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tech sight vs mojo

I have decide to upgrade my sks a little bit, ghost ring and scope mount,ghost ring and scope mount. I plan to get a choate mount. Which ghost ring do you guy recommend,mojo or tech sights? First of all, will the scope mount affect the view? To those who has tech sight on their sks, is it easy to take down the rifle? Will tools be needed for rifle take down? Does the sight hold zero after te take down?
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Both are good sights and don't forget the Williams Firesights for the SKS as well. All three have the +/-'s depending on the configuration your going to end up with.

Personally If I were going to have the Choate mount as i do on my Yugo for easy of disassembly and cleaning I would probably go with the MOJO or William's ghost ring rear sight.

For the front sight I would stay away for the Williams front sight you have to remove the adjustment drum for the front sight housing loosing all the adjustment and the Williams replacement front sight leaves a lot to be desired. Instead for the front sight post I would replace it with the TechSight front sight target post which is about half the dia. of the original front sight post and it works very nicely with either the original SKS rear sight leaf or one of the ghost right rear sights. I use the TechSight target post on all my SKS rifles.

Some may like the Williams front sight post but I just don't care for it at all,it covers up to much target. Williams Firesights - SKS
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