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Anyone use MGM barrels

Any one use match grade machine encore barrels and how are they performing for you? Match Grade Machine Custom Thompson Center Encore, Contender, and G2 barrels - MGM
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Hi, I use MGM. Mater of fact I'm working up loads for a new barrel from them. It's a .17 Rem Fireball caliber in a 14" barrel? It has a tight neck .1930 at my request. It has a freebore of .151. It's a 10" twist. It currently shoots in the .6" group at 100 yrds from a rest. Wondering what others have been able to get out of this caliber with a similar configuration.

As for MGM, it took 10 weeks to get it but it's pretty nice.
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Just a side note about MGM. I have made three seperate requests for information from them. 2 to the "customer contact" area and 1 to the forum. To date none have been answered. For what it's worth(FWIW).
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I have 2 mgm barrels in 6.5 grendel. Both shoot under 1". They talk on the phone but not on the computer. I will buy from them again
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hm2clark is right on about the phone. I sent them another email and they finally contacted me stating that it's better to contact them by phone. The end result was the machinist said that they cut leads to SAMI spec. SAMI spec is not custom. They suggested I send the barrelin. For $40 they have a fellow who will shoot it and return the results to you. Maybe he uses a Ransom rest. I'll pass and continue to work with the barrel.
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MGM Barrels

Just got through a long ordeal with MGM. I ordered 2 barrels in Sept. - 7.62x39 for my son and I - and they made such a mess of them that we complained and they decided after about a week to replace them and do them like they were ordered. Now this was 10 weeks into the order and no barrels, the second set was another 6 weeks and hunting season was over. I tried the barrels and they would not lock up at all or fit the forearm. At this time they didn't want to even replace the barrels, so backing their product is a hit and a miss. It goes on and on and we finally got our money back less some of their invalid reasons and now we are having them built by another firm. I found out about the old saying "you get what you pay for" and will not be doing business with them ever again.
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