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  1. Good read
  2. One Corrupt NY Politician Down...
  3. Paranoia and Propaganda...Oh My
  4. FBI Stats Show Record Gun Sales
  5. Challenging Federal Machine Gun Ban
  6. I'm not a Trump guy, but Dobbs nails it on this
  7. Dumbest excuse ever...
  8. Gun Owners of Los Angeles, I Salute You...
  9. Jacked Up Jihadists
  10. Charity Begins At Home
  11. Crap... Here We Go Again!
  12. What do the terrorists have in common?
  13. I Love Socialist & Unions
  14. Another gun stolen from federal official tied to San Francisco-area murder
  15. Happy Thanksgiving... From The DNC!
  16. Hillary apologizes for offensive speech
  17. nothing to see here
  18. Long article about Cruz
  19. National debt spikes $578 billion in three weeks
  20. NBC to do the "right thing".
  21. Breaking - Turkey Downs Russian SU24
  22. Haven't seen this for a while
  23. Troops into Syria
  24. Chinese police use a FLAMETHROWER on 'Muslim terror suspects'
  25. Hillary Tweets All Sexual Abuse Accusers Deserve To Be ‘Believed,’
  26. Anyone Want to Hazard a Guess as to What Pistol This Perp is using?
  27. Its back....
  28. Trump isn't my guy, but this seems dirty to me.
  29. Polls Republican Primary
  30. The American Dream And College
  31. Black lives matter protestor at Trump rally
  32. Interesting, they've made them too lazy to even vote.
  33. CNN edited Trumps response
  34. 47 Democrats Vote With Republicans
  35. This Explains It....
  36. Not Our Country
  37. Reason why there is no jihad in the US
  38. Good article
  39. Another "Hoax".
  40. Once Again The Left Is Shamed By It's Policies...
  41. Mali
  42. Very good Ted Cruz interview
  43. Clinton Money Machine
  44. Good Read...
  45. First thing we all need to do
  46. And The French Wonder Why It Always Happens To Them...
  47. arrested in America over ISIS plots - refugees who had been given safe haven
  48. Oh Man the comment section is priceless-Hot Air
  49. Yes, he really does want to steal your guns...
  50. Putin Quote
  51. While Defending Islam in Aftermath of Paris Attacks, Obama Refers to Himself as a Mus
  52. As Republican governors pander to the afraid, a lone voice of reason at Fox
  53. White supremacists charged in plot to bomb black churches
  54. Big Brother Demands We take Them
  55. Paris merely a "test" - article
  56. The week of the invasion of Iraq, The Onion predicted everything that would follow
  57. Birmingham, I have no words.......
  58. Developing Story: Guns Stolen From Armory in Massachusetts
  59. Speaking of Shameless Exploitation....
  60. The Climate Is Connected To Everything
  61. Democratic debate tonight
  62. Police opportunistically seize firearms in LA, offer only vague and invalid excuses
  63. Paris Attacks
  64. Trump
  65. Time for GOP panic?
  66. "Microaggression"
  67. "Smart" magazines are for dumb people....
  68. Typical....
  69. Hillary helps destroy coal industry, wants tax payers to pay for the damage.
  70. Because This Liberal Childlike Madness Deserves It's Own Thread...
  71. HBO T.V. Series "Vice"
  72. Prepare for higher crime rates....
  73. Cold sun rising
  74. Bob Dole endorses Jeb Bush
  75. Grand jury indicts 106 of 177 bikers arrested during deadly Waco shooting
  76. Germany
  77. Australia Bans a Nerf Gun
  78. University of Missouri Police Ask Students to Report ‘Hurtful Speech’
  79. ¡No Se Puede!
  80. Mass shootings, Manchurian candidates?
  81. Class... Chicago Style!
  82. Walking While Black?
  83. One Amazingly Bad Article
  84. 20 questions
  85. Danger of a Cashless Society
  86. Mikhail Lesin heart attack?
  87. Good Read on a Failed Policy
  88. Fears, Rational and Irrational
  89. Trump on SNL
  90. Wisconsin
  91. Louisiana Governor Runoff
  92. Defeating the TPP will take left and right. Here's Breitbart's take:
  93. Carson
  94. Obama Rejects the Keystone Pipeline
  95. Understanding The New World Order
  96. Today's Atrocity...
  97. 16 year olds to vote in DC?
  98. Police officer Charles Gliniewicz faked pursuit, committed suicide
  99. More on Australia....
  100. The True "Arming America"
  101. Sad news.....Guinness going vegan...
  102. NRA signup
  103. A kinder, gentler machine gun hand
  104. NRA wins Virginia
  105. The Presidential Election Has Gone to the Dogs
  106. What has been going on with the airlines?
  107. ISIS bomber is found still alive after blowing himself in HALF
  108. 93 minutes and 38 seconds
  109. 'external impact' blew jet apart
  110. U.S spent $43 MILLION building a gas station in Afghanistan
  111. Obama signs 2-year budget, debt deal
  112. Bill Gates-Only Marxism Can Save Us
  113. BLM is after Texas now
  114. Concealed carry license holder kills armed gunman
  115. Rampage Shooting in CO, 4 KIA (includes perp)
  116. Special Forces into Syria..bad idea
  117. Now that the family has been redefined....
  118. Call Them What They Are....
  119. Mamluks and Ottoman Turks And Isis..Oh My !!
  120. Jeb Bush campaign COO out
  121. Andy Parker, Bloomberg pawn unhinged
  122. Enemy Game Plan
  123. Good Article on Communist Indoctrination
  124. Obozo's new EO's
  125. Persecution....
  126. Cruz 2016
  127. Yet Another Obamafail?
  128. Homicide spike draws alarm from Obama administration
  129. BATFE Outlaws 40mm Chalk and Flare Rounds
  130. Paul Ryan Announces Chamber of Commerce Lobbyist Will Be His Chief of Staff
  131. The Truth About Immigration and Welfare
  132. Weirder all the time....
  133. Not well known fact about Mercer
  134. Hillary
  135. Poll Shows NRA Far More Popular Than Obama or Clinton
  136. Now We Know Where the Liberals Get It From...
  137. Bill to remove silencers/supressors from NFA.
  138. What the heck happened?
  139. Biden Bows Out....
  140. Teacher killed, 4 students injured in sword attack at Sweden school
  141. A challenge for your brain cells
  142. It already is happening here....
  143. Fines, Jail, or donate blood ??
  144. This is on the Huffington Post????
  145. ObamaCare Has No Clothes
  146. Big orange flame?
  147. Soon even the small towns will be overrun with future Democrats
  148. Cult of Personality
  149. Ted Cruz
  150. Sorry About Your Luck Virginia...
  151. Not That Anyone Here Doubted Hitlery's Stance On Guns, But...
  152. Honest Democrat & Global Warming
  153. Whether it works or not isn't the point....
  154. A view of events in Sryia from a Kwaiti
  155. Lt. Gov Gavin Newsom Running for Kali's Ammo Salesman of the Year
  156. Dang Just When you Think You Have All The Guns That You Need...
  157. New Tool of Oppression....
  158. Jerry Brown - You Drive, You Vote
  159. Women Will Likely Have to Register for the Draft
  160. Gun Manufacturing Stocks Surge 70 Percent In 2015
  161. Kerry planning Mideast visit as US faces pressure to calm violence in Israel
  162. Must read
  163. “I didn’t see a Latino, or an African-American, or an Asian on that stage..
  164. Gun Shop Found Negligent for Selling Gun
  165. Copyright "Reform"
  166. Dem Debates - Contest to See Who Can Promise the Most Frestuff
  167. Jerry Brown Signs Law Forcing Pro-Life Pregnancy Centers to Promote Abortion
  168. Dying Palestinian has a 'PORK CHOP' placed on his face
  169. Like I needed another reason to hate the NFL...
  170. I got the okay to post this
  171. N. Korea Strutting a Bit
  172. Republican Chaos
  173. Good Read on the Zombie Meme
  174. Obama claims Putin's war in Syria is sign of weakness
  175. Obama is giving up on training "moderate syrian rebels"
  176. It took 223 Years to build this Nation
  177. America Awash In Leftist Hypocrisy
  178. Islam,Bacon and Beer
  179. A Good Read....
  180. President Obama
  181. Not that I'd ever want to go to a yoga class, but....
  182. McCarthy Drops Out!
  183. Nuclear black market seeks IS extremists.
  184. Drudge interview
  185. Syrian forces begin ground offensive backed by Russia air and sea power
  186. Oops, Gun Sales Rocket...Again!
  187. The Lob/Prog Plan for Gun Control
  188. Krauthammer Says There Are Only 2 Ways Hillary Won't Win Dem Nomination
  189. Obama IS NOT WELCOME
  190. Gun Confiscation Coming to Iowa?
  191. Democrats Come Out of the Closet on Gun Issue
  192. In the U.S. Nearly One in Four Pregnancies are Terminated
  193. Pen and the Phone are Gettin' Busy...
  194. Gun Grab to Restart?
  195. New York Daily News: State Dept Must Designate the NRA a Terrorist Organization
  196. That's it. No hope left.
  197. Grabbers win one
  198. New poll, describe Dem candidates in a single word
  199. House passes bill banning sanctions relief until victims are paid
  200. Clinton legal adviser; Time to lawyer up
  201. I hate to be a spool sport but.....
  202. Here we go, guys. Apparently "it's on"
  203. 50+ Dead In Chinese Knife Attacks....
  204. He Didn't Even Wait 'til The Bodies Were Cold....
  205. PU History Acheived
  206. More than a dozen reportedly killed in shooting at oregon community college
  207. Netanyahu rips UN a new one
  208. moderate Syrian rebels
  209. Virtually all US temperature data is estimated or altered
  210. McCain.....
  211. Yet Another Amish Uprising...
  212. Left wing site Salon.com on pedophilia
  213. Oh No,,,!!!!! The Left Lied along with PPH !!!
  214. TO DELIVER AMERICA FROM EVIL: We Must First Recognize It, Then Resist It
  215. Ex-CIA chief confirms he ignored Benghazi guidance from top officer on ground
  216. Two Americas, More Clearly Defined Now than Ever Before
  217. Obama Warns Christians: Gay Rights More Important Than Religious Freedom
  218. Putin upstages Obama
  219. The "new" Agenda 21
  220. More Fallout From SCOTUS Decision....
  221. The Hypocrisy of the Left - A Compilation
  222. Refugees refuse food and water
  223. Nassau County DA’s office forbids prosecutors from having handguns (even at home)
  224. Not like this will get abused....
  225. Pope Francis visits United States
  226. Boehner to resign at end of October
  227. Everybody knows this but..
  228. Obama’s Monkees
  229. 5.6M estimated to have fingerprints stolen in breach
  230. Knocked out with a club and blowtorched ALIVE
  231. Liberals And Their Cherished VWs...
  232. Oh boo-hoo-hoooooooo
  233. The Question Isn’t Whether Obama Is a Muslim, but Whether He Acts Like One
  234. That Didn't Take Long....
  235. Looks Like We Don't Trust The Government
  236. You'll soon be required to have a passport for domestic flights in these states
  237. Conceived in Occupy Boston Tent and Disposed in Garbage Bag
  238. Trump Calls For National Concealed Carry, Slams Gun Bans as “a failure”
  239. The End Of Free Expression & Thought
  240. Other Gun Web Sites with Political/News Boards?
  241. A Question for the SPLC
  242. Trump Releases His Position On Guns
  243. No Assimilation Needed in U.S., Obama Tells Millions of Migrants
  244. Now where did it go?
  245. ‘We Are Getting Islamised’
  246. Bush and gun control
  247. 2nd GOP Presidential Primaries debate
  248. Now Here's A Suprise!
  249. Ben Carson closing in on Trump
  250. Good read - who is the real enemy?