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Hello all RON L here

I have had a Number of Chinese Norenco and other Sks and as well as 1951, other Russian Sks the Russian units heaver as well asmost times smoother, we set up a 100, 200, 300 yard set of targers know who did better??? NO REAL DIFFERENCE, BUT WHAT YA CAN FIND AND WHAT YOU CAN AFFOARD IT'S A BATTLEFIELD TYPE WEAPON AND WON'T BE ANYTHING BUT, CHINESE RUSSIAN WHO CARES PICK WHAT YA CAN FIND?

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I have always liked the Norinco SKS rifles best because the receiver length lets you use the 20 shot red star fixed mags. When buying an SKS a little research will go along way as the mill marks for the maker is key as some plants made great rifles and others didn't. Both Russian and Chinese rifles were made in lots of places. I have owned two Chinese rifles that were such great steel that you couldn't cut it. I used to cut SKS's off to 16 inches and move the sight back carbine style. A little research showed that those particular rifles were made in one plant that was backed onto an atomic power plant and the steel smiths had total control of unlimited heat to treat their steel. If I had had a choice of both I would buy the rifle that was most original and looks the least fired as we stupid Americans will shoot them without high temp grease in the gas system and cause wear and gas leaks. If you want an accurate hunter buy a Yugo and remove the grenade launcher. I can put holes in a two inch square all day at 100 yards with mine.
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I have a SKS (Chinese) built in 1956. All milled parts, great shooter, never jams etc. I hate to say it but the machining is as good or better than the two Garands and the MIA Springfield that I own not to mention the new Remington 700 I just bought. Best $400 I ever spent. O.K. the wood's not so hot but the CMP Garand's stock is not exactly a work of art either. I kept the bayonet on it to preserve it's originality. Besides I may want to charge a woodchuck with it. Keep the faith.
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