Buying ammunition on-line makes sense. You have ammunition vendors from all over the country compete for your business, offering a large variety of ammunition at good prices. The main question becomes who to buy the ammunition from? Let’s take a look at the top 5 places to buy ammo on-line, where best is defined as offering great variety and/or outstanding prices and good customer service.

1. Ammunition To Go

Ammunition-To-Go is an online outfit that specializes in on-line ammunition sales. They have what I’d describe as a huge selection of any type of ammunition imaginable. Despite the large number of options, the website is very user friendly and enables customers to find whatever they are looking for with ease. The key to easy browsing is rooted in their ammunition taxonomy. You start by selecting the category you want, for example rifle ammunition, handgun ammunition, several types of specialty ammunition and even accessories such as ammo cans, magazines and gun cases. Each month offers a new highlighted selection and special ammunition deals. Whether you need bulk range ammo or specific hard to find self-defense ammunition, such as Federal HST or Winchester Ranger, chances are you’ll find it. Shipping prices are reasonable and depend on your zip code and the amount of ammunition you buy. For their large variety, easy to use website and reasonable shipping rates, we rank Ammunition-To-Go as our number one top site for on-line ammo buying.

2. The Sportsman’s Guide

The Sportsman’s Guide is known for having very diverse merchandise from military surplus to strange and sometimes interesting deals. In this context, we’ll focus on the sportsman’s ammunition section. You can shop for ammunition in different ways. There’s a listing for the different calibers from .17 to .50, and it’s easy to drill down from there to see the various available options. You can also shop by vendor, for example Winchester, Hornady and Prvi Partizan. They also list the most popular calibers and, whichever entry point you chose, leads you to a list of available ammunition with its price and availability. We like the fact that the Sportsman’s Guide offers ETA for out-of-stock ammunition, and that some ammunition is priced in a very competitive manner. Shipping charges are reasonable and there are no hidden fees. For selection, ease of use and variety of other shooting items, we rank the Sportsman’s Guide as our second top site for on-line ammo buying.

3. Rob The Ammo Man

Rob the Ammo Man can’t compete with the variety of the first two vendors listed here, but he can beat them price wise. AmmoMan has a distribution list you can join to get mails with the most up-to-date deals that he has to offer. You can also shop directly from his site, but the email list is more efficient. An additional advantage to working with the AmmoMan is the simplicity of the overall price. He lists the bottom-line price for you, so there’s no shipping charge to add later. Keep that in mind when you compare AmmoMan to other sites and take their shipping price into account. You’ll find both handgun and rifle deals here, both U.S. made and imports. For his deals and bottom-line price, we rank Rob-The-Ammo-Man as our third top site for on-line ammo buying.

4. Natchez Shooters Supplies

Natchez Shooters Supplies offers ammunition, as well as anything else you could want for your firearms. Ammunition is sorted by type of weapon and caliber, for example rifle and then 30-30, 7.62 and so on, or by top sellers, which varies based on ammo sold in a given time period. You can find handgun, rifle or shotgun ammunition for good prices, but availability isn’t guaranteed. Bulk ammunition price can be good, depending on time of year and availability. Interestingly, in some cases you’ll be able to find some ammo at Natchez and nowhere else. Shipping prices are reasonable and ammo is well packed, as you’d expect from such a large vendor. The types of ammo you’ll find here are good for self-defense and training. As a side note, I haven’t come across specialty ammunition such as LEO only Winchester Ranger, Federal HST and Speer Gold Dot that I use for self-defense. It’s not much of a surprise since these brands are hard to find. Why? Because vendors, such as Winchester and Speer, don’t sell them to civilians or outlets serving folks like us. However, Natchez Shooters Supplies does carry the civilian version of most of these brands, as well as strong self-defense ammo from Corbon, such as their excellent DPX line. So you can get great self-defense ammo at Natchez and that’s the important point to take away. For variety, price and other shooting accessories, we rank Natchez Shooters Supplies as our third top site for on-line ammo buying.


USA AMMO offers U.S. made ammunition at very good prices. For training purposes, and even self-defense if you can test the ammo sufficiently, USA AMMO offers good bargains. Ammo selection is limited to the most popular handgun and rifle calibers, but some caliber’s that I’d expect to find, such as the .357 Magnum and one of my favorite rifle calibers, the 6.8 SPC, are unavailable.  Still, you’ll most likely find what you are seeking. Please note that some ammo is new, but the ammo listed with the best price is remanufactured. USA Ammo buys brass from indoor ranges and then cleans and reloads that ammo. For range use, that’s perfectly fine, but for self-defense I’d want the very best ammo I could get. All in all, this lowers the price of ammo and that’s goodness. One pleasant surprise had to do with the extra gear that USA AMMO sells, such as weapon gear and knives. While not directly related to ammunition, I suspect that like me, you sometimes work on a project and need to get several items at the same time. It’s easy to get frustrated with the need to place two and sometimes three different orders on three different websites (each with shipping charges), just to get everything you need. USA AMMO with its additional firearm related catalog can solve that problem. For great prices and firearm accessories, we rank USA AMMO as our fifth top site for on-line ammo buying.

You should look at this list as a good start. Look at each of these vendors, compare the overall price of what you need and rank them in any way you see fit. Since the internet is vast, other places exist as well and it would be great if you shared your choices too. Whichever vendor you select, keep shooting and don’t forget that our shooting skills are perishable and “shrink” over time, while our challenges and problems seem to expand and grow each and every day.

Until next time, stay safe by staying alert,

Dan S. Defense

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