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  1. Trump Names The Bernado
  2. Damn it. Accidentally shot during CCW class.
  3. I know people hate Beck now, but he's not always wrong
  4. President calls for reinstatement of assault weapons ban
  5. The debate over whether Trumpism is fascism is over
  6. Orlando Distraction? What's Behind the Curtain
  7. Bets on a July 4th next terrorist attack
  8. Well I hope I did my part
  9. The Giver, just watched it, very thought provoking
  10. Milo Getting Death Threats
  11. Bitter Clingers
  12. 16-Year-Old Black Trump Supporter Schools Black Lives Matter Moron
  13. Court convicts Auschwitz guard, 94, as accessory to murder
  14. They Finally Get It?
  15. Gaslighting
  16. Gun Rights to Become "May Issue"?
  17. Howard Stern
  18. was this you free?
  19. CIA director says Obama's ISIS fight is NOT working
  20. UK MP Shot
  21. Boston Globe
  22. Why I Left The NRA (The First Time)
  23. Trump 2 - President 0
  24. Guess Who Else Likes Gun Control
  25. The only acceptable answer
  26. Imagine if he'd fired an M1A...
  27. Filibustering for "no fly/no buy"
  28. "No Fly No Buy" Would NOT Have Stopped the Orlando Killer....
  29. Gays Must Die
  30. The Oppressed Race Is On
  31. And Now....the UN....
  32. Philip Haney - DHS Deleted Records
  33. Important:Please see my post in the General Chat section!!!!!!!!!!!
  34. Academy
  35. Russia 'is poised to release emails from Hillary Clinton's private server'
  36. Southern Baptists condemn Confederate battle flag as racist
  37. With Friends Like This....
  38. Doomsday Prepper guns down 3 with AR-15, then posts about it on facebook
  39. Flag Day
  40. Hide your women and children
  41. Armed Somalian in TX Walmart
  42. Hillary Clinton's "security inquiry" double standard
  43. Good News For US Finally
  44. Crowder
  45. Another Misdemeanor Lifetime Gun Ban Proposed
  46. pink pistols spokesperson has a say about orlando shooting
  47. Welcome to Londonstan
  48. How Clinton won the California Primary
  49. Milo: 'For gays, what distinction between Islam and terrorism?'
  50. Reddit Bans Users, Deletes Comments That Say Orlando Terrorist Was Muslim
  51. And Now For A Feel Good Story In The Midst Of Chaos...
  52. Sorry in advance for the mental picture of this
  53. PC Run Amok in Germany
  54. Orlando "Mass Casualty Event"
  55. As if Californians didn't have enough to be pissed about already
  56. David Petraeus Just Launched A Gun Control Group For Vets
  57. La Raza Lawyers Association
  58. They Call This Equality?
  59. Anyone looking for a job? is hiring
  60. Liberals are psychotic
  61. South Arizona border ranchers given police radios
  62. I for one do not welcome our new Orwellian overlords
  63. Absurd!
  64. Scott Adams - Predicts YUUGE Trump Win
  65. DNC is building a wall
  66. Google
  67. Bilbo Shaggins Exposed!
  68. Founder of Minuteman border group guilty of child molestation
  69. Great Article
  70. Donald Trump, deadbeat extraordinaire
  71. More GOPe Plotting?
  72. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals Says No Right to Concealed Gun Carry
  73. OBOZO Officially Endorses HildaCankles
  74. I Would Like To Congratulate The Democrats...
  75. Previous Women Running4Prez
  76. Oh for Pete's sake....
  77. Republicans Against Trump
  78. OMG... I Found Out I'm A "Classical Liberal"!
  79. The Earth Shook & The Heavens Opened
  80. I'm feeling the Bern...fizzle.
  81. Trey Gowdy letter to Elijah Cummings
  82. Judicial Impartiality
  83. Dilbert Endorses Clinton
  84. Are You a Racist?
  85. Brexit
  86. San Jose Police Chief Who Admits ALLOWING ATTACKS on Trump Supporters is La Raza
  87. Clinton refuses to say gun ownership a constitutional right
  88. Dixie Chicks at it again
  89. Newly Elected Philippine President Urges Public to Kill Drug Dealers
  90. DHS Quietly Releasing Vanloads of Illegal Aliens Into the United States
  91. Load of crap
  92. The 45th President of the United States of America
  93. I was wrong: Trump WILL be the next president
  94. They Say the Border is Secure:
  95. Great Ann Coulter Column...
  96. ...and they keep saying we're the violent ones
  97. California to Outlaw Dissent?
  98. Rick Perry says Trump will peel HildaCankles Skin Off
  99. Rick Perry says Trump will peel HildaCankles Skin Off
  100. Hillary is ripping Trump to shreds right now in her press conference
  101. Snowden and Clinton: The Classified Double Standard
  102. obamacare results are in:
  103. Obama in Indiana
  104. Bill Clinton delivers a sharp message to Donald Trump and his base
  105. If Donald Trump is elected president
  106. Dead Gorilla Gets 54X MSM More Coverage Than 6 Dead and 43 Shot in Chicago
  107. Basic Rules for Liberal America(a satire)
  108. ISIS executioner dubbed The Bulldozer is 'captured' by the Syrian army
  109. UCLA Shooting
  110. Democratic Pollster Schoen: Hillary May Not Be Nominee
  111. Actions Speak Louder Than Words
  112. La Raza sponsors
  113. The Kim Jong-un mutual admiration society
  114. In 1788, Ohio law required ALL men aged 16-50 to bear arms
  115. Neocon Folly
  116. The origin of Trumpism
  117. Bernie supporters on Trump
  118. trump garners veteran's votes
  119. Chiraq off to a good start for Memorial Day weekend
  120. Obama and his visit to Japan.
  121. veteran's memorials vandalized in 3 states.
  122. Isn't the AP supposed to be unbiased and unslanted?
  123. California drought
  124. Chrump will make America great again
  125. Yuge victory for organized labor
  126. Dragging up Reagan for "Weekend at Bernie's "
  127. resemble anyone you've seen or know of?
  128. Oh no! Not the Statue of Liberty!
  129. Another record heat wave in India
  130. Another Memorial Day weekend, another severe flood in central Texas
  131. Ultimate Demo Convention Event ...
  132. For Better Or For Worse, Trump Seals The Deal!
  133. Woohoo! Ohio, CCW now can be used instead of background check
  134. D.C. Attorney General Ignores Court Order, Refuses Gun Permits
  135. Brevard, FL - School Board Meeting
  136. BLM idiots storm stage at DePaul
  137. Riots at Trump rally in New Mexico
  138. Possible new Kali laws and reloading.
  139. That Slippery Slope
  140. Planned Parenthood - Baby Food Gives them the Vapors
  141. Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe under federal investigation for campaign contributions
  142. Tell Me This Administration Isn't Catering To Communism...
  143. Sanity Trumps Liberalism!
  144. Venezuela
  145. Religion of Peace
  146. California Gunpocalypse Set for Next Week
  147. court refused to prosecute babysitter for son's horror injuries
  148. Portland school board votes to BAN books that question or deny climate change
  149. Good read: Interview with Eagles of Death Metal lead singer
  150. Liberal Media
  151. Hillary at Trayvon Martin Foundation event
  152. Obama's transgender and Germany's muslims
  153. ?from ct.
  154. Someone's about to get thrown under the bus
  155. Let the deportations begin
  156. Just a joke
  157. California Mini owners
  158. Some neat ideas from a cabinet maker...
  159. Anti-Target Add:
  160. One Of Those Stupid Tests:
  161. another woman trump never dated II
  162. Zimmerman's "Murder" Weapon Sells For $120K
  163. Amerigeddon
  164. Another Woman Trump Never Dated
  165. Here's A Big Surprise! (NOT)
  166. 1 or 2 percent
  167. Start Of A Long Hot Summer?
  168. Curt Schilling on Trump
  169. Feel the Bern
  170. Freedom Summer, 55 years ago. On this day
  171. And Now for Some "Bath House" Gossip:
  172. Utopia Hits The Skids
  173. Right to work laws suck
  174. Trump Lied
  175. The Kennedys and Clintons, 2 Peas in a Pod
  176. The Truth About Trump
  177. Hillary vs. Trump (Who do I choose?)
  178. Don't mess with granny
  179. New Trump attack ad shows Clinton laughing amid footage from the Benghazi attacks
  180. Trump is going for the big money, 1 billion plus
  181. Oh for crying out loud...
  182. White open carry versus black open carry
  183. Ex-SEAL on Fox. Fallujah
  184. Kremlin Hacked Guccifer Hacked Hillary
  185. Paul Ryan...Political Pig
  186. Dead Heat in 3 Swing States
  187. Allah Akbar! More Infidel disposed of in Jihad. Inshallah!
  188. The result of global warming and climate change
  189. MSNBC whitewashes Clinton sex scandals as 'allegations'
  190. Black Lives Matter?
  191. COOL Political Aid - Against Paul Ryan
  192. Daniel Larison? Never heard of him...
  193. Trump's true colors?
  194. Good Read and Some Crazy Schemes
  195. Treason
  196. You are what you say you are?
  197. London elects Muslim mayor
  198. German People chase Minister of Justice Heiko Maas to his Armored Mercedes
  199. Maryland - 2 mall shootings
  200. Global Warming 101
  201. Public Service Announcement
  202. Now Kasich is out!
  203. AG targets 90 conservative groups in controversial climate change probe
  204. More "Inconvenient Truths".... A Decade Later!
  205. Capitalism devours another
  206. Rafael Cruz
  207. Obamacare vs. Gun Homicides
  208. Trump Kicks Cruz to the curb. Up next is HildaCankles.
  209. Harbinger of the future? Sanders wins in Indiana?
  210. Connecticut-Senate approves gun seizures in violent domestic breakups
  211. Illinois Alert!
  212. Cruz Fake "Debate" with Trump Protestor?
  213. 5th Amendment Does Not Apply...
  214. Stop Hillary
  215. When all else fails, accuse Trump of rape
  216. O's At It Again!
  217. And Now For Something Different:
  218. Here's Some Not So Good News:
  219. And Now For Some Good News:
  220. Now it's John Wayne
  221. Chelsea/Hillary anti-2nd? surely not!!
  222. Chiraq shootings reach 1000 earlier than any previous year/by date
  223. Bad News For CT Gun Owners
  224. Boener proves what a POS he is/was
  225. Saw my first open carry in Texas today
  226. Sheriffs’ group, opposed to federal laws on guns and taxes, calls for defiance
  227. Has Fox News Gone The Way Of CNN and MSLSD?
  228. Alabama Once Again In The Spotlight
  229. Trump on Foreign Policy
  230. Firearms Marketing On Trial
  231. The Dawn Of A New Day?
  232. Muslim invasion of the US
  233. Paleoconservative Websites
  234. Close Call In WI
  235. The RNC's Nuclear Option
  236. Trump import tariff makes no sense
  237. Pro-Hillary PAC Spending $1 Million to Hire Online Trolls
  238. Good Read from Tucker Carlson
  239. Chelsea Clinton
  240. Amazon going Anti-gun
  241. Unbelievable....
  242. Ohio Massacre
  243. End Game on Guns in Canada?
  244. California bullet button law relating to the MINI14
  245. ‘GunMeggedon’ in California
  246. Make of it what you will
  247. Will anyone else be glad when this is all over?
  248. Is it just me, or could this be an ominous omen?
  249. Trump’s Executive Vice President Is A Registered Democrat
  250. the September 11 accidents