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Pro Hunter .223

I just bought a 15" Pro Hunter barrel in .223. What fun to shoot! I bought it with open sights, but I thought it was drilled and tapped like the Encore's. Does anyone know if there are suitable mounting holes under the rear sight? If so, how do you remove the rear sight? There are no visible screws.
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This thread (2nd or 3rd poster) is spot on: contender questions?

Remove the 'elevation' screw and remove the elevation tang to reveal the two screws. Unscrew them and the entire assembly comes off. Have Loc-Tite when you're ready to mount the rail.

I've already done this on my 7mm TC/U.

contender questions?
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I just got my .223 barrel with open sites today. I also intend to mount a scope soon. Any recomendations on what scope works well with this barrel on a Contender handgun?
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I curious as well. I'm rather limited on the outdoor ranges where I can shoot and typically, 100 yrds. is the maximum, however, about 1 hr. 45 min. away, I could get to a range that does have a 200yd. range; I'm looking at the Redfield 4x12-40mm and 3x9-40mm at this time. I do have the TCU 2.5-7mmx28 but I wanted something with better eye relief as I find it hard to really center the crosshairs (one of the reasons I'm converting it to a rifle; the butt-stock should help a lot!)
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