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Dimension - Service Nightmare!

I'm putting this on our TC forum in the hopes that one of you members can tell me what I'm doing wrong, point me in the right direction, and give me a phone number/name of someone in customer service that actually cares about maintaining the Thompson/Center reputation...

First, I am no stranger to the T/C product line. I've often said that if I had to empty my safe I would keep my Encore and Contender. They have all the barrels that I could ever need, including black powder.

So why a Dimension? We can always rationalize - I needed a bolt action (:trolleys and the ability to change calibers is ingrained in any T/C addict.
So on 1/23/17 I purchased a Dimension from Northern Firearms, Walker, MN via GunBroker.

Picked it up from my ffl on the 26th, took it home, cleaned and lubed, and took it to range for break-in. As advertised MOA at 100 yds. First 25 rounds were perfect. Ranged closed so I planned to finish the next day. I have never fired the rifle since!

I noticed two minor problems that day; side of stock rubbed on rest and seemed to be flaking some kind of plastic coating, and full magazine unlocked after first shot. Called T/C Springfield customer support (866-730-1614 press 5 then 2) and was told they would ship a new stock and mag and to ship mine back, which I did (first mistake - left bolts in stock). I also shipped the magazine metal magazine well since I thought it might be part of the problem and shipped to them in the TC box the rifle came in, which I never saw again

Due to medical issues I couldn't ship it back until Feb 6. Composite mag adapter, stock, and mag were shipped in 3 separate packages on 2/14. Stock had no retaining screws however, so once again I called and they were shipped on 2/22.

With everything finally in hand I reassembled the firearm but when mag was placed in mag well it just fell back out - no retention mechanism! Once again I called and very rudely was asked why I hadn't just sent the entire rifle back in the first place.

I was told it would take 4 to 6 weeks for them to get it back and they gave me a RA number. Shipped everything back.

Got it back yesterday 4/3/17. For some reason I knew it would not be fixed. When I opened it, installed the bolt, and checked it out everything seemed to be good to go! So last night I started the cleaning oiling process to get it ready for the final barrel break-in today. To my absolute horror I found that the rear stock/receiver screw was broken off!!!!! No way to get it out. How in the name of God could someone not have noticed. Even the little washer that goes under the screw was there.

I didn't get much sleep last night and my poor wife suffered from my mood. Today I decided to make some more phone calls but certainly not to "customer service"

Advice please...

Received response, thanks. 11:30AM
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The original TC was a small company staffed by skilled craftsmen who had pride in the company name and product reputation. The beginning of the end happened when the fire struck and the operation burned down. A noble effort in trying to rebuild, but changing times and financial trouble dictated the closing and sale. Another fine chapter in firearms history ended on a sad note.

Now owned by S&W. I would not buy any product from them. A Company run by bean counters who care nothing about the product. $$$$ is the bottom line. Heck most of them probably don't even shoot or own guns. The skilled gunsmiths have retired and have been replaced by assembly line help. (no disrespect meant directly to the workers) It is business circa 2017 in America.

I sold off my G1 Contender and barrels but still have my Encore. That will never leave. Sadly, I'll never buy another TC product. At least not S&W built.
Breaking off a screw head is bush league bubba at the least. To send the gun back to you with no acknowledgement of such is inexcusable. Sorry for your predicament.

Good luck. Bepe
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I've read the same issues you're describing.
Too late for me but they are sending me a new Dimension.
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