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  1. Oh Baby; The Liberals Will Get Their Panties In A Bunch Over This!
  2. Fox news reports New muslim murders
  3. Belgium carries out domestic terrorists raids
  4. Bobby Jindal-I Like Him!
  5. Bruce Jenner Coming Out As Transgender?
  6. 132-year-old Winchester rifle found propped against a national park tree
  7. UK Atrocity
  8. Duke U.
  9. This is an example of why leftwing NUTS can never win
  10. Obama declares war on extremism
  11. Hey, Crapitalists - Miss Manners says greed is the worst.
  12. Republic
  13. This is an example of why rightwing NUTS can never win
  14. Boehner Grows A Set?
  15. There is still hope for uor youth!
  16. 'America has too many f****** guns'
  17. I was stocking up on the wrong Ammo! UGH!
  18. Alabama middle school
  19. Ohio State wins. Privileged white kids riot.
  20. Obama, Islam Trumps Bill of Rights
  21. New Illinois governor to order spending freeze
  22. IS video purports to show boy executing 'Russian spies'
  23. Left behind
  24. 'Bitcoin Jesus' Calls Rich to Tax-Free Tropical Paradise
  25. Fox Propaganda Network lies, and lies, and lies some more
  26. I'm sure it will be unbiased....
  27. Take that!!!
  28. PU Post Count Drops Significantly
  29. The worst presidents in the world
  30. Brown's Ferry nuclear plant leaks tritium into Tennessee River
  31. 2014 Global Warming Lie Rebuked
  32. Oh Man, Some Muslim Is Laughing His Ass Off!
  33. Gut Check...
  34. Gosh, what a surprise - not....
  35. Good News For PA!
  36. NYC Police/de Blasio In Pissing Match
  37. Socialism - Paradise in Venezuela
  38. Uncensored Video of Terrorist being sent to his Prophet
  39. Kali - 10 shots is too many?!
  40. Stop bleeding instandly
  41. How dare you try to be self sufficient?
  42. Obama to Disband the Marine Corps
  43. Femsteering; the Bane of Mankind?
  44. The Truth About Islam
  45. China publishes nuke impact plans
  46. The Federal Stock Market Lottery
  47. No-Go Zones
  48. Steaming Pile
  49. Obama proposes idea of two free years of community college
  50. Protestor has a change of heart
  51. Christie Administration Proposes More Gun Control For New Jersey
  52. The Train To Nowhere
  53. Paris Atrocity
  54. Pro-Criminal Apologists: The New York Times
  55. A Glimmer of Hope for America?
  56. New Yorkers are Escaping From...
  57. Black Protesters Storm NYC Restaurants
  58. 100 Year Old Navy Vet Dissed at a Ceremony
  59. Gohmert vs. Boehner
  60. France's 75% 'supertax' quietly dies with few mourners
  61. Elected Missouri Democrat threatens voters over white privilege
  62. new Oliver Stone movie about Ukraine
  63. Veteran/former cop's guns confiscated
  64. I wonder if her security is armed?
  65. Dirty Harry is a Train Wreck
  66. My 1st Thread of 2015
  67. Some rare good news
  68. Ban Axes
  69. More noise from MDA...
  70. Have a permit and travelling to/through Maryland?
  71. Bill de Blasio aides asked political allies to publicly slam NYPD officers
  72. A sign of the times
  73. Not too much to ask of the NYPD
  74. Another One Bites The Dust
  75. Canada Massacre
  76. If we thought some police were bad before
  77. Wendy Davis’ post election flip-flop
  78. Camaroon fights back against "boko haram" encroachments
  79. Contrast progressivism with rightwing nuttery
  80. And the pic becomes more complete
  81. Revcom.us
  82. Obama Oppressor Of Blacks
  83. Roll up for the GOP's magical mystery math
  84. How stupid does the White House think we are???
  85. Coal in Sherrif Joe's stocking
  86. The Next Two Years
  87. Give me 100 Trillion Dollars!!!
  88. vets check my post in 'general chat'
  89. Nanny State Health Care
  90. And As The End Begins....
  91. Merry Christmas, free.
  92. Oregon's in the Crosshairs
  93. IS downs warplane over Syria, claims capture of Jordan pilot
  94. Another One Bites The Dust...
  95. Court rules against environmentalists seeking EPA regs for lead bullets
  96. Merry Christmas muslims
  97. Looks like Anonymous has been busy...in North Koea! :)
  98. Grimm pleads guilty to federal tax evasion
  99. Gun control PSA urges kids to steal parents' guns and give them to teachers
  100. Sorry GOM couldn't find your original post
  101. CCW Holser,1-POS-0
  102. Lessons From a Prosecution
  103. Expanding the List
  104. I'm Bored With This Useless Forum
  105. Where to put my money
  106. Answer Me This?
  107. Tim Allen: From Convicted Felon to Pro Gun Rights Advocate.
  108. Obamacare update
  109. Fox "News" absolves cop killer of responsibility for double murder
  110. Someone, evidently, approves of Obama's new get-tough approach
  111. Worst gun advice of 2014?
  112. The Authoritarian Disease
  113. Poetic Justice In Chicagoland?
  114. Racism In America
  115. Assassination
  116. Guess this is twisted justice for some.
  117. Some of them are bound to work....
  118. Al Sharpton get's say in how Sony makes movies.
  119. "Skeptic" misnomer used by media 2 facilitate deniers re climate change & boost sales
  120. My Take on the Week
  121. Lawsuit.....
  122. Happy New Year From Obama
  123. 2A Ruling from 6th Circuit Court of Appeals
  124. Immigrants Destroying Job Opportunity For US Born.
  125. Progress in Ohio
  126. Craig
  127. Extreme police tactics and the use of the "no knock" warrant
  128. Question of the day.
  129. Australia Mass Stabbing
  130. The Real War
  131. Military Analysts: Bergdahl Report to Show He Deserted
  132. US appeals court deems gun law unconstitutional
  133. US appeals court deems gun law unconstitutional
  134. Protesting in Birmingham Al. today & Sat. !!
  135. The Hegelian Dialectic
  136. Which Upcoming Movie Gets Censored/Shut Down Next?
  137. Don't drive through Victoria Texas
  138. Deja Vu! - The Peanut Potus and the Mariel boatlift
  139. Cops are more likely to shoot who?
  140. Republican Wins House Seat After....
  141. USA to normalize relations with Cuba
  142. Obama, Clinton, NJ Sen Menendez Get Visa For Equadoran Criminal Campaign Donors
  143. Betrayal Of The Truth
  144. Virginia gunowners in the crosshairs....
  145. Ah, Christmas In Alabama
  146. Pakistan Massacre
  147. The truth about the economy
  148. Philadelphia
  149. Why Liberals fear Christians more than Militant Islam
  150. White liberal hypocrisy revealed in all its glory
  151. Multiculturalism in Australia
  152. So much for brightly colored toys saving lives....
  153. Hostage standoff in Sydney Australia
  154. Ambush in Mogadishu The real 'Black Hawk Down' story
  155. Useful idiots being played by racist blacks
  156. Virginia Democrat Pleads Guilty to 'Contributing to Delinquency' of Teen
  157. Poking the Bear again....
  158. Cruz, Lee Win War with Harry Reid, Force Vote Against Executive Amnesty
  159. Who killed Jessica Lane Chambers?
  160. black reverend giver al and jessie down the road.
  161. Educator crucified by presumed hunting witch
  162. What America's come to
  163. Taxpayers may be on the hook again...
  164. H.R 4681Ramping up mass surveillance
  165. GOP POTUS nominee bench warmers or real deal
  166. Obama Justice Department Was Involved
  167. House Republicans caught sticky-faced
  168. Look what black men have done.
  169. CC Question
  170. Wendy Davis gets Texas Monthly's 2014 'Bum Steer of the Year'
  171. Great potential for Obama's new career
  172. Do Nothing Democrats
  173. Sony Pictures Chair and producer mock President Obama in racist emails
  174. Weird Insurance Story...
  175. The Christmas Season Is Upon Us
  176. Cool Cops At Christmas Time!
  177. How Team Obama Justifies The Killing
  178. President Who Vowed To End War, Now..
  179. Instead of prosecuting Torturers, Obama
  180. More people support gun rights
  181. Rightwingers built that.
  182. ISIS throws man off roof to his death for being gay
  183. American terrorist arrested in Israel
  184. a little article for "Freesw"
  185. Do-nothing Republicans
  186. School tells 13-year-olds they can have sex, choose gender
  187. Gruber Lawyers Up...
  188. Obola: Demonstrations Are Necessary...
  189. 46 Million on Food Stamps for 36 Months in a Row
  190. Eric Garner Was an Habitual Criminal
  191. Kroger Profits Up 21 Percent After Refusing To Ban Guns
  192. Could this be why bankers don't blow the whistle?
  193. Obamanomics: Spread-the-Wealth fraud perpetrated on middle class America
  194. Stand together with New York or pay the price
  195. Gruber strikes again....
  196. The grand jury system for police shootings is fixed, a travesty of justice
  197. Weird story out of WI
  198. CIA reports
  199. Faux "news," where the failure never ends
  200. Afghanistan mired in war as US combat command ends
  201. Victory on Burnaby Mountain
  202. Facebook
  203. New York flags 278 gun owners as mentally unstable
  204. Obola sets a new record!
  205. Eric Garner is a Patriot
  206. Militaty Morale Lowest Since Clinton
  207. Very Good Article
  208. Austin police chief
  209. Reaganomics: Trickle-down fraud perpetrated on middle class America
  210. Feds put police chief Mark Kessler up to making extremist videos
  211. December 7, 1941—a date which will live in infamy
  212. The end is near. No, really.
  213. Bloomy On the March...
  214. Mary Landrieu defeated!
  215. Sharpton told to stay away
  216. Trolls: Pawns Of The Wealthy
  217. Obama And The Republic
  218. Fury actor jailed for collectible handgun
  219. Western Tribes under attack by Obama
  220. Hillary 2016 music video...
  221. Coal plant closures over new EPA...
  222. Fort Hood victims set to receive Purple Hearts, combat status
  223. Poking the angry Bear again
  224. May be some hope for Nevada
  225. Death by Cop (The new Black Martyrdom ?)
  226. Women better at Conflict resolution? Huh?
  227. Race for dem nomination is on...
  228. Ukraine War
  229. Why on earth would an illegal want amnesty?
  230. USA is #2 Economy
  231. Is An Establishment GOP Sellout Imminent?
  232. Gunfight in Grozny
  233. Another bad idea....
  234. The President Rewrites The Obama Care.
  235. Here we go again.
  236. Hammer killing in St.Lo NOT a hate crime?
  237. "Police Consider Charging Michael Brown's...
  238. Libel suit against notoriuos kultist moves forward
  239. When the Welfare State Collapses...
  240. Anonymous shuts down Florida government websites
  241. The AssWhuppin Continues ...
  242. Academic Nutjob Of The Year - Not Gruber
  243. No need to protect Police, end armored vehicles.
  244. 18 trillion $$$$$$$$$$$
  245. Yet another rightwing nut cooks off
  246. Everytown versus NRA
  247. FBI ISIS Threat at home
  248. Nevada Alert!
  249. Oregon Alert!
  250. St. Louis cops pissed at NFL