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Greetings all,

Well I finially got to shoot my Contender today. I bought a used frame for $150.00 and picked up a new .45 /.410 12" barrel. I fired 7 shots and was having a ball. Then "it" happened, I can't get the action open to remove the spent case. I had this problem once before right after I installed the barrel. Is this problem common or, with my luck, unique to my handgun? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance for the help.
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I had to take the forend off and remove the pin to get the barrel off. I took the case out, and replaced the barrel and forend. It worked fine and opened about 5 times. Of course you know that it wouldn't open on the sixth try. This is a major bummer.
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Every once in a while, one of mine seems to get stuck. I usually just increase pressure a bit and it pops open.YMMV

This is a VERY slow forum and you may have to wait a bit for a better answer.

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I seem to remember something about some of the (older) frames, dont match up quite right, also some barrels have the split ejector that wont work on some frames.
Go on over to
they have a section or 3 devoted to T C Contenders.
Hope it gets fixed for ya
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Thompson will fix it for free, give them a call. I have never had the problem but my buddy's T/C has done it with some gunshow barrels. Thompson fixed the problem. Good luck!
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I had this happen on my 14" .223
I pulled the hammer back and let it drop again, then it opened fine.
It was to hot ammo, cuasing the primer to flow back onto the the firing pin holding it out. No other ammo has caused this to happen.
when it happens again, try droppping the hammer on it again and see if it pops loose.
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o ya ,it was on my 209X50 , what the problem was the fireing pin gets stuck it the primer ,use harder primers know more problems
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