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ebay used T/C barrels

saw an old post on forum and thought I would post about it. If you bid on a barrel on ebay it may be good and may not be. Best to go to the many retail sources as their new prices will probably be better and you have the warrantee that they are not shot out or damaged in some way. Especially the steel shooting barrels like 357 Maximum, 30-30 Win, 7-30 waters, the 30 and 35 Herrett and 35 Remington, etc. Just a thought.
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You are safe with sinkhole@sinkhole.biz. out of Alabama. I bought a carbine barrel from them with no sales tax added and free shipping. The barrel was new too.
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Just an as option - I bought my .41 Mag barrel off Gunbroker from a guy with the screen name Contender Collector. He has a lot of stuff at reasonable prices. Very happy with my purchase.
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