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  1. Reparations?
  2. Leaked TISA Documents Reveal Privacy Threat
  3. Marilyn Mosby
  4. Is this dude the poster child for the rebubliscums I've been talking about???
  5. home invaders used stun gun on 4-month-old NC baby
  6. I am the closest thing to a Jew that has ever sat in this office
  7. You Won't See This In The MSM...
  8. Here's Your White Privilege in Reality
  9. FBI recording US cities from above
  10. Funny but true....
  11. Now ISIS prisoners are burned alive
  12. barak HUSSEIN obutthole's Legacy
  13. Schieffer on Obama: 'Maybe we were not skeptical enough'
  14. Patriot Act expired 1 hr ago.........
  15. Denny Hastert Really?
  16. Interesting Article
  17. Free The Waco Bikers!
  18. Remember the impeachment of Bill Clinton?
  19. That pen and phone are busy again....
  20. 'I'm not giving him a pass': Obama 'Hope' poster artist
  21. Silk Road prosecution - law and order douchebags are at it again
  22. White privilege is
  23. House bill would require gun owners to have liability insurance
  24. Schieffer: ‘We Now Don’t Know Where People Get Their News’
  25. Thank you...
  26. The legacy of George W. Bush
  27. Need More Proof How Stupid Many Americans Are?
  28. Free 'Obama phone' program expanding to broadband
  29. I Like Government Run Health Care
  30. Texas nutcase kills open carry deader than a skunk on the highway
  31. You don't really believe that, do you?
  32. So how much would you pay to marry Osamas daughter?
  33. Hillary The Source Of The Benghazi Lie
  34. World War on the horizon?
  35. Ann Coulter - Jorge Ramos
  36. Appeals Court Rejects Obama Amnesty
  37. Uh Oh, Mexifornia is Killing the Porn Industry
  38. Failed Furniture Outlet Plasters Truck With Very Reasonable Signs
  39. John Wayne Day in Texas !!!
  40. Hillary for America S
  41. The Dutch Haven't Forgotten!
  42. Maybe they should have read the bill to find out what was in it before they passed it
  43. The Peace Worse Than The Riot!
  44. Rutro George... Another Country Financially Led Astray By Communists!
  45. Oprah knew a decade ago what Republicans pretend not to know about Duggar family
  46. The Devil's In The Details
  47. Cleveland policeman not guilty
  48. Soros a deadbeat ..Maybe Free can tell us if he is paid on time ?
  49. Limiting pornograpghy, censorship of rock music & now gun control
  50. Corporations are not people
  51. Krauthammer: White House 'Is Sounding Like Baghdad Bob' as ISIS Advances
  52. That Smell...
  53. Talk about a lousy precedent....
  54. DHS Failed To Revoke Exec. Amnesty from Alleged Child Molesting Camp Counselor
  55. This is Chinese navy, you go!
  56. Black Lives Do (n't) Matter
  57. Shocking statistics
  58. Omaha LEO killed by gangbanger ........
  59. Race Baiting by Michelle Obama
  60. 3 top officers may face sanctions for wasteful spending in Afghanistan
  61. Thug Tells Whites: Bow Down to Blacks, You’re All Gonna Die
  62. Stripped naked and sold to the highest bidder
  63. Pentagon: Iraqis ‘Didn’t Want to Fight’ ISIS for Ramadi
  64. more evidence the repubs are ~~played~~. discuss...
  65. Another America hater
  66. ATF confiscate 3,000 guns from Stag Arms over NFA violations
  67. Global Warming Lies Go International!
  68. Don't get around much anymore
  69. Communism is Organized Theft
  70. Capitalism is organized crime
  71. 'Zo calls it right.
  72. president Decrys Police Use of Military Equipment
  73. Republicans And The Constitution
  74. like father like daughter, Sharpton style....
  75. Obama - mediocre student, GPA, intelligence/IQ
  76. 9 killed in Texas
  77. Them crazy
  78. cannibalism still practiced in nigeria.
  79. More Liberal garbage/spin, taking laws to the extreme.
  80. Ut oh, free.......
  81. Sentence to Death
  82. Justice For The Stupid Among Us
  83. Rutro, George!
  84. Sheriff MakesThreat if Barack Obama Takes Our Guns
  85. DHS caught busing in illegal Somalis from Mexican border
  86. Some reads on Jade Helm
  87. ISIS # 2 leader Al-Afri killed in airstrike .
  88. Dems want to ban online ammo sales
  89. Baltimore Murder Binge
  90. "Americans not spied on enough" - Tenn. Republican Sen. Bob Corker
  91. Workplace Violence Derails Train?
  92. NFL teams charge U.S. Defense Department $5.4MILLION to honor serviceman
  93. Yet another example of liberalism as mental disorder
  94. Yet another example of conservatism as mental disorder
  95. Earth Stops Global Warming Liars
  96. The devil went down to El Salvador
  97. Opinions on Jade Helm?
  98. Obama LIED when he said U.S. pulled off bin Laden raid without help
  99. 2 more cops killed
  100. Trojan Horse for a Gun Grab?
  101. Armasight 5X Night Vision Scope $171-190
  102. 7 decades of Victory over Nazism
  103. And the racists are? Black Americans.
  104. De Blasio tells Rolling Stone New Yorkers don't appreciate him
  105. Mother of toddler found in dumpster is believed to be DEAD
  106. Guantanamo Bay prisoner who killed U.S. soldier with hand grenade walks free
  107. Six Year Old Ukainian Cutie Sings Like a Pro
  108. Murder charges against Freddie Gray cops may be DROPPED
  109. The Swamp is being Drained
  110. IL Alert! SB2130....
  111. don't give up on Colorado yet.......
  112. Woman Suing Every Gay on Earth
  113. Rightwing kooks Michael Savage, Alex Jones, Joseph Farrah :: Fear of Obamatines
  114. Alberta voters strike a blow for freedom and sanity
  115. Rut Roo George
  116. Aide for California Attorney General arrested for 'pretending to be a police officer
  117. What's The Donald's toupe doing in Peru?
  118. New York Times Stumbles onto the Truth About Baltimore
  119. For those who serve / served
  120. Mosby's Motivation
  121. The global warming denial culpability thread
  122. Muslims have no sense of humor. Shooting at Muhammed cartoon contest
  123. Another good guy with a gun
  124. The last gasp of cannabis prohibition as DEA warns of stoned rabbits
  125. Obama adds gun control to 2015 budget.
  126. Hannity interview with Baltimore cop
  127. "Freedom from fear"....
  128. Official clinton cartoon thread!
  129. WTF - Enough Already
  130. No tpp
  131. Mush faced douche Mitch McConnell about to get his stool pushed in.
  132. Community College SPLC Professor, Pink Marine, Blamester, & Carpspitter Flameout
  133. Fox Lies
  134. Disarm police and release every African-American incarcerated
  135. Sharpton Calls for DOJ to ‘Take Over Policing,’ ‘Going to Have to Fight States’ Right
  136. City State’s Attorney Says Freddie Gray’s Arrest Illegal, Charges Officers
  137. Is Califorina Entering Death Throes
  138. Love Him or Hate him
  139. How To Recognise Police Brutality
  140. Slave Trade on ESPN starts at 8 pm
  141. Confrontation with FOX reporter
  142. Introducing The All New I-Gun
  143. Black Thug Culture
  144. Communism does not make life better. Comunism makes life worse
  145. Prisoner in van: Freddie Gray 'trying to injure himself'
  146. And the Freddie Gray Truth Comes Out
  147. Apes in Baltimore, Apes in NYC, Apes in DC, Apes in Minneapolis!
  148. Pope Attacked by Climate Change Skeptics
  149. told ya' so. gangs unite.
  150. Grumpy,come home and help us.
  151. Walmart in Baltimore Refusing Ammo Sales
  152. Capitalism does not make life better. Capitalism makes life worse.
  153. Democrats Own This one
  154. Thousands of new Lerner emails found
  155. and peace in the "Heart of Dixie"
  156. Meanwhile, on Another Scoreboard Illegals Shutout the Apes in Night Cap
  157. 45 minutes until Ape showtime!
  158. 28 APR Countdown to 2200 Hours
  159. I Have a Bet for Anyone Willing to Accept.
  160. State of Emergency Declared in Apeland!
  161. Apes Come Out At Night
  162. Gleen Beck, Rush Limbaugh, Alex Jones, and I Were all right!
  163. Ape Lockdown @ 10pm
  164. Apes on The Loose! Beware!
  165. Internment/Resettlement Specialist
  166. More Evidence Of The Global Warming Lie
  167. Rioters Destroy Another City
  168. Crap Keeps Piling On Hillary
  169. The conservative war on the poor and middle class escalates
  170. Kevin...fix the damn board
  171. You Know Where This Man Stands, I like that.
  172. 100 years after genocide by Ottoman Muslims
  173. Judge tosses out lawsuit, orders defense costs to be paid.
  174. Illegal fascist coup in Missouri
  175. Frats piss and vomit off balconies, insult those below, steal flags
  176. Ed Schultz is pissed, lol
  177. King George, Viscount Howe and Lord North have the last laugh
  178. Bill OReilly's Killing Patton
  179. Fall of Saigon 40 Years Ago
  180. Boston bombing victim Martin Richard, 8, suffered 'visceral pain' before his death
  181. The THREE slave-owning ancestors Ben Affleck didn't want you to know about
  182. When Smoking Is Involved, Liberals Suddenly Care About Unborn Babies
  183. Duke University Calls BS On Global Warming
  184. The Bush-era Big Government Republican Tyranny never stops
  185. Computer down!Shots fired,shots fired!!!!!!
  186. At long last, good riddance to Bush's and Obama's DEA chief
  187. Its Earth Day (Lenin's Birthday)
  188. Wisconsin's shame
  189. Yahoo news is going after the NRA
  190. Could This Be The End Of The Clintons
  191. The President I'd vote for.
  192. Clinton Cash
  193. Is Jeb Bush really his own man?
  194. Federal Money Scam??????
  195. The Dust Bowl returns
  196. Private Sales in Texas
  197. Its like something out of "They Live"....
  198. How About A Dose Of Reality
  199. Imagine if the races were reversed
  200. Bowe Bergdahl is a deserter and the former head of the Joint Chiefs knew
  201. The Two Americas Liberal /Conservative
  202. Any day now, 'GAMEOVER'
  203. Single mom, 22, reveals her struggle to live on McDonald's wages of $10.50 an hour
  204. DHS to Purchase 62 Million More Rounds of AR-15 Ammo
  205. Like Flies on Sh!t
  206. The Perfect Union And Trolls
  207. Main Stream News Format and Scrambled eggs - A Comparison
  208. The PU wackjobs predict the 2016 election thread!
  209. I Can't Wait Until ....
  210. The Mooslems are Here!
  211. Dear America, I'm Running for Potus and Here is My 1st Offering of Free Sh!t
  212. Zombies
  213. Cuba to be removed from terrorist list
  214. Turn To The Government For Help?????
  215. "Sporting Purposes" has to go....
  216. Where To Find The Truly Stupid
  217. Email From Scott Walker
  218. Pro Corruption Bill Withdrawn
  219. Who Controls ISIS?
  220. Latest from ISIS
  221. Ted Cruz at theNRA show.
  222. Ex-Executive Director of South Carolina Republican Party goes bonkers, gets arrested
  223. NY State Gunowners Don't Comply
  224. Hillary to announce candidacy tomorrow
  225. European ISIS fighters try to prove their worth
  226. Kazakhstan military unveils its 123 'prettiest soldiers'
  227. New BATFE Rules On The Way....
  228. Homegrown Jihad
  229. Another one. Cops beat the hell out of a man.
  230. Body Cams?
  231. Good article on a sneaky tactic....
  232. Constitutional carry coming to Ohio?
  233. Interesting reading Re: New Mass Gun Laws
  234. Obama Says He Hasn't Given Up On Gun Control
  235. Possible Murder Caught on Video
  236. Propaganda Piece....
  237. This Country has offically lost its mind!
  238. Economic Truth And It Ain't Pretty
  239. Senior Health Care Death Pannel
  240. Bill would pay gun owners to hand over assault weapons
  241. Russian threat puts Militias en vogue in eastern Europe
  242. terror in the heartland
  243. Our very corrupt system is at it again!
  244. Theory About the Iran thing....
  245. Not content to go after the second amendment...
  246. Oregon background check law postponed
  247. Good Article...
  248. NY BSA hires GAY summer camp leader
  249. Kenya - again!
  250. Sir, I will not obey that order