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  1. Grabbers want seniors guns....
  2. A Machinegun?
  3. FBI arrests Mass. man who allegedly wanted to kill Obama, had stockpile of weapons
  4. So Colin Kaepernick won't Stand for the National Anthem While Making $114 Million
  5. 2 Nuns Killed in Miss. and Guess Who?
  6. BATFE Attacks US Ammo Production....
  7. Mexican Government Reciprocity
  8. Huma Dumps the Weiner
  9. FBI says foreign hackers penetrated state election systems
  10. Couric’s Under the Gun, Under Fire Again
  11. More Scorched Earth....
  12. What's your top 20? Here's mine. :)
  13. Mitch McConnell does something right - no lame duck TPP vote in Senate
  14. North Korea claims it’s now able to nuke U.S. mainland
  15. Black Lives Matter Has Officially Cost Mizzou 2,100 Students
  16. Three Years of Nights in Chicago
  17. Canada Crossbow Killings
  18. Did Rush Limbaugh say Obama admin funding lesbian farmers? -- Snopes says it's true!
  19. Why Troll the PU for .25 a post? Move to Richmond CA for $12,000 + per Year.
  20. Donald Trump lies about meeting wtih Chicago police - AGAIN
  21. Trump Caves In.
  22. If Hillary Wins....
  23. The Donald's Austin stop marks the beginning of the end for campaign, but ...
  24. Army Training Slide Called Hillary an Insider Threat
  25. If the feds can ban this what can't they ban?
  26. Newest Guccifer 2.0 Leak Reveals More Corruption, Rigged Primaries
  27. Fox News Cited in Order to Edit State Department Video
  28. Civil Rights Leader Endorses Trump
  29. Trump flies jet short distance
  30. Globalists Show Their True Colors....
  31. Hillary Health - Concern Back in 2009
  32. I Learned More at McDonald's Than at College
  33. Southern Command Warns Sunni Extremists Infiltrating From South
  34. driving through Detroit at night
  35. Another add to the Clinton body count?
  36. Germany Goes to DEFCON4
  37. Huma was Assistant Editor at radical Muslim journal when it blamed America for 9/11
  38. Just Another Installment On Thuth
  39. Dudebro zombies for Trump
  40. Crowder exposes more idiots
  41. NSA Hacked?
  42. Hillary vs the First Amendment
  43. U.S. has linked a hostage release with giving a $400 million cash payment to Iran
  44. The Real War....
  45. Venezuela Registering Ammo (!!!)
  46. Hillary and K9's
  47. bummer and the devil in cahoots?
  48. Political correctness
  49. Trump hires doppelganger to run his campaign
  50. Al Gore Caught Bloviating Again....
  51. Texans who support Trump want secession if Hillary becomes president
  52. Floods in Louisiana
  53. Hillary's Stools
  54. Polls and Polling data
  55. Good Read
  56. EcoFreaks get what they ask for.
  57. Taking Nuclear War Seriously
  58. Turkish Delight: Their own Nukes?
  59. Milwaukee riots after police shoot suspect
  60. France Urges Countrymen to Let Migrants into Their Homes
  61. Election dilemma
  62. So much for body cameras...
  63. Never Trust A Gun Grabber....
  64. imam and assistant shot to death, Muslims blame Trump
  65. Terror attack on a Swiss Train
  66. Shooting in Joplin MO
  67. War on cash continues....
  68. Illinois and Gun Confiscation
  69. Hackers release Democrats personal information
  70. Excellent Read on Trump
  71. Interesting History....
  72. A Glimpse of Hillary's Amerika?
  73. From the mouths of gun grabbers....
  74. What are they so afraid of?
  75. Grumpy, Mike Vanderboegh passed away
  76. British teenager killed in Syria after running off to join ISIS
  77. Trump Rally-Goer To CNN Reporter: "I Am A Patriot And You Are A Traitor!"
  78. Maybe The Feds Had a Bigger Prize In Mind
  79. Poking the Bear?
  80. Depressing but worth a read
  81. America's Future
  82. The Trump train has derailed
  83. Democrats are far fro alone in their assessment of Trump
  84. 73 year old librarian shot in police/citizen training excercise
  85. Socialist firebrand Bernie Sanders spends $600,000 buying a holiday home
  86. Obama Forgives 107 Gun Felons Amid Calls for Stricter Gun Control
  87. Want gun reform? Reverse Citizens United
  88. Is This The Real Hillary?
  89. If you really want something to give you insomnia...
  90. I carry a gun
  91. Democrats Claim Trump Inciting Violence
  92. Yet another Republican monster exposed and charged
  93. Nevertrumpers Still At It....
  94. Bodies piling up once again
  95. Hillary's Medical Records Released?
  96. Orlando Nightclub Shooters Father - Hillary Supporter
  97. More propaganda?
  98. For Anyone Thinking About Voting Libertarian....
  99. Pushing for federal gun registration
  100. Not sure how I feel about this
  101. Criminals That Steal Guns Use Them For Bad Things
  102. Short film produced by GOA
  103. My wife wants to move here if we win the lottery
  104. Email going around, pass it on to the #nevertrump people you know
  105. If This Doesn't Make You Sick Then Yer Puker Ain't Workin'!
  106. Another machete attack on cops in Belgium
  107. Another Bern Victim or (another Clinton Body Count Nominee?)
  108. Back to Russia...with love
  109. Hillary - Trump and his sons have 'killed a lot of animals'
  110. Bernie Sanders destroys Hillary on gun control
  111. A Loser Backs A Loser
  112. Muslims attack couple in Europe somewhere
  113. I'm Curious
  114. Poetic justice
  115. Okay, here's a weird story
  116. Chaos, Crisis, and Hero
  117. Tread on me
  118. The Debate Whether US Troops Would Fire On Americans Is Over...
  119. Obama Federalizing Local Cops
  120. Federalization of police
  121. Globalists pulling out all the stops....
  122. Corrupt cnn
  123. Knife attack in London, calling it terrorism
  124. Hillary says she's going to raise taxes on the middle class, and the sheeple rejoiced
  125. Our boy Donald Trump has his purple heart now !
  126. Combat-tested U.S. bombers headed to Pacific
  127. U.S. Seeks to Protect Voting System Against Cyberattacks
  128. Making America's Streets Safer!
  129. NY SAFE Act - Flash Hider question??
  130. Speaking of unfit for office....
  131. Maybe this explains Obama....
  132. Obama goes after gunsmith
  133. Did you guys know this?
  134. Here We Go Again
  135. Obama sent Iran $400 million in cash
  136. The ATF Is Illegally Hoarding American Gun Owners’ Personal Information
  137. Hillary Completed No Security Briefings Or Courses At State Dept
  138. Scurrying From the Light....
  139. Interesting Read...
  140. Dick Morris Corrects the Record on Hillary Clinton
  141. Scorched Earth Continues
  142. ISIS getting mad at being called religion of peace
  143. Words Matter
  144. Oh Great!
  145. NJ Police - Shoot Homeowner, Wrong Address
  146. Another good guy with a gun
  147. Hillary Health
  148. Incirlik Locked Down Again - Coup 2.0?
  149. Mr. Obama Has Decided To Vote For Trump
  150. Reuters tweaks poll to favor Hillary
  151. Bernie supporters voting for Trump
  152. Behold Brothers, We're Not Alone
  153. Bill like balloons
  154. Does Russia Own Hillary?
  155. He's not the victim
  156. I'm thinking a flaming arrow would work
  157. Father of fallen Muslim soldier to Trump
  158. U.S. / Russia Quit poking the Bear
  159. Another Obama Gun Control EO
  160. James OKeefe - Kicking a Hornet's Nest
  161. Is comrade Trump a true communists ?
  162. DNC Hiring
  163. Go Green(s)!
  164. UK Reporter Punks ISIS
  165. Sanders Quits Democrat Party!
  166. Perhaps the Beginning of a Tipping Point...?
  167. Charges dropped against all 6 cops in Freddie Gray case
  168. John Hinkley Released
  169. City of Brotherly Love - Live Feed
  170. Normandy Atrocity
  171. Sanders Takes It In!
  172. The new normal for Europe
  173. Knife Wielding Man Kills 15 in Japan
  174. FL Club Shooting
  175. Party on Whaleed, Party on Muhammad.. Islam likes to party!
  176. Bombing in Germany
  177. Austria's going to build a yuuuge border fence
  178. Link to watch "Clinton Cash" full movie
  179. Clinton names Wasserman Schultz honorary chair of campaign team
  180. An Yet Another...with an Assualt Machette
  181. Now That's An Endorsement....
  182. DNC Email Scandal
  183. Clinton VP Pick Tim Kaine’s Islamist Ties
  184. North MIAMI ,Cop shoots unarmed caregiver .
  185. Good News From Virginia...
  186. Turkey is becoming the real Caliphate
  187. MSM is spinning terrorism.....
  188. It's offical, HilLIARy needs a Cane to try and win...
  189. Cleveland!!
  190. This Time Its Munich
  191. I Just Lost 1 1/2 hours of my Life
  192. Rise of the 'alta-male'
  193. Finland - Unbelievable!
  194. Trump puts conditions on defending NATO members
  195. Political Suicide
  196. Holy crap
  197. Black Live Matter...unless you're a cop
  198. Mass. AG to crack down on assault weapons
  199. Global Warming Polar Expedition
  200. Turkey and Nukes
  201. cops band together
  202. Obama's "Moderate" Syrian Rebels....
  203. Another Day Another Atrocity
  204. Another one down....
  205. Donald Trump officially nominated as Republican candidate for president
  206. Warning to All LEO's
  207. AR Confiscation Irony
  208. Cleveland Police Union President
  209. Woman wanted on felony warrant is arrested as she protests against Trump in Cleveland
  210. German Axe Attack
  211. Bikers for Trump and Hell's Angels will patrol RNC convention
  212. White House responds to petition by giving us the finger
  213. For All You Poor Sots in CA - Action Needed
  214. How Media Sets the Narrative
  215. I wonder do our police get it yet?
  216. So Much For The Narrative....
  217. 3 officers killed in shooting in Baton Rouge
  218. The Rabba Salute
  219. Good Read on Rights vs Entitlements
  220. SUV drives through protesters blocking road.
  221. Good guy with a gun
  222. Globalist Obama
  223. Threads posted on here
  224. Designated most dangerous city in Europe
  225. HR5611 - "no fly no buy" is back
  226. Brazilian Islamist extremist targeting the French delegation at the Rio 2016 Olympics
  227. Turkish military launch attempted coup
  228. Revolution in America Today
  229. Car Bomb Rocks NV Town!
  230. Media Blames Truck, Not Terrorists or Islam, For Nice Attack
  231. Bataclan terrorists tortured victims
  232. "Stand Down" Order for RNC; Excuse Me!
  233. Nevertrumpers Wash Out....
  234. Losing the War
  235. Russia
  236. Another Paris Attack
  237. Is the Tide changing ?
  238. Electoral College Rigged? ...
  239. Those with need
  240. Hoosier VP?
  241. This Oghtta Bring Order To The Political Chaos...
  242. Proof That There's Still Hope...
  243. Next Gen Police
  244. Rumors of War - China
  245. Bad Precedent
  246. plot to ambush LEOs uncovered in Baton Rouge
  247. The Castille shooting
  248. Dallas killer a 'martyr'
  249. If its mandatory its not a right....
  250. Well, Now We Know What They Really Want.