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  1. Kill the economy: Part Two.
  2. Attn: Whiney paranoid conservatives
  3. Ever "wonder" about those "open carrying for the hell of it" guys?
  4. Immigration sellout? Contact the Senate ASAP.
  5. Another entry added to the Republican rape advisory chart
  6. Government Incompetence at it's finest.
  7. Love this
  8. Islamic militants kill tourists
  9. Good read
  10. Pork-laced Bullets
  11. Check those screen doors
  12. The IRS needs to be shut down
  13. Latest from Illegal Mayors against Guns
  14. Sorry , but need Georgia gun law info fast
  15. Gun owners of America unite! Emily Miller is seeking photos of gun-toting patriots fo
  16. N.Y. Stupidity on display.
  17. California in the red by $127.2 billion, state auditors say
  18. Chicago teachers union chief faults ‘rich white people’ for city’s education mess
  19. Think conservativism isn't in fact pro-crony-capitalist?
  20. Zimmerman is Going to Jail
  21. Ted Cruz Collecting Signatures Against Gang of 8
  22. Magazine Limits
  23. Santa Monica shooter used an 80% lower
  24. Happy Juneteenth!
  25. TWA Flight 800
  26. One Man Decides to Leave the Plantation
  27. Capitalism is failing
  28. Piece of Crap
  29. Just watched an episode of the real wild west
  30. the-founding-fathers-and-the-fourth-amendment
  31. $100 Million here, $250 Million there, FREESTUFF for all!
  32. The New America
  33. What Happens When The Muslim Brotherhood Takes Control
  34. The Next Generation - Hope and Change at Work
  35. Is Anybody Else Slightly Irritated?
  36. An open letter to...
  37. EcoFreaks kill two more, and it's just the start this season.
  38. When I was a kid
  39. Another example of socialist fraud and abuse
  40. We're doing it wrong
  41. Bloomberg Spanked Again!
  42. Jihawg Ammo
  43. Sebastien De La Cruz responds to racist remarks over anthem performance
  44. The fight ain't over yet, amigos!
  45. How many spy agencies do we really need?
  46. What has the Secret Service been up to?
  47. More and more advertisers want nothing to do with Limbaugh
  48. What would you do, Mr. President?
  49. Police Agencies Are Assembling Records of DNA
  50. MSNBC Re-Writes History - AGAIN
  51. Bloomberg again
  52. Ohio Dept. Of Insurance: Obamacare To Increase Individual-Market Health Premiums By 8
  53. Your New Muslim Neighbors Are on Their Way
  54. S.F. BART's top-paid worker of 2012 never worked a day
  55. Other option: Flat, fair taxes for all. 10% should do it.
  56. No more taxes till the IRS is fixed:
  57. Things to come
  58. House delays DHS ammo purchase
  59. Edward Snowden, villain or hero?
  60. All the infrastructure a tyrant would need
  61. Repeal the "Patriot Act"
  62. Some good news
  63. Latest botched raid in long sordid War for drug Profiteering
  64. Citizenship 2.0
  65. Breaking News
  66. 2013 Father of The Year
  67. Are Progressive Posters Actually NSA Employees?
  68. Latest Cover Picture on Economist magazine
  69. EXPOSED - Here's Who is Really in Charge of the US
  70. Another capitalist behemoth is being unfairly attacked because of a little slip-up
  71. Remember D-Day!
  72. house votes to delay bulk ammo purchase by dhs
  73. MSNBC’s Martin Bashir: ‘IRS’ Is the New ‘N****r’
  74. NSA is collecting the phone records of MILLIONS of Verizon customers
  75. Eric Holder admits failings
  76. Leon Panetta revealed classified SEAL unit info
  77. Liberal logic on display...
  78. The Wonders of Makeup
  79. Yet more affirmative action for black people
  80. Kathleen Sebelius won’t waive regulation for girl with five weeks to live
  81. You’re Either ‘Leaving in a Squad Car or in a Box’
  82. Outstanding testimony
  83. Colorado Recall
  84. Supreme Court rules police can collect DNA from anyone arrested
  85. With all the crap going on, we need a laugh
  86. In China Mao and Marx shrugged
  87. Frank Lautenberg’s Progressive Legacy
  88. College Republicans' prescription to reverse electoral defeats: Seem tolerant
  89. Darrell Issa does it again
  90. Jim Carrey 'fined $72,000 for failing to obtain workers' compensation insurance
  91. Rape victim attacked and robbed in broad daylight
  92. There is just to many humans
  93. Wackos go nuts over Cheerios ad
  94. More Idiocy From "Academia"
  95. Bllomberg's anti-gun ads backfiring
  96. Russia Warns Obama
  97. Still love this
  98. Try Feinstein for treason
  99. Illinois to set up confiscation infrastructure?
  100. Obama lifts technology sanctions against Iran
  101. McCain Didn’t Realize He Was Posing With Rebel Kidnapper
  102. Any time now....
  103. This will Pi*s you off!!
  104. Thinking like the enemy
  105. Voter ID
  106. Generous welfare in Germany.
  107. Just curious and damn me if he shows up again ...
  108. Boycott list
  109. PETA reaches new low
  110. All a matter of perspective....
  111. Connecticut bans "assault weapons" but wants to keep the jobs!
  112. Colorado Recall May "Shoot Down" Anti-Gunners
  113. Life among the sheeple....
  114. the silence is deafening
  115. Even the liberals are admitting it.
  116. Common Core
  117. Stockholm riots leave Sweden's dreams of perfect society up in smoke
  118. While Rome burns, Detroit officials and others living large
  119. While Rome burns, Detroit officals and others living large
  120. Can't say negro
  121. Equity of the US tax system
  122. Hope for our Future
  123. Antigunners really are stupid....
  124. School safety officer caught on camera pushing teenage girl down stairs
  125. Our Warriors Deserve Better
  126. Obama Fails to Salute Marine
  127. Hmmm So the Boy Scouts are now accepting gays.
  128. Fox News wrong again
  129. You may not believe this one
  130. Illinois getting a bad deal
  131. IRS scandal goes way beyond the IRS
  132. Woman raped after dispatcher informs her there are no cops
  133. I'm in London right now
  134. Gun grabbers going after renters
  135. Another GFZ works its special magic.
  136. Even in Idaho: Who's the fool that thinks Muslims like this are safe?
  137. Policies of Hungary not like Obama's.
  138. And I thought the ammo shortage was bad...
  139. List of antigun state/fed programs
  140. Heard about Adam Kokesh?
  141. DOJ also targetted Fox news reporters
  142. Holiday Inn Express Anti-Gun?
  143. Perfect Storm
  144. More vaporware.....
  145. Top IRS official will invoke 5th Amendment
  146. The Monsanto Protection Act
  147. The salty killer in processed meats
  148. Msnbc
  149. Hey FreeSW, answer me this one.....
  150. Pope Francisco denounces capitalism as a ''cult of money''
  151. Illinois gun grabbers at it again
  152. Why now?
  153. Eric Holder is a pile of dog crap!
  154. Benghazi...More twisting in the wind!
  155. Progressives' long term strategy....
  156. Brady Lawsuit
  157. Farrakhan To Detroit: Investment Needed In City
  158. UPDATE - Beretta staying and Ammo Mfg Statements
  159. Demographics and Risk
  160. A Congressman with brass ba77s!
  161. Bob on ODingus!
  162. Kali Strikes Again...
  163. IRS Official in Charge During Tea Party Targeting Now Runs Health Care Office
  164. Liberals Are Wussies Study Shows
  165. Second 'house of horrors' abortion clinic
  166. The answer to an ? is "I don't know"
  167. Day in the life of an EcoFreak...
  168. Step Up and Get Your Gun Liabilty Insurance
  169. And again with the smart guns....
  170. Change
  171. Friendly Fire
  172. Tenn. Rep. Steve Cohen rebukes Holder for ''drug war''
  173. Detroit Mayor Calls It In
  174. A Blue State Finally Waking Up To Reality?
  175. Letter from the Barry
  176. Government ‘So Vast,‘ Obama Can't Know About Wrongdoing
  177. Obama Keeps Campaign Promise
  178. Whitey got the beating they deserved.
  179. DOJ seizing AP phone records
  180. Thought everyone should know
  181. CIA agent detained in Moscow
  182. Soledad O'Brien: 'OK, white person
  183. 9 bullets = no guns for you
  184. Kermit Gosnell guilty
  185. Former Secretary of Defense Robert Gates on certain right wing Benghazi critics
  186. 19 New Orleans shooting victims included 2 kids
  187. The Coming GOP Civil War Over Climate Change
  188. Climate Milestone: Earth’s CO2 Level Passes 400 ppm
  189. Few Tea Partiers understand the Constitution
  190. Biggest 3000 capitalist firms steal at least $2.2 TRILLION annually
  191. How to bypass background check
  192. Coming soon to a police state near you....
  193. Another example of stupid
  194. A time for choosing
  195. Pro gun ownership arguments
  196. IRS targets Tea Party
  197. West Texas explosion
  198. Antigun press - there they go again....
  199. The party for rich white men does it again
  200. Consolidation of Power
  201. The "pot calling the kettle black"!
  202. Anybody following this
  203. Very Bad Precedent....
  204. Obama promotes jobs in Texas, where gun companies are looking to escape gun control
  205. Arizonans, thank Jeff Flake
  206. A good conservative read!
  207. Benghazi
  208. Gun buyback gets a dangerous weapon off the street
  209. Oregon is holding the line...for now at least.
  210. Cruz vs Reid
  211. Dems and Lenin
  212. Texas track kid dq'd for religious jesture
  213. The Firearms Statistics That Gun Control Advocates Don’t Want to See
  214. MSNBC-completely unhinged
  215. Obama: Reject voices warning of tyranny
  216. This message is hidden because Yoteman is on your ignore list.
  217. WOW! One MSM wakes up from the OBOZO/HILLARITY stupor.
  218. Spielberg, Cooper sign on for 'American Sniper'
  219. Got 3D Printer?
  220. Kansas Sec State responds to Holder
  221. COL. ALLEN WEST: Heroism: Are Gay Basketball Players Greater Heroes than...
  222. Gun business exodus begins in Colorado
  223. Hey Syria...wakee-wakee!
  224. Cash for Ragheads Program continues
  225. Bookmark This
  226. Florida legislature prove who they're really working for
  227. This is how low....
  228. Oblamo doubles-down
  229. And now we know about barry!
  230. What is wrong with people?
  231. White apathy, energized black voters doomed GOP’s Romney in 2012
  232. Oh sweet karma.
  233. Defy, Evade, Resist, Smuggle
  234. Holder threatens Kansas over pro 2nd Law
  235. The Knock On The Door
  236. 5-year-old boy shoots 2-year-old sister in Ky
  237. For the PU Patriots...
  238. What did you do for National Commie Day?
  239. Tea Party urges Sarah Palin to run for Senate
  240. Peak Oil Says we are through.. Reality on the other hand...
  241. NeighborhoodScout’s ®
  242. Remember Pigford? It ain't over.
  243. Illinois locked up on May Issue vs Shall Issue
  244. NRA Convention
  245. Chicago example of how well gun control works
  246. Morality and abstract thinking....how africans are different from westerners
  247. Collapse of the dollar
  248. Democrat contolled economy.
  249. Saudi Arabia warned the United States in writing about Tamerlan Tsarnaev
  250. Anti-Gun Control Vote with your money.