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17 hmr
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  1. General Chit Chat
    Introduced by Hornady in 2002, the .17 Hornady Magnum Rimfire (HMR) was designed for shooters who desire a fast, lightweight rimfire cartridge. It's especially popular among varmint hunters, who prefer the .17 HMR for its high velocity and flat trajectory. 17 HMR Ammo The .17 HMR has...
  2. Bolt Action Talk
    Has anyone bought one of these. I think mine may be fairly accurate, but it's hard to tell. My rifle has to have the single worst trigger pull of any rifle I have ever owned. My pull gauge doesn't even go high enough to measure it and it is rough and gritty with terrible over-travel. Are...
  3. Guns Guns Guns
    The other day I picked up a 917V - 17 HMR, wasn't even looking to buy a gun. Be that as it may, I'm hooked but good now. It was grouping under 1" out of the box with a 5 1/2# trigger. A Rifle Basix trigger and a 4x12 scope, now we're getting into the 1/2 moa range at 100 yards. Poping 12 gauge...
1-3 of 3 Results