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Stripper Clip Problem with my new 1950 Russian Tula

I recently purchased a very nice 1950 Tula Russian SKS. It is arsenal reconditioned with a laminated stock and is almost perfect in all respects except one. The rounds on the stripper clip do not feed cleanly off the clip. I am using what I beleive are stripper clips of chinese manufacture and Wolf Military Classic ammunition. Bottom line the stipper clips do not work. I have had SKSs before, but never had this problem to such a degree. Otherwise, the rifle functions fine. Does anybody have any suggestions? Thanks!
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Buff the insides of the strippers on a bench grinder with a wire brush,try and get up under the lips if you can as the stamped clips can have rough edges and the polymer coating on the Wolf ammo doesn't slide through the clips well,the Chinese ammo used copper wash steel case ammo and feeds much better in those clips. I polish all of mine up and the smooth as glass.
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Right hand
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Any time I've had tight strippers I use my left thumb with the nail flush up against the face of the stripper and pushing down with jerky movements until the rounds all go in. This puts max pressure against the base of the cartridge so they're less likely to bind at the rim. Be careful not to get the stripper edge under your nail or cuticle when you push down though (ouch).

The good things with those tight ones is that the rounds are less likely to slip-off when you don't want them to.
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The best way to load with stripper clips is to push down with the thumb, while pulling up on the nose of the top round with your index finger.
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