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  1. Kevin...fix the damn board
  2. You Know Where This Man Stands, I like that.
  3. 100 years after genocide by Ottoman Muslims
  4. Judge tosses out lawsuit, orders defense costs to be paid.
  5. Illegal fascist coup in Missouri
  6. Frats piss and vomit off balconies, insult those below, steal flags
  7. Ed Schultz is pissed, lol
  8. King George, Viscount Howe and Lord North have the last laugh
  9. Bill OReilly's Killing Patton
  10. Fall of Saigon 40 Years Ago
  11. Boston bombing victim Martin Richard, 8, suffered 'visceral pain' before his death
  12. The THREE slave-owning ancestors Ben Affleck didn't want you to know about
  13. When Smoking Is Involved, Liberals Suddenly Care About Unborn Babies
  14. Duke University Calls BS On Global Warming
  15. The Bush-era Big Government Republican Tyranny never stops
  16. Computer down!Shots fired,shots fired!!!!!!
  17. At long last, good riddance to Bush's and Obama's DEA chief
  18. Its Earth Day (Lenin's Birthday)
  19. Wisconsin's shame
  20. Yahoo news is going after the NRA
  21. Could This Be The End Of The Clintons
  22. The President I'd vote for.
  23. Clinton Cash
  24. Is Jeb Bush really his own man?
  25. Federal Money Scam??????
  26. The Dust Bowl returns
  27. Private Sales in Texas
  28. Its like something out of "They Live"....
  29. How About A Dose Of Reality
  30. Imagine if the races were reversed
  31. Bowe Bergdahl is a deserter and the former head of the Joint Chiefs knew
  32. The Two Americas Liberal /Conservative
  33. Any day now, 'GAMEOVER'
  34. Single mom, 22, reveals her struggle to live on McDonald's wages of $10.50 an hour
  35. DHS to Purchase 62 Million More Rounds of AR-15 Ammo
  36. Like Flies on Sh!t
  37. The Perfect Union And Trolls
  38. Main Stream News Format and Scrambled eggs - A Comparison
  39. The PU wackjobs predict the 2016 election thread!
  40. I Can't Wait Until ....
  41. The Mooslems are Here!
  42. Dear America, I'm Running for Potus and Here is My 1st Offering of Free Sh!t
  43. Zombies
  44. Cuba to be removed from terrorist list
  45. Turn To The Government For Help?????
  46. "Sporting Purposes" has to go....
  47. Where To Find The Truly Stupid
  48. Email From Scott Walker
  49. Pro Corruption Bill Withdrawn
  50. Who Controls ISIS?
  51. Latest from ISIS
  52. Ted Cruz at theNRA show.
  53. Ex-Executive Director of South Carolina Republican Party goes bonkers, gets arrested
  54. NY State Gunowners Don't Comply
  55. Hillary to announce candidacy tomorrow
  56. European ISIS fighters try to prove their worth
  57. Kazakhstan military unveils its 123 'prettiest soldiers'
  58. New BATFE Rules On The Way....
  59. Homegrown Jihad
  60. Another one. Cops beat the hell out of a man.
  61. Police racism is a problem throughout America
  62. Body Cams?
  63. Good article on a sneaky tactic....
  64. Constitutional carry coming to Ohio?
  65. Interesting reading Re: New Mass Gun Laws
  66. Obama Says He Hasn't Given Up On Gun Control
  67. Possible Murder Caught on Video
  68. Propaganda Piece....
  69. This Country has offically lost its mind!
  70. Economic Truth And It Ain't Pretty
  71. Senior Health Care Death Pannel
  72. Bill would pay gun owners to hand over assault weapons
  73. Russian threat puts Militias en vogue in eastern Europe
  74. terror in the heartland
  75. Our very corrupt system is at it again!
  76. Theory About the Iran thing....
  77. Not content to go after the second amendment...
  78. Oregon background check law postponed
  79. Good Article...
  80. NY BSA hires GAY summer camp leader
  81. Kenya - again!
  82. Sir, I will not obey that order
  83. Disabled Navy Vet Left ‘Devastated’ After All of His Guns Are Confiscated
  84. DC caves on allowing CCW/CHL/CWP
  85. Another Nail Of Truth In The Lie
  86. Al. bill allowing minors to have/use handguns
  87. New Criminal Tactic....
  88. Disabled Veteran's guns confiscated
  89. Great Editorial on Iran Deal
  90. Domestic Violence
  91. Freedom is not free
  92. Poor msnbc, lol
  93. Hasta la Vista, Harry!
  94. Is this where they'll get their enforcers?
  95. The racist and supremacist roots behind the EU
  96. One reason we're Trillions in debt !!
  97. Terrorist Finance Tracking Program with re. to Putin?
  98. Professional Putin blogger
  99. More Black on White Violence ..
  100. LEO Shot and Killed in San Jose, CA
  101. Buh Bye Bergdahl
  102. Hear no evil.
  103. GOP Leaders....Party Of Wessels
  104. Fight the noise
  105. We The People - on HBO, Vice
  106. ATF Chief Out...M855 Ban?
  107. Gun grabbers have no shame
  108. Think Free did this?
  109. What is Obamas end game?
  110. Me & Karl Marx
  111. Attack on Ammo was Inevitable....
  112. Mandatory voting
  113. Stansberry Predicts failure of the US Dollar.
  114. Not Racist to Compare Michelle Obama to Ape
  115. Your taking too long in the shower!
  116. EPA funding studies to clean up your BBQ
  117. Israel....
  118. Months of Media & Protests Devastate Ferguson Property Values
  119. No FreeSuckWad = No Kabuki Theater
  120. Hmm, This Is An Interesting Idea
  121. Why the ATF Didn’t Outlaw Your Ammunition This Week
  122. Beck: NRA / Grover Norquist
  123. Obama Jabs & Takes A Right To Chin
  124. Study says Cali warm winters due to global warming
  125. 2 cops shot in Ferguson
  126. Not legally binding
  127. New survey on gun ownership
  128. Hallelujah, We May Have Dodged a Bullet
  129. Fact Is We Need A Republican President
  130. Government & Science Propaganda
  131. Is the Left Showing Fear
  132. The Man Who Exposed ObamaCare
  133. Nevadafornia Gun Ban?
  134. Students Ban American flag
  135. Breaking - M855 Already Banned!
  136. Disgusted and pissed. Ministry of propaganda, Holder, Officer Wilson
  137. Where Has My Country Gone?
  138. Pissed Off Rednecks
  139. FBI raids Texas political meeting
  140. It's Official, GOP Abandons Constitution
  141. Hillary Cheats with Email
  142. LaPierre at CPAC
  143. The Death Of The Republic Begins
  144. And Now for the Ministry of Truth....
  145. Obama Threatened to Shoot Down Israeli Jets Attacking Iran
  146. Record Cold And Snow Destroy Global Warming Claims
  147. ISIS/ISIL Recruiting Centers.
  148. Glenn Beck in 2011
  149. I Have Finally Decided to Take the Nuclear Option!
  150. Spock dead at 83
  151. Black Privilege
  152. Guess Who Poured Millions for Government Internet Control?
  153. Gun Control by Executive Order...It's Here
  154. Impeach the son of a bitch and try him for treason
  155. WA State Alert!
  156. My Sheriff voted most 2A friendly in State
  157. Ted Cruz - Stop Loretta Lynch
  158. Ebola, CDC, 1st Ammendment, and the truth.
  159. Global Warming And Alabama
  160. Cop tazes old man
  161. Obama does something right, vetoes GOP's sham KXL bill
  162. Republican base's latest favorite is a serial liar
  163. Liar-In-Chief once agains Appoints another Liar
  164. B.o.h.c.
  165. Mike Vanderboegh of Sipsey
  166. Call him Racist
  167. Racist MSNBC Screwing Sharpton
  168. Tea Party News Network staff quit after report on despicable practices
  169. Fossil fuel industry shill exposed
  170. Malcolm X figured it out.
  171. Compassion Fascists!
  172. Just A Word About Gay Marrage
  173. Democrats, then and now.
  174. Machete Control Comes to NY
  175. Rudy speaking what we're thinking
  176. 300 AAC Blackout
  177. Biden gets 'Four Pinocchio' smackdown and 'Pants on Fire' rating
  178. Sobering reality from Thomas Sowell
  179. Remains of ISIS fighters are dragged from rubble of Kobane
  180. Seems there's a Fight going on over in the NRA
  181. release drunk illegal drivers by the border.
  182. Ann Coulter On The GOP
  183. The Atlantic article on ISIS
  184. Rose colored dust goggle lens inserts
  185. Is Libyan beach executioner an American recruit?
  186. Freesw coming up on 25k posts!!!!
  187. ISIS in Libya: Overrun Europe with Immigrants and ‘Turn it into Hell’
  188. Protest mob at Scott Walker's house
  189. Federal judge stalls Obama's executive action on immigration
  190. Jewish in Paris
  191. The Marxist Vision Of Planet Earth
  192. A Police State of Mind, CT Style
  193. Bloomberg blocks video....
  194. A Nation In Betrayal
  195. Another NJ Injustice
  196. M855 Alert!
  197. Courts allow Handgun sales across state lines.
  198. Clean energy corruption?
  199. Smashed to death with a sledgehammer
  200. Radical Brownies? No Kidding.
  201. Hey Apes, It's Now Legal to Cheat
  202. CNN Anchor: ‘Our Rights Do Not Come From God’
  203. Charlie Sheen comes out of political closet, says he’s a ‘constitutional Republican’
  204. First Sharia tribunal is in the US now
  205. Road rage in Austin
  206. Tannerite in the Crosshairs, pt 2
  207. The state of Jefferson
  208. As if this is just magically happening
  209. Germany rejects Greece's demands for $200billion in WW2 reparations
  210. San Francisco Bookstore Closing Due to Minimum Wage Hike
  211. Black Criminals, White Victims, and White Guilt
  212. SPLC Labels Dr. Ben Carson an Extremist
  213. Michael Bloomberg suggests disarming minorities to ‘keep them alive’
  214. ObamaCare Breaking News
  215. Another Day, Another "Whack-A-Whitey"
  216. "Damnit..white people!"
  217. You Got 'a Read This!
  218. Drone ban in the works?
  219. Mag Ban Proposal
  220. Medical pot vending machine debuts in Seattle
  221. It's because i'm black,isn't it
  222. Photographer documents heat-packing women and the guns they love
  223. Brian Williams forced to admit he was NOT shot down in the Iraq War
  224. Man held 20 hours after asking to file TSA complaint
  225. MOMS Held Massive Anti-Gun Protest at Kroger on January 28th
  226. History Channel "Sons of Liberty"
  227. Trey Gowdy
  228. One Word Response To Immunization Debate; THALIDOMIDE
  229. More scorched earth policies; this time it's the veterans
  230. Well Dr. Carson just became a nonstarter in my book!
  231. Those crazy British Socialists have taken their country back to the 19th century...
  232. A New Kind of Death Tax
  233. Taxation without Representation.
  234. Getting to know Scott Walker
  235. Night Will Fall
  236. One Democrat who gets it... well sort of...
  237. Are the Dems running scared... or just plotting more evil upon Americans?
  238. Americans Betrayed By GOP Senate
  239. National Phaser Association?
  240. Nothing to do with Islam
  241. 'Kill our pilot and we'll execute ALL your prisoners'
  242. Will Jeb follow Mitt's lead
  243. Finally a bit of good news!
  244. 50 years and counting
  245. Gun Range Owner Bans Muslims, Business Quadruples
  246. Picture of the Year Nominee
  247. The Gloves are off this SOB needs to be impeached
  248. 'More than 100' bodies of dead foreign ISIS fighters pile up
  249. the taliban
  250. A Quote