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  1. Bolt Action Talk
    Has anyone bought one of these. I think mine may be fairly accurate, but it's hard to tell. My rifle has to have the single worst trigger pull of any rifle I have ever owned. My pull gauge doesn't even go high enough to measure it and it is rough and gritty with terrible over-travel. Are...
  2. Guns Guns Guns
    The other day I picked up a 917V - 17 HMR, wasn't even looking to buy a gun. Be that as it may, I'm hooked but good now. It was grouping under 1" out of the box with a 5 1/2# trigger. A Rifle Basix trigger and a 4x12 scope, now we're getting into the 1/2 moa range at 100 yards. Poping 12 gauge...
1-2 of 2 Results