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  1. Rep. Ellison: ‘There’s Plenty of Money, It’s Just The Government Doesn’t Have It’ - S
  2. New 2A attack under the radar
  3. I stand with Rand
  4. Great site, twitchy.com
  5. Gun verses Car on Boardwalk.
  6. War on guns
  7. RFID Chips: Coming To A State Near You
  8. The "New Normal" has arrived, Part Time Jobs
  9. Congress Is Above the Law.
  10. NM gun store prosecuted
  11. In a corporate police state gone mad
  12. Reid still doesn't have the votes
  13. Washington D.C. Demographics
  14. The Lies and Deception of the MSM is Finally Coming Home to Roost
  15. Hoist by their own petard 2.0!
  16. Nanny state wants to "nudge" us....
  17. Clinton Fatigue?
  18. George Has a Gun!
  19. One thing we can all agree on...
  20. Obamacare Card
  21. Hillary for President
  22. What If The Soda Ban Goes The Supreme Court?
  23. Syrian Rebels killing Christians
  24. A true American hero died today
  25. EcoFreaks: You will go EV, even if you don't want theses cars.
  26. Bloomberg's Mayors Against Illegal Guns Falling Apart
  27. Entitled morons riot in Huntington Beach
  28. I'm really starting to like this guy
  29. Obama calls scandals fake
  30. The results of Obama's economics
  31. Ole Whitey Get's Another Beating
  32. ObamaCare and Amnesty
  33. Keep It Up Missouri, We Are Behind You!
  34. Obama: Idiot, or just damn stupid? You be the judge.
  35. Top 10 Signs Obama Scandals Aren't 'Phony'
  36. If GZ is a .......
  37. This just in!
  38. Hoist by their own petard!!
  39. Planned Parenthood Gives a little back to Texas
  40. I Thought I'd Seen Everything. Smart Guns?
  41. A Message for Liberals (not mine)
  42. Carlos Danger at it again.
  43. George Zimmerman name change?
  44. Obama makes phone call, has reporter thrown in prison
  45. Another Embassy at Risk?
  46. If Obama had 5 or 6 sons
  47. Will the White House let the Colonel Testify?
  48. Does Anything Good Come Out of Austin?
  49. Ok Boehn Head Get off Yur Arse
  50. Meet Your New Neighbors - Institutionalized Section 8 Housing Expanding
  51. America has become amnesiac
  52. Zimmerman rescues man from rollover crash
  53. The Truth That Liberals Don't Want Known
  54. Should Have Been A Dead Muslim Perp.
  55. Emily Gets Her Gun
  56. I'm Proud Of My Fellow PU Members! Keep Up The Good Works!
  57. You wouldn't think they had the balls to try this twice!
  58. Of Muslims and Marxists...
  59. Charles Barkley
  60. Obama's secret 8 billion dollar bribe
  61. Used to be that California set the trends...
  62. Let's Buy GZ a New Gun!
  63. Obama speaks about Treyvon!
  64. How can America survive?
  65. The EcoFreaks spend Billions of our tax dollars for what? Nothing measureable.
  66. Chicago steals more gun rights....
  67. Detroit is Officially Bankrupt
  68. Apparently; "Crime Does Pay" and it pays well!!
  69. Bad Day
  70. Does Zimmerman have any civil rights?
  71. The Original Tea Party
  72. Rachel Jeantel Offered Full College Scholarship
  73. I enjoyed the speech by the POTUS
  74. While the people slept
  75. Fsa?
  76. Gun Poll- stopnra.org
  77. unions > military
  78. Gun parts in the crosshairs
  79. Where's the outrage for these deaths?
  80. Riots vs Disturbances
  81. Get rid of NICS completely.
  82. White Privilege Is The Root Cause
  83. Hoodies, Burqas, Towel Heads, Oh My!
  84. Zimmerman shouldn't have been allowed to own a gun
  85. Miracle Whip or Mayonnaise
  86. Yet another scandal... gee, imagine that!
  87. Living in the Post Racial world, now that GZ is not guilty.
  88. Update, on freesw.
  89. George Zimmerman racially profiled Trayvon Martin
  90. No riots. Are you ...
  91. sharpton= BullCrap
  92. Zimmerman trial over
  93. Napolitano Quit
  94. KTVU "Flew" With Pilot's Names Story
  95. EcoFreaks are a plague. This is why they need to be put down.
  96. Facts that Gub Grabbers will deny or ignore.
  97. Increased CO2 Causes Trees to Use Water More Efficiently
  98. Rural Colorado wants to form their own state
  99. "Big Brother" Needs Help To Watch You
  100. Anything to get the anti-gun crowd stirred up
  101. Yo Governor Quinn , Fungul
  102. Evil Toy Guns
  103. Next gen gun control....
  104. Rick Perry will not run for a 4th term
  105. I'm sure its just a "3rd rate burglary"...
  106. GOP Bought and paid for
  107. Another Raging "Success" for gun control
  108. So you don't think I'm fair to conservatives
  109. Airliner Crash att SFO
  110. Gun control fails to stop a school massacre.
  111. Summary of anti-gun bills
  112. Who/What caused fire in Arizona?
  113. Immigrants account for all job gains since 2000
  114. AP ammo ban getting silly....
  115. Happy Independace Day
  116. Employer mandate delayed
  117. Another one leaves new york
  118. Ben Franklin is turning over in his grave
  119. Morsi out and the evil one orders a review
  120. Unprecedented change underway in Egypt
  121. This is awesome
  122. Wonderful example of a Trayvon supporter
  123. Update on the kid with the NRA t-shirt
  124. Quinn rewriting Illinois CCW law
  125. The Truest Picture of America Today
  126. Is "crony" capitalism the problem?
  127. Look at this new S#^* that obama hass snuck in on us now!
  128. Bring It On!
  129. NEA Vice President says you and I are going to Hell
  130. More Bad News for OBOZOCARE
  131. This is how the left protests in Austin, TX
  132. Hope no one uses Facebook
  133. Egypt protest signs
  134. A sad look at the UK
  135. Firearms Confiscated in the United Socialist State of Canada
  136. Hooray For Magpul !!
  137. Expensive power, and bird blending ability. EcoFreaks are so proud.
  138. New antigun bills in the house....
  139. Zimmerman trial
  140. More lessons from the left....
  141. Paula Deen...the rest of the story.
  142. Good for Colorado
  143. Special Session called in Texas
  144. Save the planet Obama? Nope, just serving up more favors for his money men...
  145. ''Abortion laws are for womens' own good,'' what Republicans mean by that
  146. Half a year and they never deleted my account...
  147. Republican bullying beat back in Texas
  148. The End of a Great Country...
  149. I Have a Request for Help
  150. Starve the trolls. Don't post in their threads, quote them, or respond to them.
  151. Deadly Force No Longer Allowed in Mexifornia to Defend Your Family
  152. Cold Dead Hands
  153. Not today, Republicans
  154. Supreme Court strikes down Section 4 of the Voting Rights Act
  155. Those who say the GOP is the party of Lincoln and Civil Rights
  156. CSGV propaganda shows future battles
  157. Kill the economy: Part Two.
  158. Attn: Whiney paranoid conservatives
  159. Ever "wonder" about those "open carrying for the hell of it" guys?
  160. Immigration sellout? Contact the Senate ASAP.
  161. Another entry added to the Republican rape advisory chart
  162. Government Incompetence at it's finest.
  163. Love this
  164. Islamic militants kill tourists
  165. Good read
  166. Pork-laced Bullets
  167. Check those screen doors
  168. The IRS needs to be shut down
  169. Latest from Illegal Mayors against Guns
  170. Sorry , but need Georgia gun law info fast
  171. Gun owners of America unite! Emily Miller is seeking photos of gun-toting patriots fo
  172. N.Y. Stupidity on display.
  173. California in the red by $127.2 billion, state auditors say
  174. Chicago teachers union chief faults ‘rich white people’ for city’s education mess
  175. Think conservativism isn't in fact pro-crony-capitalist?
  176. Zimmerman is Going to Jail
  177. Ted Cruz Collecting Signatures Against Gang of 8
  178. Magazine Limits
  179. Santa Monica shooter used an 80% lower
  180. Happy Juneteenth!
  181. TWA Flight 800
  182. One Man Decides to Leave the Plantation
  183. Capitalism is failing
  184. Piece of Crap
  185. Just watched an episode of the real wild west
  186. the-founding-fathers-and-the-fourth-amendment
  187. $100 Million here, $250 Million there, FREESTUFF for all!
  188. The New America
  189. What Happens When The Muslim Brotherhood Takes Control
  190. The Next Generation - Hope and Change at Work
  191. Is Anybody Else Slightly Irritated?
  192. An open letter to...
  193. EcoFreaks kill two more, and it's just the start this season.
  194. When I was a kid
  195. Another example of socialist fraud and abuse
  196. We're doing it wrong
  197. Bloomberg Spanked Again!
  198. Jihawg Ammo
  199. Sebastien De La Cruz responds to racist remarks over anthem performance
  200. The fight ain't over yet, amigos!
  201. How many spy agencies do we really need?
  202. What has the Secret Service been up to?
  203. More and more advertisers want nothing to do with Limbaugh
  204. What would you do, Mr. President?
  205. Police Agencies Are Assembling Records of DNA
  206. MSNBC Re-Writes History - AGAIN
  207. Bloomberg again
  208. Ohio Dept. Of Insurance: Obamacare To Increase Individual-Market Health Premiums By 8
  209. Your New Muslim Neighbors Are on Their Way
  210. S.F. BART's top-paid worker of 2012 never worked a day
  211. Other option: Flat, fair taxes for all. 10% should do it.
  212. No more taxes till the IRS is fixed:
  213. Things to come
  214. House delays DHS ammo purchase
  215. Edward Snowden, villain or hero?
  216. All the infrastructure a tyrant would need
  217. Repeal the "Patriot Act"
  218. Some good news
  219. Latest botched raid in long sordid War for drug Profiteering
  220. Citizenship 2.0
  221. Breaking News
  222. 2013 Father of The Year
  223. Are Progressive Posters Actually NSA Employees?
  224. Latest Cover Picture on Economist magazine
  225. EXPOSED - Here's Who is Really in Charge of the US
  226. Another capitalist behemoth is being unfairly attacked because of a little slip-up
  227. Remember D-Day!
  228. house votes to delay bulk ammo purchase by dhs
  229. MSNBC’s Martin Bashir: ‘IRS’ Is the New ‘N****r’
  230. NSA is collecting the phone records of MILLIONS of Verizon customers
  231. Eric Holder admits failings
  232. Leon Panetta revealed classified SEAL unit info
  233. Liberal logic on display...
  234. The Wonders of Makeup
  235. Yet more affirmative action for black people
  236. Kathleen Sebelius won’t waive regulation for girl with five weeks to live
  237. You’re Either ‘Leaving in a Squad Car or in a Box’
  238. Outstanding testimony
  239. Colorado Recall
  240. Supreme Court rules police can collect DNA from anyone arrested
  241. With all the crap going on, we need a laugh
  242. In China Mao and Marx shrugged
  243. Frank Lautenberg’s Progressive Legacy
  244. College Republicans' prescription to reverse electoral defeats: Seem tolerant
  245. Darrell Issa does it again
  246. Jim Carrey 'fined $72,000 for failing to obtain workers' compensation insurance
  247. Rape victim attacked and robbed in broad daylight
  248. There is just to many humans
  249. Wackos go nuts over Cheerios ad
  250. More Idiocy From "Academia"