartridges. The more variety they offer the more costly the manufacturing and distribution, and...
  10. Bolt Action Talk
    My friend is building a 1000 yard rifle. He was originally going to go 30-06, but needed to get the barrel reamed from .308 to the 06. He is now considering just going with the 308. Which is the better round for the job?
1-10 of 10 Results