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  1. NRA Protesters
  2. Welcome to Liberia
  3. Jews ordered to register in east Ukraine
  4. Liberal/Progressives Basic Mistake: Democracy Vs Rights
  5. Biden to lead $600 million work force training effort
  6. IRS scandal again, nothing to see here, move along
  7. Robert Rizzo is a Democrat
  8. What if a liberal posted a thread and no one answered it?
  9. Marine Vet in Florida shot by three Thugs
  10. 86M Full-Time Private-Sector Workers Sustain 148M Benefit Takers
  11. A BLM pattern?
  12. The Politics of the Bundy Ranch Standoff
  13. Bundy ranch wackos planned to use women and children as human shields
  14. Sure as hell we're all going to die!
  15. Up To One Million New Yorkers Seize Opportunity To Not Register Their Firearms Ahead
  16. President Jimmy Carter: ‘I Consider Myself a Feminist’
  17. Amazon villagers nearly kill two teenage motorbike thieves
  18. Officer Phillip Cardillo
  19. Administration’s Constant Claims of Racism Are Becoming a Joke
  20. Of The People, By The People??
  21. The American Community Survey
  22. Good Morning NY Felons
  23. "What if incest is voluntary? Sometimes it is" -- GOP candidate for congress
  24. Sen. Harry Reid on Nevada Ranch Battle: ‘It’s Not Over’
  25. Pot vending machine to debut
  26. Weekend Violence Leaves Four Dead, 37 Wounded
  27. Massive win for the 2A. Armed men are no cows.
  28. Witaschek got convicted in DC
  29. Anyone following the Harry Reid $hitstorm?
  30. Foreign or Domestic...
  31. Bob on Al Sharpton!
  32. Cankles cancels...
  33. A$$holder gets cranky...
  34. Sebelius resigns with a final glitch...
  35. REBEL YELL: Gun Industry Exodus in the Northeast Brings Jobs South
  36. US seizing tax refunds of children over parents' debt
  37. Damn that was too close !
  38. A Republican Party only a plutocrat could love
  39. Jimmy Carter: Southern White Men Turn To The GOP Because Of 'Race'
  40. Bring back public executions
  41. Feds hate Cows
  42. White House Election Ploy Women's Wage Gap Fumbles
  43. Anybody see Lon Horiuchi....
  44. 22 Wounded in Stabbing at a Pennsylvania High School
  45. 'White man tried to tussle with me so I shot him'
  46. Donetsk !!???
  47. I Can't Disagree With Much Of This
  48. Louisville Mayor Says Don't Bring Your Guns
  49. The talking gun
  50. NJ Kid Suspended for Pointing Pencil at other Kid
  51. Holder claims 'vast amount' of discretion in enforcing federal laws
  52. The Winds of Change Are Blowing in America
  53. Russia oil talks pose new hurdle to Iran nuke pact
  54. Eric Holder wants gun owners to wear ‘smart gun’ bracelets
  55. Welcome to Terminus
  56. tongue & groves and pole puffers
  57. Vandals damaging Smart Cars in SF
  58. More Obama IRS Lies Exposed
  59. Parents Defend Sailing Trip After Baby Falls Ill
  60. DOJ letter telling schools to implement race-based punishments
  61. Zo nails it, again.
  62. White Privilege Explained
  63. Bob on R-S-P-E-C-T!
  64. Yesterdays Pundit - How Do You Say: "Gott Mit Uns" In Russian?
  65. Comcast Buys Democratic Party
  66. Way to go Kansas
  67. Spring is here! so it must be time for Whack-A-Whitey!
  68. Putin and his Russia
  69. Middle Class Dying Under The Marxist Obama
  70. Can i get a drink!
  71. 53-46 vote Against Firearms control
  72. mental issues
  73. Nine-month-old boy clasping his bottle appears in court accused of planning murder
  74. US Healthcare Spending On The Rise - Obamacare Threatened
  75. The Lintards can be proud !!!
  76. Russia to U.S. on Crimea annexation: Accept it and move on
  77. Taxpayers to foot $46,000 bill for 20-year-old foster child's sex change
  78. Conservatives should boycott the Firefox browser
  79. I'm still not convinced Obama really won
  80. Obama's Private Jet Fat Cat Subsidy
  81. Destroying America Graphic Novel Style
  82. Another Fort Hood Shooting!
  83. More People Claiming They’ve Been Targeted For Their Colorado Plates
  84. Elderly man beaten
  85. Going once, Sold.
  86. Stress Within The Republic Growing
  87. Oklahoma Votes To Repeal Common Core
  88. Benghazi in the news again
  89. Obama Administration is Undermining the Military and American Security
  90. The Writing Is on the Wall for Democrats
  91. The Kult are recruiting
  92. There's a Lesson Here. Dont' Stop the Car!
  93. Rally in Albay
  94. Beer brewers push back against proposed FDA rule restricting use of old grains
  95. National Science Foundation Wastes $700,000 on Play Promoting Global Warming Hoax
  96. Nutcase Cyclical Economist Ex Con Predicts Doom
  97. Is the ban on 5.45x39 a trial balloon?
  98. Global warming deniers and their dupes have doomed everyone on the planet
  99. The ACA Is About Healthcare... Yeah Right!
  100. French Socialists Loose Big in Local Elections
  101. Anger Management
  102. He was such a good boy.........
  103. Decline of the African American family - article
  104. Police fatally shoot homeless man in New Mexico
  105. Cultists of The Lie are so preoccupied with telling lies that ...
  106. Obama Approval Hits New Low
  107. AMF Piers Morgan!
  108. Global Warming Hoax Lunacy Continues
  109. $100 bond for knockout[game?]
  110. More Republican corruption
  111. Your war on drugs at work
  112. Ochlocracy
  113. Barack Obama: The Least Transparent President in History
  114. Environmentalists Faking Fracking Cancer Claims
  115. Harry Reid: Senate King Of Corruption
  116. NY State Police update NY SAFE guide, will not enforce seven-round mag limit
  117. Political Campain Ad form AL
  118. Political Compass
  119. This post will cause freesw to have a coniption fit...
  120. The When's
  121. The new America
  122. For Democrats, politicians in handcuffs point to image problems
  123. Those slippery 2A rights....
  124. SPLC and ADL Gets the Boot from FBI
  125. White's need not apply
  126. State Senator Leland Yee Arrested, Offices Raided In Massive FBI Sweep
  127. Heroin Kingpin Busted in Florida is an Illegal Alien…on FOOD STAMPS
  128. Florida bill would allow concealed carry for all citizens during emergencies
  129. Congress Again Calling Lie On Sebelius
  130. Let the "I TOLD YOU SO's" flow my friends!
  131. Shadow Government
  132. Wonderful Education, not
  133. Obama: Russia Is Weak, Not Strong
  134. The Great Breitbart American Physical Society hoax
  135. Illinois Non Resident CCL Problem
  136. Obama to kill Tomahawk, Hellfire missile programs
  137. Prominent Cardinal Blasts Obama ‘Totally Secularized Man’ Who Is ‘
  138. Right wing extremism is hastening the decline of Christianity in America
  139. Be a Survivor, Not a Victim!
  140. LMAO - Global Warming Hinders Missing Airliner Search
  141. Woman Just Released From Prison for Voter Fraud is Honored by Ohio Democratic Party
  142. Why Does Michelle Obama’s Mother Live at the White House
  143. Obama Most Well-Traveled, Expensive President In History
  144. The FIGHT is never over!
  145. 4th Anniversary Of ObamaCare-Sad Affair
  146. Nate Silver Picks GOP To Take Senate
  147. Youtube shuts down Mark Dice
  148. This one reeks....
  149. What the aristocracy REALLY think of their minions
  150. And So It Begins...
  151. American Firearms Manufacturing and Politics
  152. Just How F'd Up Is The Democratic Party?
  153. More of Bob on ODinguscare!
  154. Pope to mobsters: repent or go to hell
  155. Feinstein pushing for EO's
  156. Flotus taking a break in China
  157. Thanks,liberals
  158. Is The MMGW House of Cards Falling?
  159. Thug Life Starts Early In The Hood...
  160. The American Physical Society (APS) has signalled a dramatic turnabout in its positio
  161. Florida House Adds Warning Shot Allowance to 'Stand Your Ground'
  162. Gun rights to become "may issue" in MA?
  163. Fred Phelps dead
  164. John Coleman founder of Weather Channel on Global warming hoax.
  165. Obama's War On Working Women
  166. Working class fights back against southern aristocracy
  167. Right wingers are not happy about the new Cosmos series
  168. Obama Lying Again On ACA Enrollees
  169. interesting POV
  170. Obama And The Unintended Consequences
  171. Save The Big Mac! Stop Astroturfing Union!
  172. Barack Obama, Will You Please Shut Your Pie Hole?
  173. Don Garlits on his wife
  174. Who's more racist?
  175. Ron Paul Putin Puppy
  176. New York Gun Owners Patriotically Burn Thousands of Gun Registration Forms
  177. Prankster-in-Chief
  178. Is the Obamanation puurging the US Military?
  179. And Now For Some Good News...
  180. Penn Dem AG Shuts Down Corruption Sting After Only Black Democrats Are Caught, Blames
  181. Teen shot in bedroom
  182. CA store refusing to provide customer list of 80 percent buyers
  183. While others restrict, Idaho for the win!
  184. Crimea Votes to Join Russia
  185. The Obama Chronicles
  186. He Isn’t Racist, He’s Right
  187. Violent Crime and Murder in America
  188. Obama Actually Responds to Allegations That He Wears Mom Jeans
  189. Fla. TV Station Exposes Voter Fraud, DOJ Sues State to Stop Purging Rolls
  190. It's not about slavery.
  191. House Republicans vote to keep prosecuting Americans for marijuana posesson
  192. Ted Cruz posters popping up in Beverly Hills
  193. More from CT
  194. Who Are Americans What Do We Want?
  195. Bob on ODinguscare!
  196. Trigger Happy
  197. Tehran now owns a 777?
  198. 'Atrocities in South Committed By Democrats'
  199. New Iraqi Law Legalizes Rape, ‘Feminists’ Too Busy Banning Words to Care
  200. Obama Guts Obamacare - No Longer Mandatory
  201. The drunken ranting and raving of qwman68
  202. History problems...
  203. Electric motors make the leap
  204. Yet another fine example....
  205. Another fine example of a democrat.
  206. NSA as Fackbook
  207. Documents Obtained by Judicial Watch Reveal Obama 2013 Vacations, Leno Show Appearanc
  208. Republican Wins Florida Congressional Election In Test Race Over Health Care
  209. Racism as the Driving Force of Liberal Politics
  210. What if they gave a gun ban and no one came?
  211. Republican Wins Obamacare Special Election
  212. We wonder why things are the way they are?
  213. Example of how Left Hates the Poor
  214. CBS Drives Out Reporter Who Investigated Obama Administration
  215. This Calls For Another Round Of Golf!
  216. The Fall Of Spamalot?
  217. SPLC: The Pot Calling The Kettle Black?
  218. Creative Marketing Success
  219. Trayvon’s Legacy – Miami-Dade County School Board Lawyers Now Evaluating “Legal Risk”
  220. DC Idiots have nothing I want. Seriously.
  221. Obama Sets Himself Up for Fight On Surgeon General
  222. Signs of Desperation...
  223. More low down crooked Democrats.
  224. Cpac
  225. Fascist News Channel
  226. Court Decision Wrecks Greenie Legal Conspiracy
  227. freesw Revealed. Shocking True Identity!
  228. Putin condemns gays (copied from internet)
  229. Susan Smith,take two
  230. Georgia become first State to pass Convention of States Resolution
  231. Man's Best Friend
  232. Obama Poops Out As Pop Singer
  233. NY Church Giving Away An AR15
  234. NJ poll on magazine ban
  235. Where the nanny state leads....
  236. So the "College Republicans" commissioned a report ...
  237. Over 68 percent of CT cops did not register
  238. Setting Illinoisans up for a gun grab
  239. Maryland Confiscations to Start?
  240. Come fly the unfriendly sky's of Massachusetts!
  241. Help Wanted: President of USA
  242. Does anyone else see a pattern?
  243. Facebook censorship plain and simple
  244. Stage is set in Connecticut
  245. Voter ID
  246. Call and nag 'em please.
  247. Social Justice isn't all bad...
  248. Sic Transit Global Warming
  249. Ukrainization or (Ukrainisation)
  250. Social Security Question