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  1. New EO's for the New Year
  2. Happy New Year All!
  3. Trump calls it...
  4. A Simple Observation
  5. Hillary's Gun Control Plans
  6. Never Saw This One Coming....
  7. What a load of crap
  8. U.S. Carrier Harry S. Truman Has Close Call With Iranian Rockets
  9. Deadly New California Gun Law...
  10. Sickening
  11. Hillary named most admired woman in the world
  12. State Dept. counts 'bringing peace' to Syria as a 2015 win
  13. Pakistan's Mini Nukes
  14. More Commiefornia Madness!
  15. Gun Control Working In Commiefornia?
  16. Soros Doesn't Like Trump or Cruz.....
  17. Documentary-Islamic State, behind the front lines
  18. 2015 awb hr 4269
  19. Grumpy, is this good or bad?
  20. Tyranny, NYC Style...
  21. Good Video...
  22. Your guns, your rights, your freedom
  23. Safe Act on the Federal level introduced
  24. Chicago police officer shoots, kills man and woman
  25. Making Friends and Influencing People...
  26. GQ Ranks Hillary Its 5th Worst Person Of 2015, Just Ahead Of Bill Cosby, Jared Fogle
  27. How Texas is preparing for upcoming open carry gun law
  28. Merry Christmas Folks!
  29. Nasty Truth Of Marxism Comes Home
  30. I Call BS On This One...
  31. And another one in France...
  32. Are we fighting the wrong fight?
  33. Trump/Cruz 2016?
  34. Green campaigner uses her private jet for 120 mile journey from Birmingham to London
  35. House Republicans Declare Independence
  36. Obama's Christmas Wet Dream
  37. NY Ammo Rationing/Ban Proposal
  38. Virginia to stop recognizing concealed carry gun permits from 25 states
  39. Families split $1.5million from estate of Lanza's mother who failed to secure rifle
  40. Syrian Women Sniper Teams....
  41. Illinois Alert!
  42. Here we go. The conservative judge who sentenced Jared Loughner calls for bans
  43. Marquez arrested
  44. Las Vegas
  45. Very Good Read
  46. Email from my stepdaughter
  47. Justice Gains Steam
  48. Stop Hiding Behind the Second Amendment
  49. How can I lie to thee, can you count them?
  50. A Two Party System?
  51. Are you stocked?
  52. Good read
  53. Interesting video
  54. Religious Indoctrination Masked as Schoolwork
  55. San Bernardino killers reportedly buried in small funeral
  56. Country Burns..Washington Fiddles
  57. Disturbing New Trend ???
  58. Cell phones in Missouri
  59. Improving America's Military
  60. Pentagon warns ISIS offshoot growing in Afghanistan, 'operationally active'
  61. All LAUSD schools closed by 'credible threat' of violence
  62. FAA to require "drone" registration
  63. A Simple Observation
  64. If Nazis Were Infiltrating America
  65. NRA News Frontlines | "America's Forgotten Ally Against ISIS"
  66. Obama Details Plans To Fight ISIS
  67. ...the name is Plissken
  68. Bowe Bergdahl to Face General Court Martial, Could Face Life Sentence
  69. Global warming, climate change, and weather forecasts?
  70. Sharia judges order children with Down's syndrome and other disabilities to be killed
  71. Is it just me
  72. Great Videos....
  73. Burglars for gun control
  74. Imagine the outrage
  75. Muslims in the U.S.
  76. Trey Gowdy Grills DHS Official on Due Process
  77. Civil war in France?
  78. Richardson Mosque finally shut down
  79. US Confidence Lowest Since 9/11
  80. Belgium Today - America Tomorrow
  81. Muslim Migrant beats rapes US woman while chanting Allahu Akbar
  82. ACLU Board Member Resigns After Urging People To Kill Supporters Of Trump
  83. I don't even know what to say
  84. Global climate accord in Paris may be hours away
  85. More Proof Gun Laws Don't Work
  86. Trump Needs New Campaign Song
  87. Thanks Obama! Gun control backlash
  88. Latest San Bernardino Investigation
  89. That's not who we are
  90. Connecticut Alert!
  91. Pelosi - Libtard Anti-Gun Reasoning
  92. Ban guns. Yes, all of them
  93. Trump-A Turning Point In American History?
  94. Watching cspan...UGH!
  95. Chicago Mayor under fire.
  96. Heads Up New Yorkers....
  97. 100M Guns During Obama's Tenure
  98. Clinton 'Exit Tax'
  99. A thought on Syria
  100. Glen Beck on Obama's response to CA shooting
  101. Another inconvenient truth
  102. 7 big lies
  103. Iran tests another mid-range ballistic missile in breach of UN resolutions
  104. Great video!
  105. Obama disconnected agin.
  106. 700 percent
  107. How Can We Help 2A
  108. A liberal's epiphany?
  109. So for those that watched our fearless leader address the nation, what do you think?
  110. Democrats have a problem with fog
  111. This would be funny if it wasn't so sad
  112. Cruz full auto
  113. Obozo to address the nation tomorrow night
  114. What's Wrong With The GOP?
  115. UC biology prof. tells class NRA to blame for San Bernardino shooting
  116. New York Times argues for gun confiscation in Page One editorial
  117. Muslims and Democrats
  118. The entertainmen wing of the left start their attacks on Cruz
  119. Obama's new top ISIS advisor
  120. Obama - "Guns make us less safe."
  121. You would think they'd be nicer to us
  122. Time to Vet Muslim Matchmaking Sites?
  123. obama: U.S. is safe from paris style isis attack
  124. The (In)justice Dept....
  125. San Bernardino will NOT be called domestic terrorism
  126. Afraid to call in suspicious activity
  127. Women in COMBAT
  128. Guns in CA terrorist attack were purchased legally?
  129. War With Islam - Not something new
  130. Pro Lifer's Gun Rights Under Attack
  131. Another shooting, San Bernardino Ca
  132. Obama Unleashes Hunter-Killers on ISIS
  133. Double Standard
  134. Authoritarian Bureaucracy Out Of Control
  135. Another Good Read (imo)
  136. If you know neither the enemy nor yourself
  137. Islam - The Religion of Peace
  138. Only In America
  139. Good read
  140. Understing Syria
  141. One Corrupt NY Politician Down...
  142. Paranoia and Propaganda...Oh My
  143. FBI Stats Show Record Gun Sales
  144. Challenging Federal Machine Gun Ban
  145. I'm not a Trump guy, but Dobbs nails it on this
  146. Dumbest excuse ever...
  147. Gun Owners of Los Angeles, I Salute You...
  148. Jacked Up Jihadists
  149. Charity Begins At Home
  150. Crap... Here We Go Again!
  151. What do the terrorists have in common?
  152. I Love Socialist & Unions
  153. Another gun stolen from federal official tied to San Francisco-area murder
  154. Happy Thanksgiving... From The DNC!
  155. Hillary apologizes for offensive speech
  156. nothing to see here
  157. Long article about Cruz
  158. National debt spikes $578 billion in three weeks
  159. NBC to do the "right thing".
  160. Breaking - Turkey Downs Russian SU24
  161. Haven't seen this for a while
  162. Troops into Syria
  163. Chinese police use a FLAMETHROWER on 'Muslim terror suspects'
  164. Hillary Tweets All Sexual Abuse Accusers Deserve To Be ‘Believed,’
  165. Anyone Want to Hazard a Guess as to What Pistol This Perp is using?
  166. Its back....
  167. Trump isn't my guy, but this seems dirty to me.
  168. Polls Republican Primary
  169. The American Dream And College
  170. Black lives matter protestor at Trump rally
  171. Interesting, they've made them too lazy to even vote.
  172. CNN edited Trumps response
  173. 47 Democrats Vote With Republicans
  174. This Explains It....
  175. Not Our Country
  176. Reason why there is no jihad in the US
  177. Good article
  178. Another "Hoax".
  179. Once Again The Left Is Shamed By It's Policies...
  180. Mali
  181. Very good Ted Cruz interview
  182. Clinton Money Machine
  183. Good Read...
  184. First thing we all need to do
  185. And The French Wonder Why It Always Happens To Them...
  186. arrested in America over ISIS plots - refugees who had been given safe haven
  187. Oh Man the comment section is priceless-Hot Air
  188. Yes, he really does want to steal your guns...
  189. Putin Quote
  190. While Defending Islam in Aftermath of Paris Attacks, Obama Refers to Himself as a Mus
  191. As Republican governors pander to the afraid, a lone voice of reason at Fox
  192. White supremacists charged in plot to bomb black churches
  193. Big Brother Demands We take Them
  194. Paris merely a "test" - article
  195. The week of the invasion of Iraq, The Onion predicted everything that would follow
  196. Birmingham, I have no words.......
  197. Developing Story: Guns Stolen From Armory in Massachusetts
  198. Speaking of Shameless Exploitation....
  199. The Climate Is Connected To Everything
  200. Democratic debate tonight
  201. Police opportunistically seize firearms in LA, offer only vague and invalid excuses
  202. Paris Attacks
  203. Trump
  204. Time for GOP panic?
  205. "Microaggression"
  206. "Smart" magazines are for dumb people....
  207. Typical....
  208. Hillary helps destroy coal industry, wants tax payers to pay for the damage.
  209. Because This Liberal Childlike Madness Deserves It's Own Thread...
  210. HBO T.V. Series "Vice"
  211. Prepare for higher crime rates....
  212. Cold sun rising
  213. Bob Dole endorses Jeb Bush
  214. Grand jury indicts 106 of 177 bikers arrested during deadly Waco shooting
  215. Germany
  216. Australia Bans a Nerf Gun
  217. University of Missouri Police Ask Students to Report ‘Hurtful Speech’
  218. ¡No Se Puede!
  219. Mass shootings, Manchurian candidates?
  220. Class... Chicago Style!
  221. Walking While Black?
  222. One Amazingly Bad Article
  223. 20 questions
  224. Danger of a Cashless Society
  225. Mikhail Lesin heart attack?
  226. Good Read on a Failed Policy
  227. Fears, Rational and Irrational
  228. Trump on SNL
  229. Wisconsin
  230. Louisiana Governor Runoff
  231. Defeating the TPP will take left and right. Here's Breitbart's take:
  232. Carson
  233. Obama Rejects the Keystone Pipeline
  234. Understanding The New World Order
  235. Today's Atrocity...
  236. 16 year olds to vote in DC?
  237. Police officer Charles Gliniewicz faked pursuit, committed suicide
  238. More on Australia....
  239. The True "Arming America"
  240. Sad news.....Guinness going vegan...
  241. NRA signup
  242. A kinder, gentler machine gun hand
  243. NRA wins Virginia
  244. The Presidential Election Has Gone to the Dogs
  245. What has been going on with the airlines?
  246. ISIS bomber is found still alive after blowing himself in HALF
  247. 93 minutes and 38 seconds
  248. 'external impact' blew jet apart
  249. U.S spent $43 MILLION building a gas station in Afghanistan
  250. Obama signs 2-year budget, debt deal