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  1. The blatant racism of voter suppression exposed
  2. Nothing Surprises or Shocks Me Anymore
  3. What is a tyrant?
  4. Marco Rubio..what happened?
  5. Verizon is at it again
  6. obummercare
  7. We Have Finally Passed The Tipping Point
  8. Another Day, Another Whack-A-Whitey
  9. Yet Another Obamacare Scandal?
  10. Texas hunters to auction permit to kill black rhino
  11. No one bids to build solar plants on Colorado public lands
  12. Fleeing wrath of vicious cartels, record-breaking numbers of Mexicans seek political
  13. Another Day, Another Whack-A-Whitey
  14. Rise of "Shelter in Place"
  15. Virginia Governor Election
  16. Bait and Switch: Obamacare Website Rates Wrong
  17. Millions of Americans Are Losing Their Health Plans Because of Obamacare
  18. Obama's Fainting Woman Staged?
  19. Republicans are in a jam
  20. Saudis getting even over Syria....
  21. Last USA lead smelter closing-EPA the reason
  22. all your base are belong to us
  23. Bet this guy's unemployed soon.....
  24. Ban semi automatic rifles in Virginia?
  25. Another Day, Another Whack-A-Whitey
  26. When was the last time?
  27. Alex Jones tortures Texas history at the Alamo
  28. This is why America is screwed
  29. Obama to nominate Jeh Johnson, former Pentagon official, as next DHS secretary
  30. Establishment GOP Acted like 'Air Force Bombing Our Own Troops'
  31. It Ain't Over
  32. Worth the look my Friends!
  33. Yet another way in which middle-class taxpayers subsidize the rich
  34. I Hope We Can All Agree On This
  35. Patriot Post 10-17-2013...TRUTH of the Matter
  36. McConnell needs to go in 2014....
  37. I remember Kent state
  38. Senate, House to vote on shutdown, debt limit deal today
  39. Yet Another Obamanation; the ATF
  40. Where do we go from here?
  41. 50 Senators Kill UN Gun-Grabbing Treaty in Letter To Obama
  42. Spam Swamps NSA
  43. The next phase in 3D printing: metal
  44. Patients at mental health hospitals lost rights as citizens!
  45. Dems Wreck Shutdown Compromise
  46. What happens, when....
  47. Liberal Soros Supporters Spin Million Veteran March
  48. Right wing wackos hijack Million Vet March
  49. Smart guns in NJ?
  50. How dunb is our police force?
  51. Well I think this is great!
  52. Vets march!
  53. Why I'm headed to Texas
  54. Chicago gun politics....
  55. Article "The Threat We Face"
  56. Insurance Companies Scared To Death Of US Run Exchange Bugs
  57. EBTs and Pending Riots
  58. What to do for the time being
  59. Here we go
  60. Federal budget deficit clock is running backwards
  61. Citizens to inact a shut down.
  62. The why behind a lot of things
  63. Will anyone on here benefit from Obamacare?
  64. Paul Ryan is a traitorous SOB
  65. Brown vetoes rifle ban
  66. Obamacare worst thing to happen to the U.S. since slavery
  67. Just 17% of Likely U.S. Voters now say the country is heading in the right direction
  68. Republicans will lose the House in 2014
  69. California's Brown Signs Bill Permitting Non-Physician Abortions
  70. Five Years Of Obama - Stagnation
  71. See, There IS a God!
  72. Obamba supporters!
  73. You Can Bet Some Piracy Ransom Funded These Fools
  74. Hey Now ! This (don't) doesn't seem right
  75. St. John's Church, Richmond, Virginia March 23, 1775.
  76. Do you know Lincoln?
  77. Insurance premium increases shock Charlotte consumers
  78. Republican shutdown over a law already passed threatens military benefits
  79. Police Reportedly Arrest Veterans After They Refused to Leave Vietnam War Memorial in
  80. The Koch Brothers
  81. The spoiled child tantrum.
  82. “I think it’s going to be another Democratic president” after Mr. Obama"
  83. Another Day, Another Whack-A-Whitey
  84. Are the extremists bluffing?
  85. WHAT? An Obammy minion LIED about enrolling in Obummercare?
  86. Take back the language - a suggestion....
  87. What Obamacare thinks about you!
  88. Obama Lies On Shutdown, Debt Limit
  89. Only a 17% Shutdown!
  90. Dr. Ben Carlson audited after speech
  91. Have I got this right?
  92. Support for Tea Party is eroding
  93. "O" cuts off AFRTS sports programming to military
  94. Beck oddness?
  95. We’ve been told to make life as difficult for people as we can
  96. Dumb and Dumber
  97. Capitol Hill shooting?
  98. Ligeralism is entirely incompatable with Liberty
  99. Boehner/Beck
  100. Obama admin. knew about WWII veterans’ request and rejected it
  101. The truckers are coming, the truckers are coming!
  102. Neoconfederacy is entirely incompatible with liberty
  103. Really? is this what it's coming to?
  104. Happy Government Shut Down Day!
  105. Just an FYI:
  106. Greece Takes Another Step Toward Martial Law with Arrests of Golden Dawn Leaders
  107. After all, it's a woman's right.
  108. New York annual cost per inmate was $167,731 last year
  109. Fed buying enough bonds to build 6.5 aircraft carriers a month
  110. Opposition going after EDC
  111. Global warming deniers have no more excuses
  112. Slick Willy Knows It's Coming
  113. Oakland,Ca. is #1
  114. BATFE redefining pistols?
  115. Gerrymandering and Legislative Gridlock
  116. Kalifornia hypocrites
  117. Violent crime at a 42 year low
  118. Mr Colion Noir
  119. The next volley in Obama's attack on America
  120. John "Heinz" Kerry's face
  121. RINO's defeat filibuster
  122. Ahh Brotherly Love
  123. Horrific claims of torture emerge as soldiers reveal gory Kenyan mall massacre detail
  124. New Study Shows Where America’s Racists Live
  125. How out of touch with reality are right wing ideologues?
  126. Running Man!
  127. Interesting but Irrelevant Gun Map?
  128. Senate website
  129. Kerry signs UN small arms agreement
  130. Pelosi, unbelievable
  131. Another Day, Another Whack-A-Whitey
  132. ROI on Green Energy vs. Reloading Ammo.
  133. Things are Definitely Strange in California
  134. Man arrested for asking inconvenient questions in school board meeting
  135. Lefties in the UK are nuts....
  136. Another success for gun control....
  137. How Deep Does This Rabbit Hole Go?
  138. Bye Bye Cheap Energy.
  139. Thinning of the heard
  140. Parody of the MSM on Mass Shooting Reporting
  141. Time for your Senator to say yea or nay on OBOZOCARE
  142. This just in....
  143. DontfundObamacare Petition
  144. The Fall of America
  145. Dem Official Wishes Death on Ted Cruz Aide’s Children
  146. Terror Reigns in the Land of Gun Control
  147. What if?
  148. Gennifer Flowers--
  149. New study finds man-made global warming greatly exaggerated
  150. And on a lighter note...
  151. Ann has a good point today
  152. 7 Down and Many More to Go!
  153. This Newswoman Got a Gun For Protection
  154. Truckers to shut down DC for 3 days
  155. No hunting for me this year
  156. This is total bullsh1t
  157. For your Safety
  158. No more Starbucks for me....
  159. Violent Video Games
  160. Where are the race baiters on this one?
  161. Democrat Mouthpiece CNN Propagates AR-15 Lie
  162. Feds Release Thousands of Illegal Immigrants Who Are Sex Offenders
  163. Our Dear Dictator's Mouthpiece Speaks!
  164. Did you know
  165. Another Day, Another Whack-A-Whitey
  166. DC Navy Yard Shooting
  167. UN Backs Off Global Warming Prediction
  168. Dangers of militarizing police....
  169. Massive new gun taxes proposed
  170. Tin foil hats of 9/11
  171. Daily Caller shook and teetered and then ...
  172. Who couldn't see this coming?
  173. Now its Iran....
  174. Man Made Global Warming Junk Science Exposed!
  175. Russian Journalist: “The once drug addict now US leader cannot fight against Vladimir
  176. Libs Trying to Stack the Deck!
  177. Obama Sets New Record Lows
  178. No Honor Amongst Marxists!
  179. No Honor Amongst Marxists!
  180. Drug Cartels Now Control the Border
  181. Lefties target bump fire stocks
  182. Russian Naval Capabilities placed near Syria
  183. It's Perfectly Fine for the Government to Kill Eagles ...
  184. Civil Rights - Can you be forced to take work?
  185. Record year
  186. Scratch two....
  187. Obozo speaks
  188. GZ to be Lautenberged?
  189. Arctic Sea Ice Increases by 60%
  190. NSA Head Keith Alexander
  191. "president" informs congress that he will cap military pay raises
  192. Another Day, Another Whack-A-Whitey
  193. Another Day, Another Whack-A-Whitey
  194. Why you should carry concealed.
  195. Weird story out of AR
  196. Conservatives and Liberals Cannot Long Coexist
  197. News Week grows so balls!
  198. Capitalism and nature cannot long co-exist
  199. Drone Hunter's License
  200. Booker goes to Washington...
  201. Truth or Dare?
  202. Brutality of Syrian Rebels Posing Dilemma in West
  203. The two faces of "Christian conservatism"
  204. The $1000 empty cartridge case
  205. Calos Danger's Heated Exchange With Local Citizen
  206. Way you adopt for the security?
  207. The map that shows where America came from
  208. Keep your eyes open and your head on a swivel!
  209. Rewriting gun control history
  210. Oh blamer's brother linked to Muslim Brotherhood
  211. Obama is a racist coward.
  212. ALERT! Animals breaking out of Detroit Zoos!
  213. Ooops... we almost bombed the wrong guys.....
  214. This is why prepping makes sense....
  215. His Highness uses Executive power again
  216. Another day, Another WHACK-A-WHITEY
  217. When poverty becomes a crime
  218. Rally at Sacramento 9/7/13???
  219. What Do You Get If You Enter A Country Illegally
  220. Women in the Military (Combat Roles)
  221. At what point does debate become pointless?
  222. Entertainment for the Group
  223. What is going to happen in October?
  224. Obama flag
  225. I Think Syria is next for the Brotherhood
  226. No Hurricanes? Gore Lies
  227. Too ironic, and funny: Fire might open EcoFreaks eyes? Doubt it.
  228. Good Bye.
  229. Another Day, Another Whack-A-Whitey, 99 year old
  230. More on the NSA
  231. Conservatism, in 1963 and now
  232. George Zimmerman visits Kel-Tec
  233. Typical of lawyers-More SPLC half truths!
  234. Typical of lwyers-More SPLC half truths!
  235. More news from the village idiot
  236. One Confused Individual - Pvt. Manning
  237. Another Day, Another WHACK-A-WHITEY Hot Dog Vendor
  238. Another Day, Another...
  239. Million Muslim March 0n 9/11/2013
  240. Another Day, Another WHACK-A-WHITEY
  241. Proof That Guns Make Us Safer...
  242. Some impeachable offences by Obama
  243. Benghazit Traitors Reinstated!
  244. China: Ally or Enemy?
  245. And So It Begins...
  246. US "Common Core" Re-education Camps
  247. Marijuana Gun Safe
  248. Enviromentalists Cause Global Warming
  249. I Present the Realities of OBAMMYCARE
  250. The Impeach Obama Overpass movement