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  1. Brevard, FL - School Board Meeting
  2. BLM idiots storm stage at DePaul
  3. Riots at Trump rally in New Mexico
  4. Possible new Kali laws and reloading.
  5. That Slippery Slope
  6. Planned Parenthood - Baby Food Gives them the Vapors
  7. Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe under federal investigation for campaign contributions
  8. Tell Me This Administration Isn't Catering To Communism...
  9. Sanity Trumps Liberalism!
  10. Venezuela
  11. Religion of Peace
  12. California Gunpocalypse Set for Next Week
  13. court refused to prosecute babysitter for son's horror injuries
  14. Portland school board votes to BAN books that question or deny climate change
  15. Good read: Interview with Eagles of Death Metal lead singer
  16. Liberal Media
  17. Hillary at Trayvon Martin Foundation event
  18. Obama's transgender and Germany's muslims
  19. ?from ct.
  20. Someone's about to get thrown under the bus
  21. Let the deportations begin
  22. Just a joke
  23. California Mini owners
  24. Some neat ideas from a cabinet maker...
  25. Anti-Target Add:
  26. One Of Those Stupid Tests:
  27. another woman trump never dated II
  28. Zimmerman's "Murder" Weapon Sells For $120K
  29. Amerigeddon
  30. Another Woman Trump Never Dated
  31. Here's A Big Surprise! (NOT)
  32. 1 or 2 percent
  33. Start Of A Long Hot Summer?
  34. Curt Schilling on Trump
  35. Feel the Bern
  36. Freedom Summer, 55 years ago. On this day
  37. And Now for Some "Bath House" Gossip:
  38. Utopia Hits The Skids
  39. Right to work laws suck
  40. Trump Lied
  41. The Kennedys and Clintons, 2 Peas in a Pod
  42. The Truth About Trump
  43. Hillary vs. Trump (Who do I choose?)
  44. Don't mess with granny
  45. New Trump attack ad shows Clinton laughing amid footage from the Benghazi attacks
  46. Trump is going for the big money, 1 billion plus
  47. Oh for crying out loud...
  48. White open carry versus black open carry
  49. Ex-SEAL on Fox. Fallujah
  50. Kremlin Hacked Guccifer Hacked Hillary
  51. Paul Ryan...Political Pig
  52. Dead Heat in 3 Swing States
  53. Allah Akbar! More Infidel disposed of in Jihad. Inshallah!
  54. The result of global warming and climate change
  55. MSNBC whitewashes Clinton sex scandals as 'allegations'
  56. Black Lives Matter?
  57. COOL Political Aid - Against Paul Ryan
  58. Daniel Larison? Never heard of him...
  59. Trump's true colors?
  60. Good Read and Some Crazy Schemes
  61. Treason
  62. You are what you say you are?
  63. London elects Muslim mayor
  64. German People chase Minister of Justice Heiko Maas to his Armored Mercedes
  65. Maryland - 2 mall shootings
  66. Global Warming 101
  67. Public Service Announcement
  68. Now Kasich is out!
  69. AG targets 90 conservative groups in controversial climate change probe
  70. More "Inconvenient Truths".... A Decade Later!
  71. Capitalism devours another
  72. Rafael Cruz
  73. Obamacare vs. Gun Homicides
  74. Trump Kicks Cruz to the curb. Up next is HildaCankles.
  75. Harbinger of the future? Sanders wins in Indiana?
  76. Connecticut-Senate approves gun seizures in violent domestic breakups
  77. Illinois Alert!
  78. Cruz Fake "Debate" with Trump Protestor?
  79. 5th Amendment Does Not Apply...
  80. Stop Hillary
  81. When all else fails, accuse Trump of rape
  82. O's At It Again!
  83. And Now For Something Different:
  84. Here's Some Not So Good News:
  85. And Now For Some Good News:
  86. Now it's John Wayne
  87. Chelsea/Hillary anti-2nd? surely not!!
  88. Chiraq shootings reach 1000 earlier than any previous year/by date
  89. Bad News For CT Gun Owners
  90. Boener proves what a POS he is/was
  91. Saw my first open carry in Texas today
  92. Sheriffs’ group, opposed to federal laws on guns and taxes, calls for defiance
  93. Has Fox News Gone The Way Of CNN and MSLSD?
  94. Alabama Once Again In The Spotlight
  95. Trump on Foreign Policy
  96. Firearms Marketing On Trial
  97. The Dawn Of A New Day?
  98. Muslim invasion of the US
  99. Paleoconservative Websites
  100. Close Call In WI
  101. The RNC's Nuclear Option
  102. Trump import tariff makes no sense
  103. Pro-Hillary PAC Spending $1 Million to Hire Online Trolls
  104. Good Read from Tucker Carlson
  105. Chelsea Clinton
  106. Amazon going Anti-gun
  107. Unbelievable....
  108. Ohio Massacre
  109. End Game on Guns in Canada?
  110. California bullet button law relating to the MINI14
  111. ‘GunMeggedon’ in California
  112. Make of it what you will
  113. Will anyone else be glad when this is all over?
  114. Is it just me, or could this be an ominous omen?
  115. Trump’s Executive Vice President Is A Registered Democrat
  116. the September 11 accidents
  117. New Attack on FFL Holders in California
  118. Two Very Good Reads
  119. Where is the USA headed? My viewpoint.
  120. Scotus case tomorrow on giving illegals social security
  121. JRedHorse
  122. So whats going on in Australia
  123. Home school your kids
  124. Justice, UK style
  125. Ted Cruz And Voterless Primaries
  126. Kleptocracy
  127. If Poll Taxes Are Illegal....
  128. public restrooms
  129. Bill Nye thinks we should be in jail
  130. Trump has appealed to the lowest common denominator of fear, racism and divisiveness
  131. The Pyramid Scheme Known As Obamacare Is Failing Miserably!
  132. CRIME ‘A Deadly Weapon’: New York Senate Passes Legislation to Outlaw Machetes
  133. Bad News Out of CT
  134. Fight back
  135. Sharia poll of muslim countries
  136. Meanwhile as o hits the links...
  137. Colorado caucus?
  138. April 12th, The Civil War begins
  139. Just A Thought...A Question
  140. Eagle Forum Coup Attempt?
  141. Canadian, eh?
  142. Take that...Donald Trump
  143. This crap really gets old
  144. Boston Globe unveils lampoon Trump edition of Sunday newspaper
  145. Shooting at Lackland AFB yesterday
  146. Make of it what you will
  147. The UN starts toward new control over the world's oceans
  148. Beauty and the Beast?
  149. Japanese Big Brother On The Move!
  150. California
  151. Democrat or Socialist?
  152. don't like either one
  153. European "Freedom"
  154. Bill Clinton redresses BLM protestors
  155. 13 shot in less than 24 hrs in Chiraq
  156. NAACP Joins Soros Army Plotting DC Disruptions, Civil Disobedience, Mass Arrests
  157. Help me understand the global reset
  158. Did you vote Yes or No on Norquist?
  159. Perspective from an army drill sergeant
  160. John Birch Society - On Heidi Cruz
  161. Wisconsin Dictionary; Uninstructed Delegation
  162. Big Score on vessel search in Arabian Gulf
  163. Sorry Folks, But I'm No Patriot.
  164. Why people are against Trump
  165. Brave Russian soldier
  166. The Fastest Path To Freedom For America?
  167. Trump re-nigged on his Republican pledge
  168. Confessions Of An Election Throwing Hacker
  169. RNC To Nulify Primary Votes?
  170. Carrying that Big Stick....
  171. Ann Coulter Gets It....
  172. TPA, TPP...My head hurts!
  173. Hillary and the law
  174. Paul Rayn-Leader Of All Things Wrong
  175. Associated Press willingly cooperated with the Nazis
  176. Good News For the Marianas
  177. Paul Ryan Emailed Me Yesterday
  178. Michelle Fields..serial accuser?
  179. Chiraq violence claims another casualty
  180. Follow the money....
  181. How do we stop the flood of muslim refugees
  182. Another Great Read From Pat Buchanan
  183. UN Rules on Falklands?
  184. Trump Supporters?
  185. violence surges in Chiraq
  186. My Dog's a Democrat
  187. moderate syrian rebels ? right hand knows not the left hand
  188. Capitol Hill Shooting
  189. Pakistan Bombing
  190. If The Act Like This Now....
  191. Chiraq battle spirals into a chasm
  192. Cruz Bombshell - Is he a playa?
  193. Good Read From Thomas Sowell
  194. warm weather brings out the worst
  195. Happy Good Friday!
  196. Political Correctness Meets Angry Red Neck In New Orleans
  197. One Desperate Democrat!
  198. So This Is Why The Democrats Support muslim Terrorists!
  199. Islamic reality, this lady needs her A$$ kicked.
  200. Obama on Socialism....
  201. Too Funny....
  202. Steady Drip of Gun Control
  203. 2016 NRA Board of Directors Endorsements
  204. FNC: ISIS Declares War On Europe
  205. Jeb and Romney now supporting Cruz
  206. Pine Nuts?
  207. Under The Radar
  208. Schengen Agreement and european open borders
  209. Kasich..pffff
  210. Good News For a Change
  211. The Reason Cruz Can't Be POTUS
  212. Brussels Attack
  213. Maybe I don't understand
  214. How Stupid Can The Republican Party Get?
  215. Todays Google PC bull squirt!
  216. Jordon Builds a Wall and We Pay!
  217. Judge Jeanine Gets It....
  218. McConnell does something right
  219. Interesting Trump video from years ago
  220. Betrayal
  221. California votes should be disqualified
  222. You guys watching the protests?
  223. Unintended Consequences of Gun Bans
  224. Why guns were invented
  225. well worn, clothespin for sale/ donation
  226. Rendition
  227. Pat Buchanan & Election 2016
  228. Why was that Finicum man killed?
  229. 2012 Remembered
  230. A must watch(my opinion), 1 hour lecture
  231. Very Funny Anti-Hillary Ad....
  232. Al. carry erights urinated on again!
  233. Global warming is over!!!
  234. Hillary's response to woman whose healthcare has skyrocketed
  235. LEO ambush in Maryland.
  236. Good guy with a gun
  237. Defeat snatched from the jaws of victory
  238. Good Read on Kasich
  239. Protestors at Trump Rallies
  240. Children To Pony Up For Climate Change
  241. More PC Aimed at a Menu
  242. The Lone Ranger
  243. Cruz - Trump
  244. The Dead Pool; Clinton Edition
  245. Another Great Article
  246. First It Was "If You See Something Say Something"
  247. Chiraq shootings hit a hot streak!
  248. PA Mass Shooting
  249. Another Reason To Vote for Trump?
  250. Delegate Math, GOP Style