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TC Contender

I just purchased a TC Contender in 45 LC made in 1969 and have a question or two.

1. When the hammer is cocked and I decock it, (squeeze the trigger and slowly let the hammer fall) I am not able to cock it without breaking it open. Is this supposed to be like this?

2. Where can I find a soft robber grip other than the Packmayr hard grip?

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1) Yes, that's a safety feature. In fact, you can work the trigger without the hammer being fully cocked. It is the same trigger pull with the hammer cocked or not. This lets you safely "dry fire". You will have to break it open though to reset the trigger.

2) Not that I've found and those old grips, though pretty, are murder on the hands especially if you have a heavy recoiling round. Pachmayer is pretty good.
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My first post here but I agree that Pachmayer is as good as it gets for recoil compensation on the contender. I have shot T/C's since the late 60's, have a 45. Long colt barrel and a 30/30 Super 14 among others but the Pachmayer Presentation grips suits me best. I wish Hogue would make one!
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