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Norinco SKS Info

Was heading home from a turkey hunting trip and stopped at a local pawn shop, spotted a Norinco SKS and picked it up for $190 out the door. I was hoping I could get some help IDing this particular rifle. Year made, pre or post ban anything would help.
Markings are:
Toward the front of the receiver is a Triangle with the numbers 636 inside, followed by 3 chinese letters and serial number 1200486xx O
On the same side towards the rear of the receiver is :
SKS 7.62x 39 made in China by Norinco CAI ST ALB VT
No other markings anywhere that I can see.
All parts have matching serial numbers except the receiver cover which seems aftermarket to mount a scope and is marked "Red Star China " on the rear. I'd like to get rid of the scope mount and replace it with a regular receiver cover. How hard is it to find a chinese one?
It has no cleaning rod or anyway to attach a bayonet that I can see.
The magazine is a 30 round USA brand duckbill magazine. I'm not a fan of this magazine set up though. Are chinese duckbills available or can this be converted to regular ak mags?
It also came with a chinese leather sling.
It is in pretty good overall shape and I'm really glad I came across it. I've included a few pics to see if it can help.
How do you all think I did with the price? Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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That sounds like a nice rifle. I really like the Norinco. The read cover is pretty cheap. Check Aim Surplus they have used ones, Poly Tecnologies has new ones. Mil Surp Stuff has some as well. I would say that because the bayonet lug is not there is was imported after 1989. That is when many importers started doing that kind of stuff

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Only the triangle 26 rifles can be dated as far as year of mfg. Being the bayo lug was chopped off it's hard to tell if it pre or post ban,some importers cut the lug off on purpose for special built rifle they offered.

One thing I can tell you is your rifle is probably a later production model after 1966 because of the pinned barrel it was a technique used later on and to the end of the rifles production life to cut cost but it has affect on the rifles accuracy both the pinned barrel and screwed in barrel with lug shoot very well.

The original 10 rd mags are kinda hard to find now days but some looking around may get you one. Converting a standard SKS to take AK mags is way more work than you want to get into,lots of wood and metal works and some welding is required to make one accept AK mags best to get one of the SKS D or M's or just buy an AK if you want to use those types of mags.

Receiver cover
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I had a norinco paratrooper before i got my yugo. IT had been shot to heck and refused to cycle more than 3 rds. i took her apart cleaned the crud out of every piece, it was a magazine issue which i remedied with a new tapco detatchable style mag. At this point the sk was shootin great even with the short patratrooper barell consistantly grouped better than my ak wielding buddies. the only part i neglected to clean was my bolt(not thinking of prior use) as disassembly of bolt is not an easy task. I LIVE TO REGRET IT the sks is built with a free floating firing pin, the firing pin may become stuck in forward "FIRE" position causing a disastrous slam fire (when firing pin stuck forward, the charging of rifle will fire the round as it is pushed into chamber, as firing pin is stuck the trigger plays no part in this, so rifle will keep firing until it jams or runs out of ammo) SCARRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
upon inspection of my bolt i realized that the bolt face was broken. the spent shells showed markings on rim and primers were popped out. A broken bolt will just not do! A little research led me back to the tapco website. where i found their replacement bolt with springloaded firing pin. I ordered and opted for over night shipping the next afternoon the rifle and new bolt were on my gunsmith's bench. by the time i got out of work my gun was waiting for me at home what a great guy!! the tapco bolt was a great mod indeed the spring loaded firing pin eliminated the slamfire problem, also when used in conjunction with tapco detachable mags the tapco bolt will hold bolt open on last round a must for tactical type reloads.
the moral of the story buy a tapco bolt its sweet and could save your life haha
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Or you could just replace the original free floating firing pin with a spring loaded pin from Murrays Gunsmithing.

The pics look like you have the 20.5" barrel and the dust cover might be original that someone modified to mount a scope. see if the numbers match the serial number if so then it is all original the dust cover should have part of the serial number on the back if it is an original part
being a pinned barrel it is later than 1966 if it did not come with a bayonett and the lug was cut off and has original length barrel then it was more than likely a post ban import,no way to really tell for sure tho.
most of the pre ban type 56 were shipped with the barrel cut down to 17" and were equipped with a bayonet they were called a paratrooper model but no foreign service men used a short paratrooper model not even paratroopers .they were cut down at the request of the US importers.
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I think you did well on price. Most places are asking $300 or more, at least here in Ca.
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Originally Posted by 40nascar View Post
I think you did well on price. Most places are asking $300 or more, at least here in Ca.
Here too. My Boy and Nephew just found me and oldie but its a goodie and they gave about that for it?
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