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  1. Supremes Get one Right and One Wrong
  2. Is Memphis a Detroit suburb?
  3. Wanna Bet ??
  4. Here comes the double dip
  5. Federal judge rules U.S. no-fly list violates Constitution
  6. Uhhh, the highway patrol?
  7. Wackosphere melting down in Mississippi right now
  8. More MRAPS to police departments
  9. More PC BS
  10. Political correctness bites Michelle Obama in her huge ass
  11. IRS Commissioner Insists Law Hasn't Been Broken, Admits He Doesn't Know the Law
  12. Three big left wing lies
  13. NOAA/NASA Fake Warming Data
  14. south carolan shooter blames white victim and media
  15. Racists murder off-duty cop working security at Waffle House
  16. I missed Something?
  17. Hillary Has Serious Heart Condition
  18. This message is hidden as all libtards are on your ignore list.
  19. Whack a whitey(?)... to death!
  20. Bloomy Under the Radar....
  21. CCW for all
  22. Bob on Iraq!
  23. Oops!
  24. Three big right wing lies
  25. Steve Stockman's "The Dog Ate My Tax Receipts Act":
  26. HSA/ICE prepare for the immigration influx back in January
  27. I.D.needed
  28. Remember in November....
  29. Hillary laughs about how she got rapist of a 12 year old off with light sentence
  30. You are to small minded to run your own affairs
  31. Look, up in the sky, it's a bird, it's a plane.....
  32. ISIS Find Saddam's Chemical Weapons Facility!
  33. Rupert Murdoch intervenes in immigration reform debate
  34. Hillary's Fake Journaists Gearing Up For 2016
  35. Obama's Approval Rating On Immigration Has Crashed
  36. Eric Cantor sets off my 'gaydar'...
  37. freesw pisses himself over imaginary threats again
  38. Gameover posts yet another death threat
  39. Who Is Mohamed Elibiary?
  40. Dad ordered to appear in court....even though he is deployed on a submarine
  41. Do our votes count?
  42. Obama perceived as anti-gun exaggerated imo
  43. What Gun Advocates Should Remember: You'll Never Overthrow The Government
  44. Deployed soldier desperately trying to get back his beloved dog
  45. Hillary
  46. Gun Control kills
  47. Wait for it
  48. New Poll Is A Disaster For Obama
  49. Gun Country....
  50. Moms Demand....Armed Security?
  51. Observing the Enemy.....
  52. Maybe this is a weird bunch of questions
  53. Liars, Dupes, or Ignorant? Take your choice....
  54. Two days before the first vote
  55. Supreme Court rules on 'straw purchaser' law
  56. ISIS Enacts strict gun control
  57. Wendy Davis going beyond Texas for campaign bucks
  58. Nazi Pelosi gives the SF bishop orders!
  59. What a race riot sounds like
  60. Man Fined For Flying 13 Stars
  61. Iraqi Atrocities
  62. Another of Obama's son's
  63. High Speed Pursuit
  64. Anti-Gunners on the Move!
  65. Never Give A Sucker An Even Break!
  66. Lack of Major Wars Hurting Economic Growth
  67. Another blow to the MMGWNJs
  68. It keeps getting worse!
  69. How convenient
  70. Everyone noticed...
  71. Iran Sends Troops to Iraq
  72. Global Warming Burns Out In Stalinist Absurdity
  73. How to spot a fake gunowner...
  74. $17 Billion and About 5,000 Americans Down the Drain
  75. Obummer the dictator
  76. Eric Cantor loses to teabag candidate, and no one in this "politics" forum notices
  77. Yup, never let a good tragidy go to waste!
  78. Plutocrats are joining the Marxists!
  79. Top Glaciologist Refutes Global Warming
  80. another good guy with a gun, and his wife
  81. Feel the love....
  82. Future Democrats Pour Across our Border in Anticipation of Amnesty
  83. Sign of things to come?
  84. How to get rich quick duping right wing dimwits
  85. Boko Haram militants 'kidnap up to 40 young mothers
  86. Shooting in Oregon
  87. Militants Overrun Iraq's Second-Largest City As Government Forces Flee
  88. Not Funny
  89. Coming to America?
  90. freesw True Identity Discovered
  91. war is hell
  92. Screw PC
  93. Shooting in Vegas
  94. ODingus Chews Gum During D-Day Event
  95. Garands blocked from import
  96. Georgia deputies avert latest wingnut murder spree
  97. Jobs Report Just Deepens Democrat Doom
  98. High School High Jinx
  99. States Attnys General "Rulings"
  100. Slam!
  101. Good article on APP
  102. US to send advisors to Ukraine....
  103. Its D day.
  104. Inside Jane Fonda’s Tearful, Starry AFI Tribute
  105. Must have been really hungry
  106. Video games and movies
  107. How obutthole really feels about illegals...
  108. Liberal agent provocateur or idiot?
  109. Bergdal Release Big Victory For Taliban - Kidnap More
  110. Relentless Incompetence: Americans Are Giving Up on Obama
  111. Ah nuts
  112. Liberals are scared to death...
  113. The Tea Party Criminality Express rolls on
  114. Amen!!
  115. Another day,another prisoner release
  116. Lessons From MA
  117. Backlash cancels Hailey's celebration of Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl's return
  118. Potential For Abuse....
  119. Texas gives back to California...
  120. Wheelchair Assault Victim
  121. Democrats Want To Trash First Amendment
  122. The Darkest Day in Modern American History was Today
  123. Voting Info
  124. Ah,kids today
  125. NRA says Open Carry Texas demonstrations 'downright scary'
  126. Holder's at it again!
  127. Pedophiles want same rights as homosexuals
  128. 4 Texas open-carry advocacy org's issue a sensible joint statement on long gun OC
  129. Ares Armor -Letter regarding AB-1014
  130. What's in a phrase?
  131. Don’t Argue With Liberals – It Only Encourages Them
  132. Is Obama the most successful POTUS
  133. Operation Choke Point
  134. American soldier freed from Afghanistan
  135. Bloomberg said this????
  136. American Suicide Bomber is not a Coincidence
  137. U.S Marine held in Mexico
  138. Another rat leaves the sinking ship
  139. VA secretary Shinseki resigns following Obama meeting
  140. Good speech from unexpected source
  141. Scores of undocumented migrants dropped off in Arizona
  142. she will receive 100 LASHES before execution for marrying a Christian
  143. SWAT team throw a stun grenade into a toddler's CRIB
  144. Town Pays CCW Holder $25K for False Arrest
  145. barry soetoro's West Point Speech
  146. Thank God for Fox News
  147. Smoking gun
  148. Lets get back to what works
  149. And here's the fallout...
  150. Chicago farce
  151. Why We Don't have An Honest Global Warming Debate
  152. Media, Perception, and Selective Memory
  153. Everyone gets a perfect score!
  154. LBJ's Great Society on parade
  155. Labor Secretary Tom Perez
  156. The PU news and politics "mental welfare check is in order" list
  157. They want 'em all...
  158. Let's have a party!!!!
  159. White House Accidentally Blows Cover of CIA Station Chief in Kabul
  160. Happy Memorial Day
  161. Crazies, Controls, and Substitution
  162. one in three babies are aborted in Detroit
  163. Those wacky muslims
  164. Cold,cold,cold
  165. Hail Mary Pass For Registration?
  166. Mass shooting in Kali....
  167. Tannerite in the crosshairs....
  168. Liberals Touted VA Health Care
  169. Pakistani immigrant who beat his wife to death because she made him the wrong dinner
  170. If you needed more evidence...
  171. Right wing scumbag James O'Keefe busted for fraud ... yet again
  172. The Case for Reparations
  173. Thailand's Army Pulls Coup
  174. New Jersey gun control bill passes Assembly, heads to governor's desk
  175. I like this sign!
  176. Secret White House meeting
  177. Fort Hood shooting WAS inspired by al-Qaeda
  178. Cop beat down
  179. Car gas prices 1994-2014
  180. Plaasmorde
  181. More Hispanics Declaring Themselves White
  182. Children of Holocaust Survivors Hold Gun Training
  183. It's Another Day in the Neighborhood and Another Day for Whack-A Whitey
  184. Well, how about that?
  185. He's not perfect....
  186. For those who are in denial here it is folks!
  187. Obama is bringing the world to the brink of 'a second Cold War
  188. US to prosecute China for Cycberspying - What a Joke!
  189. Severe flooding in Bosnia, Serbia and Croatia - worst in over a century
  190. If the preservation of our 2nd amendment were really an objective,
  191. The long-overdue Conservative Serial Liar wall of shame
  192. Michelle Obama Would Like Students to Monitor Family Members for Racial Insensitivity
  193. How Liberalism Violates All 10 Commandments
  194. Bushmaster to Leave Ilion NY
  195. 1 million moms AGAINST gun control
  196. those pesky democrats!
  197. Meet Booker Wright
  198. Hillary Clinton is a flaming RACIST, LOL
  199. The Sins Of Our Fathers: How LBJ Liberalism Wrecked America
  200. R.I.P. Miss Beazley.
  201. Welcome to the jungle,part 2
  202. That was NOT a UFO
  203. The depravity and turpitude of GAMEOVER the racist spammer
  204. BringBackOurGirls Hashtag - In Pictures
  205. The End Is Nigh. Antarctic Melting Irreversable. Beware Eldritch Horror
  206. Dear Citizen Control Cultists: You’re The Problem - Colin Noir
  207. Good guys 1,bad guys 0
  208. "Operation American Spring"
  209. Rank racism is the new Republican prereequisite
  210. Obamacare shoe about to drop
  211. Another Day, Another Whack-A-Whitey in Living Color
  212. Illinois Alert
  213. Lock and Load Folks!
  214. Its not just guns they want....
  215. Liberals are trapped in Bizarro-land
  216. I've lost all respect for the term Racist
  217. New York Times female Editor Fired For Asking For Equal Pay
  218. To Protect And Serve...
  219. So How Are Those No-Knock Warrants Working Out?
  220. 36,000 Illegal Criminals Hit the Streets and the MSM is Silent
  221. It's Wednesday! Time for a Whack-A Whitey.
  222. Inequality Myths
  223. Manning, seeking gender treatment, OK'd for move
  224. Has Business Abandoned American Workers
  225. If you need a laugh...
  226. Manning Johnson: Color, Communism and Common Sense
  227. Guide to LiberalSpeak
  228. Mother's Day Messages - More Abortions & More Gun Control
  229. Who needs a gun?
  230. Liberal pundit: Chris Stevens wasn't 'murdered' in Benghazi
  231. Our tax dollars at work
  232. White House wanted Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner to LIE to the public
  233. DHS Emails Reveal U.S. May Have Terrorist “Hands Off” List
  234. Why Now?
  235. Never let a crisis go to waste. Especially if it involves guns!
  236. Swatting for gun control....
  237. He Died of Smoke Inhalation???
  238. I just don't know what to say
  239. cyberpunk get his just desserts
  240. Remembering those...
  241. More Hillary Baggage - Boko Haram
  242. Don't you love spring carnivals?
  243. Media Is Made Up Of Miserable Liberals
  244. I Would Support This Guy for POTUS in 2016
  245. and the beat goes on
  246. Respose to Durango better suited to N&P
  247. What the Living Constitutionalists Don’t Get about Public Prayer
  248. Nothing to see here... just a coincidence... no news on Benghazi
  249. Houston Authorities Searching For ‘Serial Defecator’
  250. The Real Gun Violence Issue