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  1. Yes, today's GOP is structurally racist
  2. Stinking up the place.....
  3. Dear Kevin
  4. AWB and universal background checks
  5. Excessive gov't spending in action
  6. The Reality Of The Debt Limit
  7. Rick Santorum at CPAC
  8. Donald Trump at CPAC
  9. Message from a USMC Vet
  10. Wayne LaPierre at CPAC
  11. Letter from the white house
  12. Sandy Hook - the "Psy op" that just won't quit
  13. Dianne Feinstein got her dander up
  14. Mrs Gifford with an AR15. Say it isn't so.
  15. What will happen if they ban 10+ rnd clips?
  16. The NRA created to protect Black people?
  17. NY Senate 2353
  18. The right wing obsession with the "Obama phone"
  19. I Got a Personal Letter from The White House
  20. James O'Keefe Pays $100,000 To ACORN Employee He Smeared
  21. Just thought I would pass this along! Another step in the RIGHT direction
  22. Canadian Confiscation - QBZ97 Incident
  23. Schumer's "universal background checks"
  24. After CO shooting, Bloomberg planned to make the next tragedy count..
  25. 2 more methods they will use to confiscate your guns
  26. Here's an example of the weekly dose from LATIMES
  27. Democracy is for people
  28. Kevin please notice
  29. Demented Feinstein Says It's Currently Legal To Hunt Humans With Assault Weapons
  30. Good advice courtesy of CNN
  31. NY Times - Share of Homes With Guns Shows 4-Decade Decline
  32. Another example of the end goal for gun control
  33. More "Big Journalism" fail
  34. It bothers me.
  35. More Gun Companies Refuse Sales
  36. About time some people started waking up.
  37. Colorado final vote on gun control 3/11/2013
  38. Bad bad bad
  39. New American Man
  40. Imagine
  41. Ohio: Not to be outdone
  42. 9/11 Conspiracy author and children found dead
  43. This is some classic mind twisting
  44. Too much money spent in Iraq for too few results
  45. Illinois in peril - contact your house reps!
  46. Furious over sanctions, NKorea vows to nuke US
  47. Police versus sheriff's dept attitudes
  48. Senator Paul Goes to Washington!
  49. The Latest SPLC Report
  50. Sign up here for your anger management class
  51. More evidence of right wing ignorance - Dow hits all-time high
  52. Eric Holder: Drone strikes against Americans on U.S. soil are legal
  53. Grassley says may back gun control measures.
  54. GOOD RIDDANCE to a sorry POS-may he rot in he77 for eternity
  55. You Will be a Midway Customer!
  56. Daily Caller caught abetting right wing fabrication
  57. Full Spectrum Operations in the Homeland: A “Vision” of the Future
  58. D.H.S. to purchase armored vehicles
  59. another $190M to the Ragheads
  60. Benhazi---"A Bump in the Road"...poem
  61. It's not enough......
  62. Gubernatorial candidate is convinced that forced confiscation is in the works
  63. The next frontier for the Military Industrial Complex
  64. Outlawing Plastic Guns
  65. A message from the pot us!
  66. A Message From Shotgun Joe LMAO
  67. Illinois and Maryland Alerts
  68. NRA'S new video to combat the Libtards!!
  69. A different kind of magazine ban
  70. Got this from a friend today....
  71. Go ny
  72. Obama has declared it would mean 'hundreds of thousands of jobs lost
  73. Cabela's Lets the cat out of the bag. More taxes!!
  74. More New York...it never ends
  75. Gun CONTROL has racist roots...
  76. How I see most of the hostile users on here
  77. magazine ban idea fail.
  78. This is what plutocracy looks like
  79. Virtual President of the United States
  80. KUDO's TO MAGPUL!!!!
  81. Iran opens another nuclear refining plant
  82. What does "unruly" mean?
  83. Any thoughts?
  84. Lumberton school teaches about islam
  85. ABC broadcast edits out Michelle Obama claim
  86. Beretta joins the protest
  87. Why do gun companies setup shop in liberal states?
  88. Excellent article on Australian gun grab
  89. Slave-holding Britons received billions of pounds of compensation
  90. Oregon Bill HB3200
  91. Call Now!
  92. Whites Twice As Likely To Own Guns
  93. Where do your local outdoor writers stand or not?
  94. One small step for the anti-gunners, one giant step for ...?
  95. Oscars Night and Lincoln
  96. Nice picture but its not an AR
  97. The Revolutions We Missed
  98. Now we're getting somewhere!
  99. New attack on Coloradan's 2A Rights
  100. Bob on Gub'mint Assistance!
  101. States with proposed legislation..
  102. This report on the VA is very disturbing . . .
  103. If that's an arsenal we're all hosed
  104. New threat to our rights
  105. Four LEOs that get it.
  106. NRA Silence
  107. States to avoid?
  108. Uh Huh-IT Figures
  109. Senators- For What It's Worth
  110. Guys,,where is Parnelli ??
  111. What are the chances of the U.S. and China going to war?
  112. USDA staff taught that the pilgrims were 'illegal aliens'
  113. Another happy ending to a home invasion
  114. Lies the gun grabbers tell
  115. Nice Targets
  116. Finally some good newa from the Libtards in MN>
  117. Biden: Buy a shotgun!
  118. Gun Rights Movement: In short, we will own them all.
  119. NY bill amendment proposal
  120. Here's your unbiased news, folks.........
  121. Is this what is coming? What a shame.
  122. Hey Gringos! Mexico wants to know if you have a gun. Si?
  123. Adam Lanza truth coming out...
  124. The rush is on.....
  125. Djesus Uncrossed
  126. Got Ammo ?
  127. AUTO-UPDATING LIST of Nationwide Defensive Gun use
  128. Interesting Gun and a bit of history
  129. WA Gun grabbers foul up their bill
  130. economic boycot
  131. Obama goes to school
  132. Place your bets below
  133. THE Chicago Gangbangers didn't get the word...
  134. Whatever happens at the federal level...
  135. Gun Companies Refuse Sales
  136. Will you be affected by the Sequester?
  137. New Mexico?
  138. Poll: Ban Free SW and his aliases(if any) or not
  139. Bye Bye Tax Dollars.
  140. Just got my CC permit. A few dumb questions.
  141. The news
  142. The Thorn of the Perfect Union
  143. I think Maryland is doomed.
  144. Gun Protests
  145. A fifth joins the growing boycott list
  146. Proud of SC!!
  147. registered democrat at work changes to independent!
  148. Interesting pattern
  149. Interesting lecture
  150. Missouri HOUSE BILL NO. 545
  151. A sad day for NJ
  152. Maverick McCain Ready to Sell Out 2A
  153. Some very disturbing numbers
  154. Chris Dorner is an idiot and...
  155. Feinstein -Boxer Syndrome..
  156. Gun Control Letter To Editor From Local Libtard
  157. Good people of Seattle turn back police drones
  158. 1st amendment for guns...lol...lol
  159. Another Victory for the Ragheads
  160. Just for laughs today.
  161. Feinstein & Boxer Figured Out How To Catch The Madman
  162. An excellent perspective on gun control
  163. Dang! Have times ever changed!
  164. Another One Bites the Dust..
  165. "Praise the Lord and Pass the Ammunition"
  166. Obozo afraid of the USMC
  167. Beginning of the Resistance and gun confiscation
  168. What about Jeeps?
  169. Applying liberal anti-gun logic
  170. Information to add to your arguments to preserve the 2nd...
  171. California's Leading the Way
  172. Dr. Benjamin carson refutes barack obama's agenda at prayer breakfast
  173. If you didn't stock up on ammo you're SOL,and here is why..
  174. Another BHO Supporting KILLER
  175. True hate
  176. Another Example of the MSM Propaganda
  177. Colorado moves against gun companies
  178. Christopher Jordan Dorner online manifesto
  179. ex-cop goes on killing spree
  180. Maryland wants to tax your rights
  181. SPLC Hate Map Inspires Hate Crimes
  182. Step up and Get Your Liability Insurance
  183. Obama told us no middle class tax increase
  184. Update on gun grabber strategy
  185. White House defends drone-war killing of Americans
  186. Here is your chance, contact Sly Stallone
  187. Obama's ssn does not pass E-Verify
  188. New Yorkers planning to defy safe gun law
  189. Forbes column linking drugs and mass shootings censored within hours
  190. Today's letter from me
  191. Modern Sporting Rifles account for less than 2% of death related to violent crime
  192. The misuse of the word "liberal".
  193. We Want Answers!
  194. “Who…needs an assault weapon?…You can’t hunt with it."
  195. Obama and Biden indicted
  196. sad news: Former Navy SEAL Chris Kyle was fatally shot
  197. New Jersey not to be out done by New York
  198. Real or Photoshopped?
  199. Find a PU forum member in attached inauguration picture
  200. New Illinois legislation
  201. Attention Minnesota bills to be aware of
  202. The Genie is out of the bottle!
  203. Intelligent Commentary - Liberal Magazine
  204. media is at it again
  205. Uncle Joe accidently tells the truth
  206. Rahm Emanuel goes after 1st and 2nd amendments
  207. Remington Arms considers move from NY
  208. CBS aims to lead Anti-Gun Fight
  209. What assault pistols?
  210. The MSM Sensationalizes Every Shooting
  211. This "LEGAL" Immigrant ROCKS!
  212. Sandy Hook weird # 15426378
  213. Don't snip until you see the whites of their eyes!
  214. A10 Making Short Work
  215. Have you noticed the change in rhetoric?
  216. "...we do skeet shooting all the time."
  217. tampered video makes "hecklers" out of citizens.
  218. general lack of coverage of the hearing today
  219. A Letter From The Special Forces Community Concerning The Second Amendment
  220. Obama Wants Military Leaders Who ‘Will Fire On US Citizens’
  221. Senate judiciary commitee on cspan
  222. Missouri: Bills Introduced to Restrict Your Gun Rights
  223. The Father of a Sandy Hook Victim Speaks Out
  224. Death rate
  225. Hillary's Head
  226. Confessions of a Liberal Gun Owner
  227. I know this is the wrong forum
  228. Total Hypocrisy
  229. I think the NAACP better wake up
  230. Some quotes from the HELLER decision regarding so-called "assault weapons"
  231. those Imaginary Black Helicopters...
  232. Second Amendment primer
  233. Let us not get complacent
  234. Not all a$$hat liberals are named Piers...
  235. What's good for the goose...
  236. Seems they'll stop at nothing
  237. What must they be thinking now?
  238. Shipping mags to CA
  239. In Capitalism, LABOR is heavily taxed. CAPITAL is not.
  240. Milwaukee County Sheriff Urging Citizens To Arm Themselves
  241. As Expected, the Progressive Socialists join the anti-gun fight
  242. Message to all the Pussified Disarmed Continents, Countries, and Nations
  243. Petition to Arm Secret Service With Double Barrel Shotguns
  244. Let's be candid here
  245. Soccer vs. Firearms Sports
  246. Why don't we change the language of the debate?
  247. City Councilman walks out of council meeting because of citizen legally carrying
  248. 41 reasons why we should ban guns
  249. Appeals Court Strikes down Obama's recess appointments
  250. Our next President?