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  1. MI Recount Finally Kaput?
  2. India's War On Cash Backfires
  3. The Man-Child IS Delusional!
  4. Japanese bank to invest 50 billion
  5. What Donald Trump Winning Means
  6. South Korea Got Hacked....
  7. White House accuses WWII veterans of being 'personally embittered' toward Japan
  8. Nobody Has Left Yet
  9. Trump-Busy As A One Arm Paper Hanger
  10. Broad Daylight Stabbing...
  11. RCMP Prohibits 10/22 Mags Over 10 Shots...
  12. Canada - Progressives on Display
  13. Word is coming out that the Recounts are dead
  14. Never Knew this - Monkey Ward
  15. Mad dog !!!!!!!
  16. It's the most wonderful time, in 8 years
  17. Political Correctness RIP
  18. Vote recount in Nevada
  19. Pushback Against Microstamping Requirements
  20. Petraeus Now Pushing Gun Control
  21. I Could Have Been Great
  22. Did Turkey Just Declare War?
  23. Ohio college shooting /Machette Attack/Car ramming???
  24. 61 Shot, 9 Dead in Chicago Over Thanksgiving Weekend
  25. Trump filling the swamp with Neocons ?
  26. This is awesome!
  27. Maps- Illegals allowed to get drivers license/election map
  28. visited white house 5 times no food delievered
  29. Syrian Update
  30. Trump vs Obama on Cuba....
  31. EU Leaders Try to Ignore the Will of the English!
  32. Oregon Standoff attendees Dakota Pipeline protestors = Same ?
  33. Poking the Bear
  34. Castro Dead
  35. Electoral vote looks to be a HUGE CF
  36. I'm Sick of all this Democracy Talk
  37. anybody following this story
  38. Israel Burns...
  39. So now we get a recount
  40. Fake News or Counterintelligence Op?
  41. Here's what we're up against....
  42. Kids sue over climate change
  43. For Everyone Complaining About Trump...
  44. Trump's First Failure
  45. Pentagon to End Gun-Free Zones on Military Bases
  46. Lying Trump
  47. Firearms and weed
  48. Racial Slurs and Racist Comments
  49. 20 killed as tribes clash after pet monkey attacks schoolgirls
  50. Calexit
  51. Tsunami warning issued after quake off fukushima in japan
  52. Hitlery’s email controversy: Was classified information transferred via thumb drive?
  53. EPA Attack on Wood Stoves
  54. Electors being threatened with murder
  55. No Furniture Left in the WH
  56. On the Razor's Edge
  57. It's The Gun's Fault! (Again)
  58. The change dot org petition is bogus
  59. Criminals be afraid......very afraid
  60. OMG... just in time for Christmas! (gag... don't look if you have a weak stomach)
  61. The "False News" Paradigm, Now Playing Nationwide
  62. Another scumbag dead.
  63. Internet Censorship begins?
  64. It ain't over in NC!
  65. Obama Should Pardon ‘Dreamer’ Immigrants, Democrats Say
  66. The Changing State Of Politics
  67. If ever there was a need for a firing squad this would be it:
  68. I think someone mentioned this possibility some time back...
  69. Trump Getting Ready to Kick ... and Take Names
  70. 1 Witch Down and 3 More to Go
  71. Muslim Brotherhood to be declared terrorists
  72. I just can't win....
  73. I found this interesting:
  74. Jesse Jackson: Obama should pardon Hillary Clinton
  75. Time to pull the plug on peace w/Mexico...
  76. 3 million illegal votes
  77. The Fat Lady Hasn't Sang Yet
  78. Dude tackles Trump protester with bull horn
  79. Rutro George!
  80. Shredding the Obama Legacy
  81. Twitter purges alt-right accounts
  82. Something Else You Have To Look Forward To
  83. Election Shock Running Deep
  84. What is Dawood Ibrahim Khan hiding?
  85. Consequences....
  86. I Can"t Wait Until Thanksgiving Gets Here
  87. Hillary became “physically violent” after she realized she had lost the election
  88. Michican is still outstanding
  89. Music to Meldown By
  90. Chicago Mayor says to hell with Law!
  91. Liberal Tech Meltdown
  92. Well DNC, now that you've lost the election because of your radical leftist ideals
  93. Millennials have to support Trump
  94. So called 97 percent concensus
  95. For the first time in my adult life
  96. 3 white vans
  97. 4 LEO's and 1 K-9 shot today .
  98. Gun Stocks Falling Down
  99. American org's with Soros funding
  100. Judge Jeanine Pirro for SCOTUS!
  101. Where Do We Go From Here
  102. Cure For Riots
  103. TARDS: Trump Acceptance Resistance Disorder
  104. How radical will the American left go?
  105. New York Times article from 1922
  106. Renew Effort To Pass The "Hearing Protection Act"
  107. Lies and the liars who tell them
  108. Mother of the year?
  109. It's official, Colin K is a complete DB.
  110. Make of it what you will
  111. Trump Creates 1.5 Million Jobs without Taking Office
  112. Surprise! election isn't over
  113. Another Color Revolution?
  114. The emerging liberal stragegy against Trump
  115. Donald Trump: I may not repeal Obamacare, President-elect says in major U-turn
  116. ISIS suspects are rounded up in Mosul
  117. Ted Nugent Just Pissed off Every Islamic Terrorist in the World
  118. Hillary's future
  119. Huma breaks down and weeps openly
  120. So Here We Are
  121. So there is a petition to impeach Trump
  122. Somewhere Near Austin Texas
  123. Secession Begins
  124. Father of slain cop from Fort Worth sues Black Lives Matter
  125. Rush. Great read
  126. Eric Braverman still ALIVE
  127. Ex-Nato chief: show Putin who's in charge or face the 'beginning of the end' of NATO
  128. Happy Veteran's Day Tomorrow!
  129. Why You Should Never Live in a Gun Free Zone
  130. Ok, my last thread - Comey to be fired?
  131. Email Letter to Donald Trump
  132. Trump's Positions which is really his plans
  133. Did we just re-win the Philippines?
  134. Interesting article
  135. I may not be really excited about the election results, but......
  136. snowflakes protest
  137. The next danger period
  138. Funny Video....
  139. Nevada passes UBC
  140. For the Next 4 years ...
  141. Us and Them.
  142. Good morning Mister Trump
  143. I Was Wrong
  144. The DOW just hit an all time high
  145. Who's buying plane tickets?
  146. Azusa Shooting
  147. A Moment of Silence for Our Kommifornia Brothers
  148. Let the Meltdowns Begin
  149. It's official! President Trump!
  150. NYT just called Wisconsin - 276 electoral votes
  151. HilLIARy and Podesta pull a Trump.
  152. PA just went to the red side(NYT coverage)
  153. GOP retains the US Senate !!
  154. Something odd is going on
  155. The gap in PA is only 35,000 votes
  156. I told you all that Trump would win!
  157. I'm Gonna Call It For Trump
  158. If you are really bored
  159. Election night surprises
  160. Vermont threw to Clinton
  161. Donald Trum is a national disgrace, a pimple on the face of the body politic
  162. The Secret Hillary Club
  163. Bow & Arrow Control Next?
  164. Macedonian teens are duping Trump supporters with fake "news"
  165. Republicans dumping Trump in droves
  166. Good Read....
  167. The lifespan of a republic...........
  168. "You whipped out that Mexican thing again"
  169. I Hope You Stocked UP Because ...
  170. "Build That Wall"
  171. Electoral college votes
  172. The Truth About Election 2016
  173. So, what happened to Eric Braverman?
  174. Mission Accomplished -- Donald Trump has crippled the Republican Party
  175. The American Dream
  176. The Butcher of Waco Has Passed...
  177. Legal fraud in the worst way
  178. Virginia Gov. Pardons 60,000 Felons, Enough To Swing Election
  179. Comey lets Hillary off again/Comey Clears her again!
  180. Vote for Donald Trump and flush the full faith and credit of the US down the toilet
  181. WND Does It Again
  182. Amnesty Tax
  183. Very Good Read
  184. What's the difference between a Brown Shirt and a SJW?
  185. Student introducing Bernie at Hillary rally SLAMS Hillary
  186. Our wonderful President
  187. Interesting LA Times poll
  188. Declaration of War?
  189. Liberal Meltdown
  190. ACLJ is now suing Lynch
  191. This guy might not know any more than we do
  192. Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind...
  193. 'A society that can’t defend its children has no tomorrow': Putin
  194. Trump:The Opera
  195. Good read
  196. CA Election Fraud Found...
  197. Well That's A Little Embarassing...
  198. Obama aides want Comey out after email bombshell
  199. Brexit in trouble....
  200. Make of it what you will....
  201. If this link is true....
  202. Lying wingnut blog "gateway pundit" burns Hannity
  203. VA Hits a New Low?
  204. FBI report reveals Huma forwarded classified data to her private email
  205. Two LEO Slain in Iowa Ambush....
  206. What a Clinton Gun Grab Would Look Like....
  207. You know Clinton is in trouble when....
  208. race-faker Rachel Dolezal publishes memoir about facing discrimination
  209. Evan McMullin is secretly gay
  210. A thread for those who already voted
  211. Watergate 2.0?
  212. Chicago Tribune says Dems should ask Clinton to step aside
  213. A little prognostication...
  214. 13 year old girl speaking at Trump rally
  215. One GOP woman wonders why the men in her party won’t defend her
  216. Clinton just moved $1.8 billion to Quatar
  217. A moment of reckoning
  218. ABC/Wapo Effectively Admit To Poll Tampering As Hillary's "Lead" Shrinks To 2-Points
  219. Vichy Republicans Attacking Conservative Media
  220. Speaking of Rigged Elections...
  221. Yuengling Brewery owner throws support behind Trump
  222. FBI Reopening Investigation into Hillary Clinton’s Private E-mail Server
  223. Report: Biden Being Floated for Clinton’s Secretary of State
  224. Congress: Attorney General Lynch ‘Pleads Fifth’ on Secret Iran ‘Ransom’ Payments
  225. Good News For A Change...
  226. Trade votes???
  227. Whither Utah?
  228. Joe Biden can't be all bad
  229. The Great Donald J. Trump citizenship drive of 2016
  230. One Party Rule
  231. Trump can win the Election BUT
  232. Maryland and Illinois machines flipping R's to D's
  233. Illinois Ammo Serialization
  234. Chelsea Clinton, highest paid journalist in the world
  235. Want evidence of election rigging? Look no further than the GOP
  236. Bad day for Sheriff Joe Arpaio
  237. Democratic voter harvesting in Indiana?
  238. OBOZOCARE a complete failure
  239. Hillary as POTUS, good read....
  240. Vote Rigging Under Way?
  241. Why not vote for Trump? What have you got to lose?
  242. Capitalists ready to make love to American people like never before
  243. Trump's thuggish trolls bully, threaten and gross out critics and their families
  244. Israel's defence minister warns that the next war with Hamas will be the last
  245. Putin
  246. Can't abide Clinton? Vote third party
  247. more dem dirt
  248. Escaping from U.S. state Communism
  249. Nevertrumpers to cost us the Senate?
  250. Hillary/Lauer meltdown