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  1. Why was that Finicum man killed?
  2. 2012 Remembered
  3. A must watch(my opinion), 1 hour lecture
  4. Very Funny Anti-Hillary Ad....
  5. Al. carry erights urinated on again!
  6. Global warming is over!!!
  7. Hillary's response to woman whose healthcare has skyrocketed
  8. LEO ambush in Maryland.
  9. Good guy with a gun
  10. Defeat snatched from the jaws of victory
  11. Good Read on Kasich
  12. Protestors at Trump Rallies
  13. Children To Pony Up For Climate Change
  14. More PC Aimed at a Menu
  15. The Lone Ranger
  16. Cruz - Trump
  17. The Dead Pool; Clinton Edition
  18. Another Great Article
  19. First It Was "If You See Something Say Something"
  20. Chiraq shootings hit a hot streak!
  21. PA Mass Shooting
  22. Another Reason To Vote for Trump?
  23. Delegate Math, GOP Style
  24. As usual Pat Buchanan is right....(2)
  25. Welcome to the new, New Mehico
  26. Australia Shooting
  27. RIP Nancy Reagan, you were a class act.
  28. Dem turnout and voter ID
  29. This phenomenon has gotten ridiculous
  30. BLM riot gear
  31. An Excellent Suggestion....
  32. I must vote for who...?
  33. Cruz can't beat Hillary?
  34. Vichy Republicans
  35. A Disarmament State of Mind....
  36. Trump V/S Romney
  37. Resisting Interrogation
  38. Rubio video banning concealed carry in parks.
  39. Gun club closed because of pollution from spent bullets
  40. Does Trump Mean What He Says?
  41. Face the Truth. I'ts the Don vs Hildacankles
  42. General says terrorists in 'daily' refugee flow to Europe
  43. Thomas Breaks 10-Year Silence: Speaks from Bench in Defense of Gun Rights
  44. NPR Reporter: Kiss from Fidel Castro's Brother Felt Like Blessing of the Holy Trinity
  45. Breaking the Law on Guns in Order to ‘Err on the Side of Safety’
  46. Another School Shooting
  47. DNC Vice-Chair steps down to support Bernie
  48. Sessions endorses Trump
  49. McConnell-WTF
  50. Kids under 14 can't shoot handguns in Iowa?
  51. Common sense from a thug rapper
  52. Plan B
  53. Y'all probably thought I was nuts or something
  54. Decision Over - Gonna Hit the Trump Button come Tues.
  55. I've updated my Justice Scalia theory
  56. Finally...
  57. PC Alert in UK
  58. Kansas Shooting - 3 KIA plus perp
  59. Donald Trump...
  60. The Truth Comes Out: Another Liberal Melts Down!
  61. One Party Politics
  62. Ominous Article
  63. What effective border security looks like
  64. Two More Websites Off Bookmark
  65. Good Read on Australian Gun Control
  66. I'm Convinced More Than Ever That the NSA is Blackmailing
  67. Trump Supporters Are Such Meanies!!
  68. I Like This Scenario!
  69. Kalamazoo, Obama & Deceit
  70. Nevada GOP to report caucus results with smartphones
  71. A Story Of Pain And Betrayal
  72. This crap makes even me almost want to support Trump.
  73. Winter is Trumping -(Brian S will like this)
  74. Riots in India
  75. Michigan Mass Shooting
  76. Nation’s ICE Officers Detail How Marco Rubio Betrayed Them
  77. Cops to boycott security at Beyonce concert
  78. So you want your kids and grandkids to go to college?
  79. Gun Confiscation 101 - A Primer
  80. Obama to travel to Cuba
  81. Feds Demand IOS Backdoor
  82. The Root Of Socialism In America (or How They Did It)
  83. Not Surprising....
  84. Freudian Slip Or Joke?
  85. What's Up With Virginia's New Gun Law?
  86. Iran wants to buy russian jets and tanks
  87. Elections & Politics..OH MY
  88. Black panther video - oik oik bang bang
  89. A New Believer?
  90. Manufacturing Hate for Fun and Profit
  91. Liberal Hypocrisy
  92. The Quiet Invasion
  93. Feel the Bern - (or How We Ushered in Marxism and Now Everyone is Equally Miserable)
  94. hyprocisy in south calinky!!
  95. Bill Bennett on Donald Trump
  96. Meanwhile, in Syria....
  97. Antonin Scalia Dead
  98. Video Shows Exact Moment 1,400 Employees Learn They Are Losing Their Jobs to Mexico
  99. Rev Al and Bernie Get Together
  100. Former Obama Defense Chief Says Hillary Should Drop Out
  101. Let Me Summarize the DNC Debate
  102. Rush Limbaugh on Ted Cruz: Closest to Ronald Reagan in our lifetimes
  103. The obamanation:
  104. Looks Like Hitlery Loves America About As Much As o...
  105. Just some thoughts....
  106. These Things Happen When You Let Feckless Metrosexual Liberals Run Your Country!
  107. You lie!
  108. Good article
  109. Need a laugh?
  110. axelrod hitlery tweet
  111. 2016 And The State Of Utopia
  112. Another Cook County attack on gun rights
  113. Violent clashes break out across the globe as thousands take to the streets
  114. January BLS Jobs Report
  115. Please clap...
  116. North Korean Missile Launch
  117. Gallup: We Hate to Admit It, but America Is Conservative
  118. Must have had a high capacity magazine
  119. DHS ordered me to scrub records of Muslims with terror ties
  120. Catch and Release
  121. People Have A 'Fundamental Right' To Own Assault Weapons, Court Rules
  122. I love politics but....
  123. If it wasn't so pathetic it would be funny....
  124. Jimmy Carter endorses Cruz
  125. Our Brand Is Crisis
  126. Smug Republicans in Retrospect.
  127. The rats are abandoning ship!
  128. Math is hard
  129. OBOZOCARE, The Gift That Keeps on Giving
  130. Interesting Breakdown of Who the Big Donors Are
  131. One In Sixty-Four
  132. Sometimes immigrants rock
  133. Did you see Hitlery's speech after the Iowa vote?
  134. Cruz Wins Iowa
  135. Good guy with a gun saves cop
  136. Good read on Russian military
  137. Obama bucks history, directs Pentagon to make guns safer, not more lethal
  138. New Cartridge: .22 Tuason Craig Micromagnum
  139. 9 months old, but still worth a watch.
  140. Fake news story going around. Obama EO
  141. Pushback in Sweden
  142. Good Read
  143. OSHA and gun control
  144. Fox Debate (Megyn Kelly)
  145. Hawaii Alert!
  146. American built Kalashnikov AK's from Florida
  147. I hereby predict
  148. With Friends Like These....
  149. HIDDEN CAM: Gun Show "Loophole" Exposed!
  150. Why Teen Who Fended Off Attacker Now Faces Charges Herself
  151. Bundy Arrested in Oregon
  152. Feds Move On Bundy
  153. Don't forget to duck
  154. Voter Turnout Will Be The Difference
  155. Next Time Someone Mentions "Australia"...
  156. Hillary - Is the fix in?
  157. Hillary chokes during speech
  158. Exposers of Truth Indicted
  159. Fix In For Rubio?
  160. Now watch cuomo use this for his own devious purposes
  161. Debbie, you got some 'splaining to do...
  162. Flint and lead
  163. Bloomberg might run as an independent
  164. What's going on?
  165. Canada School Shooting
  166. Trump
  167. Rhode Island Alert!
  168. Davos World Economic Forum
  169. FBI Halts NICS Appeals....
  170. Kent State professor linked to ISIS identified
  171. Semiauto M249 SAW
  172. Bernie Sanders Brags About His ‘D-‘ from the NRA
  173. Grain of salt....
  174. What will the RNC and DNC do now?
  175. Grenade launcher or what?
  176. NICS break down as of 1 year ago
  177. Protest Somewhere Else!
  178. Lessons from NJ
  179. Gun hating liberals are everywhere....
  180. The State of Denial
  181. Georgia alert!
  182. German leisure centre becomes the first to ban all migrants
  183. Kali Alert!
  184. Internet Kill Switch...
  185. Oregon Alert!
  186. ‘Seizure’ Bill Introduced in Georgia by Democrats...
  187. If Khaddafi had contributed to the Clinton Foundation
  188. Wayne LaPierre | A Challenge for the President
  189. the eroding of respect for those that gave all.
  190. US plague
  191. "Taharrush Gamea" - Words You Should Know
  192. FBI appears to be going after Hillary
  193. 2 US Navy boats held by Iran but will be returned
  194. ISIS burns fighters alive for letting Ramadi fall
  195. Ooh That Smell
  196. A Hopeful Sign...
  197. The Middle Ground
  198. Join the GOA
  199. VERY funny video...
  200. Disrupting Social Media
  201. Baghdad Mall Attack
  202. UK Banning More Knives
  203. Top US Admiral Fired For Questioning Obama Purchase Of Mansion In Dubai
  204. PBS panel calls Cruz satanic
  205. Group of 5 men raped an 18 year old in a NYC park
  206. Finding The Numbers Confusing
  207. Bill to ban semi autos in Washington State
  208. Good Read...
  209. A little history
  210. Chinese immigrant woman
  211. Sheahans Clan Tolerate Nosy Neighbors
  212. Texas Gov. Greg Abbott calls for Constitutional Convention
  213. 'Affluenza teen's mom complains about jail conditions
  214. Suspect accused of ambushing Pa. officer reportedly acted in the name of Islam
  215. Obama Tips His Hand
  216. What Is Wrong With These People?
  217. I wonder if Trump will bring up this Clinton indiscretion
  218. The "Arab Spring" dictator toppling disaster
  219. My oh My has political debate changed in the USA over the years
  220. Having a gun in your home is 'like bringing a time bomb into your house'
  221. New terms for the Bundy sagebrush rebellion occupiers
  222. Public school recruits students to work for Hillary Clinton campaign
  223. Hickok45 youtube channel shut down
  224. A Quick History Test
  225. Ammo
  226. Found a bonafide libtard in rural NE Texas
  227. Activist live blogged her RAPE minutes after it happened
  228. ALABAMA Chief Justice stands up again !
  229. Senior writer at Newsweek compares Cruz to Hitler
  230. 6 Little Known Horrible Facts About Hillary Clinton
  231. Teenage victim of Cologne 'African and Arab' sex mob
  232. CNN Expanded Background Checks Poll
  233. "Military age men" at San Diego's southern border
  234. President MIA
  235. Rush gets it...
  236. North Korean Hydrogen Bomb?
  237. Hussein Obama's Pussy Gun Control Action
  238. Hilary Vows to Ignore Trump
  239. Gov’t Looking For ‘Individuals Who Seek To Avoid Registering’
  240. Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq
  241. The first US crude oil shipment since the 70s is heading for Italy
  242. Turkey vs Greece
  243. The "formidable candidate"...
  244. N.H. House Speaker Says Lawmakers Won’t Give Up Guns When Candidates Visit
  245. Now here's an idea....
  246. The #1 Cause of Death
  247. My thoughts on Trump
  248. Convenient Timing....
  249. Mexico mayor slain a day after taking office
  250. 2015 AWB Petition.