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Tcr 83

I have a friend of mine who is getting up there in years and just gave me a TCR 83 with 6 barrels. 22 Hornet, 223 Remington, 243 Winchester, 6.5 TCU, 32/40, and 35 Whelen. All have scopes on them, Leupold VX III's, 2.5-8x32.
I'm just curious, what is a set up like this worth? Oh, he also gave me a dies, brass, and a lifetime of bullets for each caliber. Any help would be appreciated.

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I have no idea on price, but yu should thank him over and over again, I've been using a TCR 87 for years, love it it's a 243 would love to have a 223 barrel and that 35 Whelen, quite the package
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Probably worth a couple grand IMHO but forget about it's worth brother! These are rare and totally superior in quality. I'd cherish it and use it! You're a very lucky man in my opinion.
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premium weapon

I have an 83 in 7 mm mag, and its a true one shot one kill weapon, i have been searching for some extra barrels so consider your self extremely lucky.
now on to your ??????
1. the gun with one barrel ranges from $1000. to $1200. but thats to the right buyer, many want to low ball a seller in the $500 range because seller doesnt know of these weapons.
2. the barrels are so few and far inbetween one going on sale seperate from a gun that they are now in the $300 range each.

3. then add for the optics, the oem scope mount alone is 175.00 each and are in unobtanium land as mfg doesnt make them anymore

4. then the seven scopes. you can google them for $$$$

i would say your in the $5000.00 range as a conservative est.

. your friend truely like you to give you such a piece of history
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