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  1. How Team Obama Justifies The Killing
  2. President Who Vowed To End War, Now..
  3. Instead of prosecuting Torturers, Obama
  4. More people support gun rights
  5. Rightwingers built that.
  6. ISIS throws man off roof to his death for being gay
  7. American terrorist arrested in Israel
  8. a little article for "little Goebbels"
  9. Do-nothing Republicans
  10. School tells 13-year-olds they can have sex, choose gender
  11. Gruber Lawyers Up...
  12. Obola: Demonstrations Are Necessary...
  13. 46 Million on Food Stamps for 36 Months in a Row
  14. Eric Garner Was an Habitual Criminal
  15. Kroger Profits Up 21 Percent After Refusing To Ban Guns
  16. Could this be why bankers don't blow the whistle?
  17. Obamanomics: Spread-the-Wealth fraud perpetrated on middle class America
  18. Stand together with New York or pay the price
  19. Gruber strikes again....
  20. The grand jury system for police shootings is fixed, a travesty of justice
  21. Weird story out of WI
  22. CIA reports
  23. Faux "news," where the failure never ends
  24. Afghanistan mired in war as US combat command ends
  25. White supremacy and the politics of respectability
  26. Victory on Burnaby Mountain
  27. Facebook
  28. New York flags 278 gun owners as mentally unstable
  29. Obola sets a new record!
  30. Eric Garner is a Patriot
  31. Militaty Morale Lowest Since Clinton
  32. Very Good Article
  33. Austin police chief
  34. Reaganomics: Trickle-down fraud perpetrated on middle class America
  35. Feds put police chief Mark Kessler up to making extremist videos
  36. December 7, 1941—a date which will live in infamy
  37. The end is near. No, really.
  38. Bloomy On the March...
  39. Mary Landrieu defeated!
  40. Sharpton told to stay away
  41. Trolls: Pawns Of The Wealthy
  42. Obama And The Republic
  43. Fury actor jailed for collectible handgun
  44. Western Tribes under attack by Obama
  45. Hillary 2016 music video...
  46. Missouri: Rosebud racists try to antagonize marchers
  47. Coal plant closures over new EPA...
  48. Fort Hood victims set to receive Purple Hearts, combat status
  49. Poking the angry Bear again
  50. May be some hope for Nevada
  51. Death by Cop (The new Black Martyrdom ?)
  52. Women better at Conflict resolution? Huh?
  53. Race for dem nomination is on...
  54. Ukraine War
  55. Why on earth would an illegal want amnesty?
  56. USA is #2 Economy
  57. Is An Establishment GOP Sellout Imminent?
  58. Gunfight in Grozny
  59. Another bad idea....
  60. The President Rewrites The Obama Care.
  61. Here we go again.
  62. Hammer killing in St.Lo NOT a hate crime?
  63. "Police Consider Charging Michael Brown's...
  64. Libel suit against notoriuos kultist moves forward
  65. When the Welfare State Collapses...
  66. Anonymous shuts down Florida government websites
  67. The AssWhuppin Continues ...
  68. Academic Nutjob Of The Year - Not Gruber
  69. No need to protect Police, end armored vehicles.
  70. 18 trillion $$$$$$$$$$$
  71. Yet another rightwing nut cooks off
  72. Everytown versus NRA
  73. FBI ISIS Threat at home
  74. Nevada Alert!
  75. Oregon Alert!
  76. St. Louis cops pissed at NFL
  77. And here's the other shoe!
  78. Sheriff Clarke
  79. Wanted: A Challenge to Clinton - Far Left
  80. Big Brother next step?
  81. black neighood residents guard white-owned bizz in ferguson
  82. Maybe there IS still hope?
  83. More Scorched Earth In The Stats....
  84. Interesting and Useful....
  85. Gun Sales Boom On Black Friday..
  86. Peaceful Protester's Bomb/Murder Plot Foiled By Sting
  87. Responsibility.
  88. U.N. calls for an end to industrial...
  89. Working Class Turns Against Obama - 27% Approval
  90. Happy Thanksgiving
  91. Precious
  92. Adjuster, Please Explain How to Walk Away?
  93. Reporters robbed at gunpoint
  94. In Ferguson, black residents stand guard at white-owned store
  95. father tracks down alleged pimp and beats him with a baseball bat
  96. Great family values
  97. A Tale of 2 Policemen.........
  98. Incentives
  99. car drives thru protest
  100. Now it's the FEDS turn
  101. Ferguson riots claim first casualty
  102. Ferguson and beyond
  103. Damn Chuck Do Ya Think
  104. Gruber Proposals For Your 401(k)?
  105. I shot Michael Brown and all I got.....
  106. The devil is in the details.....
  107. Trolls Lose Chance At Show Trial
  108. When All the McRibs and Liquor Is Gone?
  109. Yipee!
  110. Oh oh, the natives are getting restless! Live stream:
  111. Merry Christmas Darren Wilson!
  112. Watch Pres. Obama Fumble Easy Question on Precedent
  113. 3,415 Regulations
  114. Ferguson decision reached, announcement today
  115. Rudy Giulani vs. Eric Micheal Eric Dyson
  116. Stop the insanity: Ban Guns!
  117. And there goes free speech.....
  118. 30,000 missing emails from IRS' Lerner recovered
  119. SNL, hahahaha
  120. Police Work 30 Years Ago
  121. Michele Bachmann Reveals GOP Plans to Ignore Executive Amnesty
  122. Thanksgiving For Trolls
  123. One down,millions more to go
  124. SCOTUS To Rule On obamacare...Again...
  125. More Puppycide
  126. I Continue To See All These PU Liberal Idiots Ignoring The Evil Obama Has Done
  127. No Tombstone For Mike Brown
  128. I continue to see all these threads bashing Obama for things he hasn't done,...
  129. Obamacare Architect Gruber Loses Second Consulting Job
  130. SEIU CA Rallies Push Legal Status for Remaining Illegal Aliens
  131. Impeachment is not an option....
  132. New Black Panthers in Ferguson
  133. Trolls freeswm blamster, Carpshooter Reduced To Drooling Incoherence
  134. NY SAFE Act ?
  135. In secret, Obama extends U.S role..
  136. Illinois $111 billion pension deficit fix..
  137. Republicans look even more inept than usual
  138. Racist fire chief refuses to help black family after wreck
  139. Authorities could hardly mismanage Ferguson situation worse
  140. Ferguson protesters 'threatening to rape officers' wives and kill their children
  141. What happens if you wave an ISIS flag on Berkeley's campus?
  142. Fox's Geraldo Rivera: "Ya era hora, Republicans had it coming"
  143. Schools helped Lanza's mom 'appease' him
  144. As usual Pat Buchanan is right....
  145. Atchaforya
  146. I pray for the day people wake up
  147. Mike Brown feared for his life -- not the other way around!
  148. Sexual assault is the norm at UVrApe
  149. Al Sharpton Praises Obama: Executive Amnesty Opening 'America Up for Everyone'
  150. Democrat, Gay Rights Activist Arrested for Alleged Sex With Minor
  151. Woman Sexually Assaulted, Set on Fire in Park
  152. Madness!!!!
  153. Obama's Amnesty Treason
  154. Companies break the Thanksgiving barrier, stampede of ads ensue
  155. Registered firearm
  156. Why fan the flames?
  157. Gabby Giffords' Gun Control Group: We'll Be Back In 2016
  158. NBC Questions Own Poll Showing Latinos Oppose Amnesty
  159. UNRWA Employees Praise Murder of Jerusalem Rabbis
  160. ABC, NBC, CBS Nix Obama's Primetime Amnesty Address
  161. Republicans need to all get on the same page
  162. Republicans must stand and fight!
  163. Another GFZ Shooting
  164. Live, from Ferguson Missouri
  165. That any white man better than the greatest black man works for countries too!
  166. Gun Control as a Map....
  167. Obama to sign amnesty on friday
  168. What really happened in Ferguson.
  169. What Ferguson is _really_ about
  170. I594 Fallout
  171. Look at all that toxic gunk being spilled in Canada
  172. Report: Al Sharpton owes $4.5 million in unpaid taxes
  173. The Global Corporate Empire, brought into being by economic hitmen
  174. Oops...Too Late!
  175. Oppose Safe Storage Laws....
  176. Corrupt Bargain: Obama + Insurance Companies
  177. Obamacare Facebook page
  178. Yet more Gruber....
  179. Charles Manson getting married?
  180. Bitter Irony, or "Social Justice"?
  181. UK working on pointy knife ban
  182. Obama Faces Big Immigration Action Problems From All Sides
  183. 44 Lax Judges Wrongfully Awarded $2 Billion in Disability Checks
  184. A Forum to Spur America’s Return to Federalism
  185. GOP Rep. Hal Rogers' Campaign Donor Stands to Profit from Executive Amnesty
  186. The Book that Killed a Commie Tyrant
  187. The Left's Destruction of the Democrat Party
  188. The Racist Haters Have Graduated From Whites To Asians
  189. A Texas Republican assesses the 2014 election
  190. Here's How It's Going to Go Down!
  191. Ferguson Protest Group Releases List of Targets
  192. The Way They Were....
  193. Klan threatens Fergeson protesters, Anonymous steps in
  194. Crazy Jihadis need to be put down.
  195. Mike Brown or Darrin Wilson, names to use when arrested.
  196. Obama: ISIS Beheadings 'Represent No Faith, Least of All the Muslim Faith'
  197. Indiana to Start Requiring Food Stamp Recipients to Work
  198. Gallup: 'New numerical low' for Obamacare
  199. Two Floppy Discs Short Of A Complete Program:
  200. Ted Cruz Coloring Book Flying Off the Shelves
  201. Immigration
  202. White students didn't meet requirements
  203. Front Page Guatemalan Newspaper: Biden Opens Floodgates...
  204. Pivoting back to ban handguns?
  205. Looks Like Uncle Bill" Cosby Like Him Some White Women
  206. Dad of the Year Again!
  207. The Rise Of The Police State:
  208. Appearances vs reality - (smoke/mirrors) - Which seems more plausible?
  209. Gotta Make Hay ...while the sun shines
  210. Progressive Meltdown on Gruber continues over at DU
  211. WA Civil Disobedience...
  212. Massive Crowd of MOMs Rant Against Kroger Shareholders!
  213. The other side of the coin?
  214. two floppy shoes short of a complete clown outfit
  215. Officers surprised bushes didn't stop WH intruder
  216. The Poster Child For Illegals In America:
  217. Lawmakers move to strip former Nazis of benefits
  218. half Dozen More Obamacare Disasters On The Way
  219. SemoKKKrat War On Women: Pregnant Disabled Vet Excluded
  220. A project for our liberal friends.
  221. "Obamacare for the Internet"
  222. Children of the Civil War still alive.
  223. Just Received My Annual Employer HealthCare Enrollment
  224. Stupid Is As Stupid Does; Proof That Libs Still Don't Get It
  225. The Hail Mary Landrieu Pass
  226. Inside the Wendy Davis Campaign Meltdown
  227. Ever feel like running around with nothing but
  228. Good 2A News Reported By Huffington Post
  229. Third time's the charm....
  230. Moms Demand Action Spins Midterm Losses: We're A 'Political Farce'
  231. Gallup: Dem Approval Plunges to Record Low
  232. Baby who saw her mother's body 'twitch' as she was burnt alive for blasphemy
  233. Springsteen Politicizes Veterans' Concert with Anti-Troop Song
  234. Obola's "Broad Coalition" and Turkey:
  235. Now That Must Be Some Good Sh*t!
  236. GOP adds another Senate seat as Sullivan wins Alaska
  237. What Liberals Don't Want To Hear
  238. There he goes again....
  239. Scorched Earth Begins
  240. When they eat their own,
  241. "You don't protect my freedom!"
  242. White House says Obama is ‘looking forward’ to executive action on immigration
  243. Rangel: I Thought White Cracker Was a 'Term of Endearment'
  244. U.S. DoD to Waste $1 Billion Destroying $16 Billion in Ammo
  245. Nevada poachers face trial charged as 'serial wildlife killers'
  246. Puffington Host Sucks
  247. Happy Veteran's Day!
  248. Check this $hit out!
  249. Ah, fer pete's sake...
  250. Obama Orders Dice Roll On Iraq