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  1. Ukraine loses 138,000 tons of ammo to fire
  2. Progressive Authoritarianism
  3. Illegal or non-citizens commit far less crime?
  4. Keep a stiff upper lip, English allies.
  5. Judge Napolitano fired from Fox
  6. Trey Gowdy
  7. Dangerous 2A Rulings....
  8. Left wing crazy moon bats of Austin Texas
  9. Venezuela regs to close bakeries
  10. Let’s Make Russia Our Sister Country!
  11. So how does the U.S. get rid of lawless judges?
  12. TRUMP BUDGET RULES! :) Seriously. He get's it.
  13. That giant sucking sound you hear is Trump's budget
  14. Coming up on the 25th anniversary
  15. Working to get Vet's gun rights back
  16. IL Lead ban out of committee...
  17. Death Panels are real, y'all
  18. The recent Maddow deal...
  19. Netherlands: voters wipe out Dutch Trump Geert Wilders at polls
  20. Oklahoma GOP state senator and Trump state campaign chair found with underaged boy
  21. Neocons won't be happy 'til they've started WWIII....
  22. The New SEC STATE is one smart guy.
  23. About that "Republican Insurance Plan" aka R.I.P.
  24. Anonymous
  25. Someone scaled the White House fence
  26. 60% of online Obamacare defenders 'paid to post' hits on critics
  27. Book Of The Year!
  28. Attack on due process in IL
  29. A Day without Communist Women
  30. Very Good Interview
  31. do tell Loretta?? maybe you be first?
  32. Vault 7 Wikileaks
  33. Six trillion dollars squandered. How much more?
  34. Wire Tapping Attack On Trump
  35. Obamas DOJ slush fund
  36. South Africa - I wish I couldn't believe this....
  37. The "Zoot Suit Riots"
  38. Obama Wire Tapped Trump? Can this be true?
  39. it just don't get any better than this!!
  40. Keeping the Cold War Alive
  41. Trump’s Interior Secretary IMMEDIATELY Reverses Obama’s Spiteful Lead Ammo Ban
  42. Sessions Recusal
  43. Barack Obama's close confidante Valerie Jarrett has moved into his new DC home.
  44. Shadow Gov't in DC?
  45. Ladies in white
  46. Immigrant detained after press conference...
  47. Amazing Airborne Idiot Video!
  48. Trump Wars
  49. Judge blocks Calif. law protecting privacy of lawmakers who voted for gun restriction
  50. Trump: 'Time is right for immigration bill,' open to giving some legal status
  51. Merkel's Military
  52. Ashamed to be (part) white?
  53. Good, but not good enough
  54. Over 1 million identity thieves in the U.S.
  55. Gun Grabbers targeting Alabama
  56. Are Liberals Possessed?
  57. The draining of the swamp is endless
  58. More than 200 inauguration day protesters indicted for rioting
  59. grey-bearded 63-year-old volunteer sniper has just claimed his 321st ISIS victim
  60. Civil War Within The Civil War
  61. Korea?
  62. The real face of SJW activism
  63. Default LTG McMaster and The Battle of 73 Easting
  64. 4th Circuit rules that AR's & Mags not protected by 2A
  65. This might be good
  66. Disgusting
  67. Disgusting
  68. Stupidity carries its own penalty....
  69. U.S. Senators take to the road
  70. Senator Uncle Ted?
  71. Trump’s ISIS Plan: Another US Invasion? -- Ron Paul
  72. Breitbart editor condones pedophilia, lies about it (of course)
  73. Minor technical point on illegal voting
  74. MIDDLE SCHOOLER faces charges after 'hurling wooden block at Trump's motorcade'
  75. Won't Work Without Government Busted
  76. More campus hate from the left...
  77. Mexican National Arrested for Voting Illegally in My Area
  78. Exodus stage 2 may be starting
  79. Where is the outrage over this movie?
  80. Nuke "event" in Arctic Circle?
  81. Cool new workaround for Kali AR's
  82. The Beautiful People Of The Left
  83. Interesting read from a Russian perspective
  84. Warping the kids' minds....
  85. "I Don't Care"...
  86. Take off, eh
  87. Ok, spit in a police officers face and see
  88. Trump's Surrogates
  89. The Left's Once Mighty Echo Chamber Is Losing Power
  90. Gun Control Debate Comes to CW's Hit TV Series "Arrow"
  91. This is your American moderate muslim
  92. Snarling dogs fight in Kabul
  93. Fake Media Shot Down Again
  94. More insanity from the spoiled lefties....
  95. So, my wife had to pull her gun on some guy last night.
  96. Trump is loony, no voter fraud in New Hampshire
  97. Deep State Coup?
  98. The pedogate appears to be exploding
  99. Kellyanne Conway banned from MSLSD show
  100. Terrifying arsenal of weapons
  101. Happy Valentine's Day
  102. Leader of Calexit movement called into question for ties to Russia
  103. Kim Jung Un's older brother assassinated?
  104. Racial Slurs...
  105. Beating the Memory Hole
  106. General Flynn has a phone
  107. Global Warming.....RIP
  108. Chaos !!!
  109. I don't even know who this is
  110. Assad's 21st century holocaust
  111. Meryl Streep claims she has been targeted by 'brownshirts'
  112. 897,572
  113. Trump vs Bureaucracy
  114. Obama Scheming To Sabotage Trump
  115. Ukraine about to come unglued?
  116. You Gotta See What An Islamic Studies Prof Just Said...
  117. A Good Start
  118. Talk about this photo, and get banned. :) LOL
  119. Hell. Yes! part 3
  120. The exodus is beginning to pass through my town
  121. Facebook Live torture suspects plead not guilty in Chicago court
  122. Great Read From Ann Coulter
  123. Interesting Read
  124. Appeals court upholds ruling blocking Trump's immigration order
  125. Democrat Underhandedness
  126. Trump goes after McCain
  127. Deportation Causes Snowflakes To Melt!
  128. The Greatest Liberal Failures of Our Time:
  129. Neocons really do despise us....
  130. Jeff Sessions Confirmed for Attorney General
  131. Rinos!
  132. Clock Boy lives on in infamy
  133. NJ doing away with bail?
  134. Panic at the P.L.O.
  135. Californians want to eliminate sanctuary cities
  136. A Call for IL Gun Registration....
  137. Report - 2/3 of Navy Strike Fighters Grounded
  138. Chicago Crimes and guns Task force
  139. We Have A New Education Secretary!
  140. 92% of left-wing activists live with their parents and one in three is unemployed
  141. A fascinating strudy
  142. Reality Check..The Last 90 Days
  143. Incredible....
  144. Maxine Waters Thinks Putin Invaded “Korea” – Says Trump Needs to Be Impeached
  145. Color revolution in Romania?
  146. BATFE Leaked White Paper
  147. Follow the money....
  148. Why I left the left
  149. Seen the gumball presentation?
  150. SO, How Political Was The Superbowl ???
  151. False flag crock of crap! Swastikas on subway Trump's America
  152. Milo is returning to Berkley to do his speech
  153. What is really at stake....
  154. Strange Sounds, Strange Phenomenon
  155. How does a puny federal district court judge
  156. Interesting thread on sister site
  158. Was the Yemen seal raid leaked to Al queda?
  159. Packed With Vitamins & Minerals For Strong Bones & Teeth
  160. North Korea Has Fired State Security Chief
  161. Machete-wielding man screaming ‘Allahu Akbar’
  162. Iowa AW Ban Proposed
  163. Perhaps Morbid, but Realistic
  164. Navy: Special forces flew Trump flag in convoy
  165. Donald Trump confirms 'tough' phone conversation with Turnbull
  166. News Has Me Shocked, Disillusioned
  167. Call to action
  168. The Protest Started Out Peacefully...
  169. Senate confirms Tillerson as secretary of State
  170. Trump to Mexico: Take care of 'bad hombres' or US might
  171. Security Adviser Flynn says Iran ‘on notice’ after missile test
  172. Does This Superbowl Ad Make My A$$ Look Fat???
  173. Trump nominates Judge Gorsuch to Supreme Court
  174. California to be a sanctuary state?
  175. Let the dogs eat them
  176. We The People - Maybe it's all our fault.
  177. Saudi Frigate Attacked....
  178. Another Trump Hater's Tantrum....
  179. You're Fired!
  180. Is Left Going From Kooky To Dangerous?
  181. Watch your back
  182. Canada's Black Rifles
  183. How Times Change....
  184. 5 dead at mosque in Quebec
  185. Mayor Eula Clarke Tells Police, ‘I Didn’t Know We Were Serving Pig Tonight’
  186. The Wall
  187. I think I'm in love
  188. mooselim ban
  189. Veritas Voter Fraud Compilation
  190. LOL!! Very funny mashup vid....
  191. Trump Playing Rope-a-Dope with the Media
  192. Hell. Yes! part 2
  193. LIBERALS, The Gift That Keeps On Giving Me Joy
  194. The TV Show You've All Been Waiting For
  195. CNN casts "keeping campaign promises" as negative
  196. 3 Men Gang-Rape Young Woman in Sweden, Broadcast It Live on Facebook
  197. Patriot nurse - Civil war?
  198. Hell. Yes!
  199. Ehhh errr I'm doing it again
  200. Mary Tyler Moore 12/29/1936-1/25/2017
  201. State Department House Cleaning!
  202. Democrats Taking Smart Pills
  203. China Moving ICBM's
  204. This is great!
  205. Trump Prepares Orders Aiming at Global Funding and Treaties
  206. Voter Fraud, Seeking Rebuttals
  207. Repeal the NFA Petition
  208. Hitting back at the Liberals and Liberal media
  209. Big Joe lays down TRUTH!!!!
  210. Obama's parting gift
  211. Poetic justice
  212. DNC Chair candidate
  213. SJW burn immigrant's car
  214. Last Official Acts of the Tyrant
  215. Crowder-LOL
  216. Anti Trump protestor lights girl's hair on fire
  217. Tx governor going after sanctuary sheriff
  218. Help drain the swamp
  219. Making America Great Again
  220. So now an ethics law suit
  221. Trump's guns
  222. You don't get it yet, do you
  223. Obama's Approval Lower Than Nixon
  224. A Threefer!
  225. Press Secretary
  226. The Netherlands welcome Trump
  227. 2017 Soldier of Fortune Endorsements NRA Board
  228. Trump women vs. Hillary women
  229. Trump raped Juanita Broaddrick and protestors think he should be charged
  230. Lol
  231. Shooting at San Antonio mall
  232. The Great Women's March
  233. This Just In (Yesterday):
  234. Clearing The Air
  235. Just A, 'Heads Up' For Ya!
  236. ObamaCare Wrecking Ball
  237. Bilbo Shaggins NEVER disappoints!
  238. In case you missed the parade walk
  239. Public support for corrupt incompetent Donald already plummetting
  240. President Trump didn't waste any time
  241. Sabo
  242. Watched Inauguration In The Tub
  243. And So It Begins...
  244. Is it just me .........
  245. It Is Finished!
  246. Obama gives the finger to sportsmen, one last time...
  247. We are all Deplorables Now
  248. Songs for inauguration day
  249. Politico Spills The Dem Beans
  250. Obamacare Math