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  1. 2017 Soldier of Fortune Endorsements NRA Board
  2. Trump women vs. Hillary women
  3. Trump raped Juanita Broaddrick and protestors think he should be charged
  4. Lol
  5. Shooting at San Antonio mall
  6. The Great Women's March
  7. This Just In (Yesterday):
  8. Clearing The Air
  9. Just A, 'Heads Up' For Ya!
  10. ObamaCare Wrecking Ball
  11. Bilbo Shaggins NEVER disappoints!
  12. In case you missed the parade walk
  13. Public support for corrupt incompetent Donald already plummetting
  14. President Trump didn't waste any time
  15. Sabo
  16. Watched Inauguration In The Tub
  17. And So It Begins...
  18. Is it just me .........
  19. It Is Finished!
  20. Obama gives the finger to sportsmen, one last time...
  21. We are all Deplorables Now
  22. Songs for inauguration day
  23. Politico Spills The Dem Beans
  24. Obamacare Math
  25. The story of the grizzly bear
  26. Undocumented worker sues San Francisco for violating sanctuary law
  27. Cnn
  28. Marxist Sideshow Act II
  29. I really hope this is wrong....
  30. Prayers
  31. Oscar Lopez-Rivera pardoned
  32. Chelsea Manning pardoned
  33. Topless FEMEN activist squeezes Trump waxwork’s groin
  34. Talk about drinking the kool-aid....
  35. Bill & Hillary New Reality
  36. Think of today as Robert E. Lee's birthday
  37. Trump - America's new top spy
  38. The 'News' Media as We Knew It Is Finished
  39. Philly Teachers Plan A Full Week Of Black Lives Matter Lessons
  40. Nothing to See Here
  41. Lawsuit Dismissed
  42. Terror threat at the border
  43. black college raises the bar for inaugaration
  44. Hearing protection act. Send emails
  45. Trump ran on hate, and the haters are not going to be happy about this...............
  46. no more need be said
  47. Great Article on "Why the left hates Trump"....
  48. Saving Nation One Firing At A Time
  49. I Love Obama!!
  50. New XM556 Microgun
  51. If you like your Social Security, you can keep it
  52. Donald Trump's fascist assault on the press
  53. What a Farce & Waste
  54. Fake News Low...
  55. Still love me some Ted Cruz
  56. la times article about the hearing protection act
  57. What and how much kompromat does Russia have on Trump?
  58. Obamas Farewell Speech
  59. David Seamens
  60. Obama does it again
  61. Good Read On "Trumpism"
  62. What is the SJW next move?
  63. Nuge!!
  64. Looks Like The Best Buy Geek Squad Is A Bit More Than That...
  65. Gender Deniers
  66. Another Investor?
  67. Are The Global Progressives Steering Trump To War?
  68. They really do deplore us....
  69. Got to be careful what we accept as true....
  70. What did Trump say?
  71. Add Chrysler to the list! The Trump effect?
  72. A Poll Backfires....
  73. Fake News, Chicago Style
  74. Great youtube channel
  75. Donnelly: Dear Mr. President-Elect, Please ‘Pick a Fight’ with California
  76. Ha-Ha! Karma's a....
  77. Trump Orders Recall All Obama Diplomats
  78. More California Insanity
  79. Trump suckered you on "the great wall"
  80. Russia hacked the presidential election
  81. Its Official
  82. Another Shooting:
  83. Obama's Promised Utopia
  84. This Site Is Bugged:
  85. Schumer Photo-Op Flub
  86. Florida Gun Grabbers...
  87. Why am I not surprised?
  88. Walker finds two guns in a violin case along Potomac River in Washington D.C
  89. Now that Trump is elected
  90. The Obamas set for a $40 million payday
  91. John Podesta’s password was 'password'
  92. Good Read on Russia
  93. Megyn Kelly Goes to NBC
  94. WikiLeaks Hints At Huge Upcoming Revelations: "2017 Will Blow You Away"
  95. "Mein Kampf" Becomes German Bestseller
  96. Is it really this bad in Kali?
  97. Cali dems worried
  98. Missouri is now Constitutional carry
  99. Car Control
  100. What bizarre alternate reality....
  101. Major Media Ignoring Democrat Loses
  102. Its Not Nice To Laugh, But "Ha-Ha!!"
  103. For the First Time Since WWII...
  104. The Stages Of Grief
  105. Interesting Double Standard....
  106. Story about "scary russian hackers"
  107. What do contemptible laws teach...
  108. Happy New year guys!
  109. The media lied
  110. 35+ Dead in Istanbul
  111. Maybe we should not relax just yet
  112. Putin on guest list
  113. How to save millions if not hundreds of millions
  114. Obama Countdown Clock
  115. Speaking of fake news...
  116. Obama is setting off a new cold war with Russia
  117. How "Progressive"...
  118. Dark & Deranged World
  119. NOAA Declares Hurricane Emergency
  120. Putin Says Syria Cease-fire Deal Reached; Hostilities to End Friday
  121. This Guy (Soros)
  122. OMG Debbie Reynolds Dies at 84
  123. Gotta Love a Sense of Humor During Morbid Times
  124. Congress moving to cut US funding to UN in wake of anti-Israel vote
  125. OH MY, Clinton Scandal!
  126. Erdogan claims to have concrete documentary proof that the West is backing ISIS
  127. RIP Carrie Fisher
  128. the grim reaper has a bountiful harvest in chicago.
  129. What's Wrong With The Media
  130. pardon if previously posted
  131. A True Inspiration
  132. London proposed "ring of steel"
  133. Rex Tillerson And The Coming Storm
  134. Some Christmas Wish
  135. Russian airliner missing, downed?
  136. Germany just can't get a break!
  137. Merry Christmas everyone!
  138. Countdown clock
  139. Trump could solve the Syrian problem in a phone call.
  140. So ...... What Do You Think He's Doing?
  141. Sick bastards
  142. How to melt snowflakes
  143. Probably Not A Great Career Move...
  144. The 47 Clinton Friends Who Mysteriously Turned Up Dead (Pt. 1)
  145. Trump warns UN after Israel vote: 'Things will be different' soon
  146. Social Security Disability To Be Reported To NICS
  147. Harry Reid: DNC ‘Worthless,’ Wasserman Schultz Was a Problem
  148. Anti-Trump Madness
  149. Why am I not surprised?
  150. ISIS Captures Leopard 2A4's?
  151. EPA Destroying the Evidence?
  152. More Trouble Coming Kali's Way?
  153. New Election Map New Light
  154. Volcano - as though Europe didn't have enough problems....
  155. Gowdy is the man
  156. The Independent Republic of California
  157. Plan D
  158. Trump is the first step in restoring the republic
  159. How 'bout Ted Nugent instead?
  160. Best Liberal Meltdowns....
  161. Great video to all Europeans
  162. Faithless Electors flip.....AGAINST Heelary !
  163. Ha-Ha! This is funny....
  164. Berlin Terrorist Attack
  165. Russian Ambassador Killed in Turkey
  166. Well This Is It
  167. India and Gold...
  168. Cali emergency Hi-Cap mag ban
  169. CIA and friends refuse to brief Congress
  170. Progressive Hypocrisy On Display...
  171. Arpaio Presser
  172. Trump's "Thank You, America!" Tour
  173. For What Its Worth....
  174. Here's Your Country On Marxism
  175. Chinese Preparing for Taiwan War?
  176. Hannity interview with Assange
  177. Ukraine to join EU?
  178. A Few General Thoughts
  179. Donald Trump is trying to turn the presidency into his personal Kleptocracy
  180. Hollywood puts out a video to the electors
  181. Electoral College Votes Up for Bid!
  182. It Wasn't The Russians....
  183. Migrant gang kicks German girl down stairs
  184. Clinton's inner circle is now blaming Huma
  185. Looks like they have their war
  186. Clinton did not win the popular vote
  187. Who Becomes Potus if DJT get's Assassinated before being Sworn In?
  188. Ryan and McConnel show true colors....
  189. DHS alleged hack attempt
  190. Pastor Destroys Christianity
  191. Canary in a Coal Mine
  192. As Though Venezuela Didn't Have Enough Problems...
  193. Bill introduced in Missouri
  194. Speaking of "Fake News"....
  195. Donald Trump Destroys CNN FAKE NEWS!!
  196. The Coming Juggernaut?
  197. Ohio rocks
  198. Delegitimizing Trump
  199. WA State - Permanent Protection Orders?
  200. A Far More Personal Side to the GA Officers Slain
  201. Miss Sloane
  202. Does free trade stifle innovation
  203. Speaking About Actors, ... ???
  204. I Got's Ta Know!
  205. Campus Radicals on Display...
  206. RIP John Glenn
  207. Collapse Of The Political Left
  208. MI Recount Finally Kaput?
  209. India's War On Cash Backfires
  210. The Man-Child IS Delusional!
  211. Japanese bank to invest 50 billion
  212. What Donald Trump Winning Means
  213. South Korea Got Hacked....
  214. White House accuses WWII veterans of being 'personally embittered' toward Japan
  215. Nobody Has Left Yet
  216. Trump-Busy As A One Arm Paper Hanger
  217. Broad Daylight Stabbing...
  218. RCMP Prohibits 10/22 Mags Over 10 Shots...
  219. Canada - Progressives on Display
  220. Word is coming out that the Recounts are dead
  221. Never Knew this - Monkey Ward
  222. Mad dog !!!!!!!
  223. At Least The Mini Isn't A 'Ghost Gun'
  224. It's the most wonderful time, in 8 years
  225. Political Correctness RIP
  226. Vote recount in Nevada
  227. Pushback Against Microstamping Requirements
  228. Petraeus Now Pushing Gun Control
  229. I Could Have Been Great
  230. Did Turkey Just Declare War?
  231. Ohio college shooting /Machette Attack/Car ramming???
  232. 61 Shot, 9 Dead in Chicago Over Thanksgiving Weekend
  233. Trump filling the swamp with Neocons ?
  234. This is awesome!
  235. Maps- Illegals allowed to get drivers license/election map
  236. visited white house 5 times no food delievered
  237. Syrian Update
  238. Trump vs Obama on Cuba....
  239. EU Leaders Try to Ignore the Will of the English!
  240. Oregon Standoff attendees Dakota Pipeline protestors = Same ?
  241. Poking the Bear
  242. Castro Dead
  243. Electoral vote looks to be a HUGE CF
  244. I'm Sick of all this Democracy Talk
  245. anybody following this story
  246. Israel Burns...
  247. So now we get a recount
  248. Fake News or Counterintelligence Op?
  249. Here's what we're up against....
  250. Kids sue over climate change