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  1. Self defense with an AK....
  2. Rand Paul opposes Yellen nomination
  3. Colorada is running out of marijuana
  4. A day in the life of an Obama supporter...
  5. They said it couldn't be done.
  6. Oh, look.....
  7. Death By Yellowstone Supervolcano - Choke on Ash or Freeze?
  8. Fallujah
  9. Utah gun maker turns down $15M deal with Pakistan
  10. Bob on the City of WIMPS!
  11. Forbes - Is It Time To Put Chips In Guns?
  12. Forest needed to cover carbon footprint of icy rescue
  13. Medicaid Expansion Boosted Emergency Room Visits In Oregon
  14. Rolling Stone's 5 economic reforms millenials should support
  15. Well, now we know what they're smoking...
  16. Colo. Democrats blamed for $80M hit to economy by pushing out gun firm Magpul
  17. Just a ramble on language....
  18. Americans Spent $7.45B in 3 Years Helping Other Countries Deal With ‘Climate Change’
  19. 10 Years After: Mission Accomplished
  20. Global Warming Takes Yet Another Antarctic Hit
  21. The Liberal Gun Club - No I'm not kidding
  22. God made a liberal
  23. Twenty years of NAFTA
  24. Obama’s Half-Brother ‘Floored’ About President’s Lying About Meeting Him
  25. Kim Jong-Un sentenced his uncle to be eaten alive
  26. Study: Most Convicts Vote Democrat
  27. California court lets undocumented immigrant practice law
  28. Here's how that poll was rigged....
  29. Professor blames ‘southern white radicals’ for Obamacare debacle
  30. Obama Nominates Radical Racist to Justice Dept Civil Rights Division
  31. Symbolism.
  32. 2014 Gun related predictions (guesses really)
  33. NBC New Year’s Eve Mocks Pearl Harbor Survivors
  34. Happy New Year
  35. 2ao
  36. Beretta Scratches VA off the List
  37. Can't make this stuff up
  38. Fast and Furious gun turns up after Mexican resort shootout
  39. This is both ironic and funny.....
  40. HAPPY NEW YEAR! - Plus Liberal tears
  41. Top 6 Ways to Burn Taxpayers' Millions in Afghanistan
  42. NBC’s Chief Medical Editor Forced Her Kids to Sign Up for Obamacare
  43. Vladimir Putin vows 'total annihilation' of terrorists after Volgograd bombings
  44. MSNBC panelists make Mitt Romney's adopted black grandchild the punchline of a joke
  45. NY Times Benghazi Article Written To Give Hillary, Obama Cover
  46. 2013: Fewest Police Deaths by Firearms Since 1887
  47. Chamber of Commerce Promises $50 Million in Fight Against Tea Party
  48. CT - People wait in line to register guns before new laws go into effect
  49. How about this for being stupid and stubborn?
  50. To put things in perspective
  51. History lesson.
  52. Greenies Looking for Missing Ice Found it
  53. Beaten by his voters
  54. In Case You Haven't Noticed
  55. Whack-A-Whitey, End of Year Mega Edition with Flash Mob
  56. Best Holiday Season in 6 Years!
  58. Second suicide bombing in historic Russian city
  59. 2013 Climate Disaster Record :lol:
  60. A&E backs down.
  61. What are we going to do long term on bullets?
  62. Fracking Saves Water, Prevents Drought
  63. Jesse Jackson gets ignored.
  64. François Hollande 'in denial' over France's unemployment
  65. New York judge rules NSA mass surveillance of phones is LEGAL
  66. Oregonians take the law into their own hands...
  67. Really bad court ruling....
  68. Church Displays Bleeding Trayvon Martin Nativity Scene
  69. Parker: Gay People's Lives Endangered by Phil Robertson
  70. Conrad Alvin Barrett,27.
  71. 'It seems that I have been totally abandoned and forgotten'
  72. Police arrest 72-year-old dementia patient for a 5-year-old unpaid SEAT BELT ticket
  73. Yesterday's Democrats are today's TEA Party leaders
  74. Speaking of hypocrisy....
  75. Toys for Totalitarians....
  76. First good thing I've ever seen in the NYT....
  77. Merry Christmas!
  78. NICS denied a California sheriff
  79. Drone guide lets sky gazers spot flying military robots using their silhouettes
  80. Playing the mental health card....
  81. USMC Racist Homophobic Troll
  82. Electricity Price Index at All-Time High in U.S.
  83. Mikhail Kalashnikov dead at 94
  84. The Official Gun Grabbers Handbook
  85. Bob on the O'Breezy the Clown!
  86. Let the fights begin!
  87. 1 Million makers, 4 Million takers, the OBOZOCARE bottom line
  88. Just a heads up!
  89. Media coverup-adam lanza,karl pierson,and free
  90. Insight into a gun grabber's world
  91. Poem : A Soldier’s Christmas
  92. Cockroaches scatter when you turn the lights on
  93. New face for the army
  94. Best gun commercial
  95. Uh-Oh!, The Plantation is Awakening to Reality
  96. Why we never....
  97. Hey Adjuster!
  98. Bloomy's hand puppets want to raise the age....
  99. Poverty Rates since the 1950s
  100. Becoming That Which You Despise
  101. Progressive Congressman "Rainmaker" For Scammer
  102. Merry Christmas to Guys at PU Forum
  103. Our high tech government
  104. China rejects Monsanto's GM corn
  105. Lord Love a Duck!
  106. The true racist players of PU. The list.
  107. NJ carjackers caught!!!
  108. Looking back over the year....
  109. George got his guns back and he's leaving Florida
  110. Safe Act Defeated with a simple item
  111. Worst-Ever Homeschool Law Proposed in Ohio
  112. Progressives and their irrational views stem from anger from the past.
  113. Texas A&M ranks Obama fifth best president ever
  114. A lesson in Economics for Free and the Pope
  115. Will democracy finally turn the tide in 2014?
  116. A Cult worthy of Jonestown
  117. Record High in U.S. Say Big Government Greatest Threat
  118. What's it take for a white guy in a suit to get arrested in this country?
  119. A smile... then a kiss of the Koran
  120. Check this out!
  121. See what you started Kevin?
  122. See what you started Kevin?
  123. Poopyshoot and nascar40 are racist nazis
  125. And now for some mild humor!
  126. Duck Dynasty Will Leave A&E
  127. Celebrity Gun Porn
  128. Obama Releases New Ad With Sissie And Hot Cocoa
  129. Western nations admit they CANNOT remove Assad from power in Syria
  130. Self Moderation
  131. US Army War College to Remove Confederate Generals Pictures
  132. Senate Democrats Choose Illegal Immigrants Over Disabled Vets
  133. A Critical Look At The Presidents
  134. Obama Administration Violates another Court Order and More Veterans will Die
  135. Ronald Reagan’s warning on progressive taxes
  136. John Kerry wants to hault execution of cop killer.
  137. Wastebook 2013
  138. They're Here!
  139. Obama's Current Approval Rating Is The Ugliest Since Nixon
  140. Obama-backed Syrian Jihadists Demand 1,000-Hostage Swap to Free Kidnapped Nuns
  141. Pseudo Poster
  142. George Zimmerman painting on ebay
  143. Speaking of under the radar....
  144. Sins of the 'affluenza' boy's parents
  145. 401Ks are Racist!
  146. record snowstorm/cold in mid-east.
  147. Obamacare Update - More Distrust, Problems and Lies
  148. NSA officials consider Edward Snowden amnesty in return for documents
  149. Man killed outside of mall in NJ
  150. Guns aren't cars....
  151. Obama Administration Issues Martial Law Directive
  152. Why ShootNPoot Comes Across As Being Stupid
  153. Boycott freesw threads and posts
  154. Freesw and scott crow ?
  155. What the DPRK should mean to you...
  156. I couldn't believe this one at first....
  157. 1 Arrested After Nun Hospitalized Following Assault And Rape
  158. Another Shooter, Another Socilaist!
  159. Have y'all noticed?
  160. Dec.8th.,2000
  161. Bombing suspect in Kansas
  162. School shooting in Colorado
  163. Conservatives and conservatism have irreparably damaged this country
  164. Father-of-seven who disappeared in Iran SIX years ago was a CIA spy
  165. Tea Party is circling the drain
  166. Texas DWI case encapsulates the spirit of capitalism
  167. Santa got run over by a P.C. raindeer
  168. We're on our way over the cliff
  169. Boehner Unloads At Conservative Groups That Oppose The Budget Deal
  170. Florida Becomes Third State to Pre-File for Convention of States
  171. Nullify Obamacare – South Carolina Could Set National Trend if Senate Passes H3101
  172. Single payer to the "rescue"...
  173. Good news for California
  174. Another Day, Another Whack-A-Whitey
  175. You picked a fine time to leave Blue Shield
  176. See if you can follow this
  177. What is up with the President shaking hands with Castro?
  178. Another Day, Another "Whack-a-Hey Wait a Minute.."
  179. Marine Badass
  180. The new and improved knock out game
  181. He's Back!
  182. State Of The Union
  183. Out of control BATFE exposed!
  184. Which is more important?
  185. The Importance Of Questions
  186. ISP rules on CCL licensure
  187. MSNBC Doesn’t Want You Calling It ObamaCare any Longer – Or Else They’ll Call You Rac
  188. Obama’s regulatory agenda will cost U.S. economy $143B next year
  189. 148 Years Ago, The Republican Party Passed The 13th Amendment Outlawing Slavery
  190. Obama-Organizing For Action
  191. Very good article....
  192. Decamber 7th.,1941
  193. Capitalists behaving badly
  194. Uh oh: 7 in 10 Doctors Boycotting California's Obamacare Exchange
  195. China's new toy
  196. Purge
  197. CNN Poll: Opposition to Gun Control Up 23 Percent Since January
  198. Nelson Mendela died.
  199. Where The Money You Spend Goes
  200. They are digging up dead children again!
  201. ObamaCare Web Site....We're Screwed
  202. The Golden Years.....Maybe Not!
  203. Obama Losing Young Voters
  204. Now That Vile reprobate Attacks Limbaugh For Attacking The Pope
  205. Obama Introduces New Policy Of More Lies
  206. Another Progressive Calls for Revolt
  207. Now that vile reprobate Limbaugh attacks the pope
  208. Obama repeats ad nauseum the same ol same ol
  209. The Holidays are looking up
  210. House Passes Undetectable Firearms Act Less Schumer Stupidity
  211. This is what gun confiscation looks like pt 2
  212. Impeachment
  213. Another Day, Another Whack-A-Whitey
  214. Obama's uncle
  215. NYC reported to be sending out ‘Surrender your guns’ letters
  216. Waitress who received alleged anti-gay receipt suspended
  217. Supreme Court demands that the Romeike family's plea for asylum be reconsidered
  218. Catholic hospital 'risked woman's life by forcing her to deliver 18-week fetus
  219. Know your opponent
  220. More Facts on Lead Smelter Closing
  221. Gun Store Burglaries on the Rise?
  222. Record high amount of ice at South pole.
  223. NFL bans Daniel Defense ad from Super Bowl
  224. Remember when the IRS targeted Tea Party groups?
  225. Zo explains the knock out "game".
  226. Gov'ts around the world are tightening controls
  227. I expected this idea to start being floated about now
  228. New antigun tactic
  229. Another Day, Another Whack-A-Whitey
  230. Real lessons from Sandy Hook
  231. "Large Ammo Stash"?
  232. "What have you come onto my property for?"
  233. Happy Thanksgiving
  234. Lack of Impulse Control
  235. Good article
  236. Hudak goes down in flames!
  237. Just when you think you've heard it all
  238. Armed Robber's Family Angry After He is Shot
  239. US Park Service Used NY Times Op-Ed As Anti-Fracking "Science"
  240. Charlie Rangel
  241. Half of New HIV Infections in Greece Are Self-Inflicted for Gov’t Benefits
  242. Fort Hood Shooter Nidal Hasan Beaten in Prison
  243. Afghanistan 'plans to reintroduce public stoning as punishment for adultery'
  244. Almost 2 years old
  245. And on the economic front...
  246. Nuclear deal with Iran
  247. "Green energy" killing eagles.
  248. Ohio House Bill 203
  249. Given the obozocare rollout...
  250. Things heating up in the Far East?