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  1. Electoral college
  2. Surprise! - another Chiraq murder!
  3. Killer **cop** Indited
  4. How is it that all of these new treaties are classified ...
  5. California Lawmakers Send Defiant Message to NRA After Taking Major Action on Gun Con
  6. Africa, Capitalism, and the "Elimination of Poverty"
  7. One Second After
  8. I love this letter
  9. The (abused) term "terrorist"...
  10. Private Prison Lobbyists Are Top Fundraisers for Hillary Clinton
  11. Hilarious: Two Plain-Speaking Black Women ‘Stump For Trump’ (NSFW)
  12. History teacher schools county commisioners
  13. 'bangers' behave predictably, fire shots near reporter
  14. All The GOP Wannabes Are Running Scaired, Except For One
  15. Not Everything obutthole Has done For America Is Bad...
  16. Kathleen Willey launches anti-Hillary website
  17. Why don't The Feds Treat The Criminal Hitlery Clinton this Way?
  18. Is America Collapsing?
  19. Reagon & Nobama????
  20. Gunless Mass Murder.....
  21. Great Article
  22. Australia....
  23. Abolishing the Suburbs....
  24. Does Your SHTF Water Purification Pass the Poop Test?
  25. Watch out, bros.
  26. Another day, another rightwing extremist cooks off
  27. Cruz Calls McConnell a Liar
  28. BREAKING NEWS! Charles Haley is Banned from the PU Forum Forever
  29. BREAKING NEWS! Hulk Hogan is Banned From PU Forum Forever
  30. Stupid People
  31. 2 More Examples of the Pussification of Ameirca
  32. Obama's greatest frustration, lack of gun control
  33. Theater shooting in Louisiana
  34. Another Day Another Atrocity
  35. Obama And The Media
  36. Why am I not surprised?
  37. Cousin Ted Calls Out ICE Director
  38. Global Warming is the cause for...
  39. Officer killed in Hayward,Ca.
  40. News Anchor Gets Fed Up With Obama
  41. My Observations of the New Pussification of America
  42. Wireless Internet connected vehicles can be hacked
  43. Wesley Clark, internment camps
  44. Black Lives Matter
  45. Suspects in Lawrence shooting shouldn't have been in U.S.
  46. A hot time in old Charlestown
  47. Rachel Dolezal: 'I didn't mislead anybody; I didn't deceive anybody'
  48. Rethink
  49. Gun Grab Aimed at Seniors....
  50. Just when you thought it couldn't get worse...
  51. Trump
  52. New PU Sheriff In Town
  53. We Told You It Was Coming
  54. ISIS film a CHILD carrying out a beheading
  55. NOT a Republican-Democrat Issue!! Its "WE the PEOPLE"
  56. Obama sends out a “Happy End of Ramadan” greeting
  57. Japan Moves to Allow Military Combat for First Time in 70 Years
  58. It's Day 2 of the Jade Helm 15 invasion
  59. Another peaceful Muslim
  60. Barack Obama's destruction of the military
  61. Lesson from Greece....
  62. Adios to all.
  63. St.Louis officer shot.
  64. Even wierder than texting while driving
  65. The Latest Racist Thing According To The Liberal Left…
  66. Body Parts for Sale
  67. I am leaving the south
  68. More of Obama's sons
  69. 18-day negotiation yields landmark Iran nuclear accord
  70. Cartoon worth 1000 words.....
  71. The Confederate Flag!!!
  72. AMERICAN Flag Challenge!!!!
  73. Pentagon announces plan aimed at lifting transgender ban
  74. Call to Obama at the WH
  75. PC insanity in Memphis over N B Forrest
  76. Kate Steinle
  77. Communism is the Devil's Playground
  78. Iran
  79. D.C.Mansion Murders
  80. Twist on CBF Ban....
  81. 20 years of cleaning up NYC p!ssed away
  82. Gun Control 2.0....
  83. I think I found Free @ friends homepage
  84. Today in history
  85. david koch a do-gooder?
  86. The Sky Is Falling, The Sky Is Falling
  87. Donald Trump
  88. I wonder why?
  89. Gun Grabbers Found a New "Loophole"....
  90. Oh My, Yet Another Liberal "Inconvenient Truth" About Firearms!
  91. Biden supporters insist 'all signals are pointed' towards a WH run
  92. Capitalism is devil's dung
  93. FBI:Dylann Roof got gun because of screening system failures
  94. Is a mini ICE AGE on the way?
  95. homeless boy, 9, who does his homework by the light of a McDonald's restaurant
  96. Main Stream Media & Propaganda
  97. A Refreshing Perspective Inside NAACP
  98. Speaking of flags....
  99. Kate Seine's Funeral
  100. Kate Seine's Funeral
  101. Baltimore Police Commissioner Terminated
  102. The flag is coming down in South Carolina, and the dupes of divide and rule are mad
  103. Obutthole Administration Drops the Ball Again!
  104. Thought I might brighten up your day......
  105. New York Stock Exchange & Lies?
  106. At another time in America this would topple a Presidency
  107. Proof that Liberalism in Action = Massive Failure
  108. Obama/MMGW, both wrong. I'm right again, as usual. :)
  109. Wall Street outage
  110. Eric Holder cashes in
  111. Which News To Believe
  112. Top 20 Most Hated Men in Hollywood
  113. Defense Secretary Carter says just 60 Syrian rebels in training
  114. Freedom of Speech....
  115. Cultural Revolution
  116. Krauthammer: Clinton engaged in “a fake campaign”
  117. Cincinnati
  118. Keep your powder dry 99%
  119. Found a democrat in my chicken house
  120. Sweden Immigration
  121. What I believe, and why
  122. Excellent Article
  123. 46 blacks shot in chicago this weekend
  124. Death Of European Marxism
  125. A time for choosing
  126. Oxi!
  127. Time for 28th Amendment?
  128. Haha....yeah, that's about right.
  129. 12 year old threatened
  130. Bobby Jinda?
  131. Foxworthy and Larry saw it coming.
  132. Racial Slur Database, Equal Opportunity!
  133. 07/04/15 And The State Of The Union
  134. Speaks for itself....
  135. LSU Students Call for Removal!!! Unbelievable
  136. marriage equality and polygamists
  137. Woman shot and killed in San Fran.
  138. Pin the Tale on the Donkey: Democrats' Horrible Racist Past
  139. Happy Birthday "New" America
  140. More Racism in America
  141. Clarence Thomas Is a ‘Clown in Blackface,’ Says Gay Activist
  142. Woman Says She Won't Have Abortion If Given $1 Million
  143. Leland Yee Pleads Guilty
  144. Trump's daughter Ivanka faces a barrage of hateful comments on Instagram over her dad
  145. If you think America is bad, get a load of this ...
  146. Email bombshells from Hillary's secret account
  147. current day 'slavery' labeled 'labor abuse' to fill your cats bowls
  148. Cultural Storm Clouds Brewing
  149. Jeb Bush talks about his foreign bride
  150. More "heritage"
  151. Racist gas guzzlers on parade
  152. Chilling map predicts where ISIS will strike the West
  153. The immaculate contraception
  154. Hillary Clinton Opposed Gay Marriage!!!
  155. Massive New Evidence’ in Freddie Gray Case
  156. Banning racist things.
  157. Yet Another Nail In America's Coffin...
  158. Why The Democrats Are The Party Of SLAVERY
  159. USA now 2nd largest Spanish speaking country
  160. Flag of the united states of america
  161. The SCOTUS ObamaCare Decission
  162. Who Is Really Backing Gay Marrage?
  163. The Shape of Things to Come?
  164. Anti-capitalists the world over are uniting to fight back against the cult of death
  165. David Sweat captured
  166. Prejudiced or Racist ?
  167. Sheriff Joe Arpaio protests
  168. The Stars And Bars Flies High Over The South!
  169. Pat Boone explains to Obama the difference between racism and evil
  170. Bitter dissents in gay marriage case lay bare deep divide in high court
  171. Destruction of The Union
  172. The Declaration of Independence
  173. Shtf, teotwawki, nukes, virus, zombies, quake, worl, volcano, govt?
  174. Richard Matt killed
  175. "Voting"
  176. This One has got to Go Too!
  177. Same sex marriage
  178. The SCOTUS is Being Blackmailed
  179. More Liberal Double Standards
  180. The 2015 poorly educated and deranged ranger hall of funhouse mirrors
  181. Some education about the South
  182. It's time to take down racist rap music
  183. members here that like the 'soup spitter' jesse jackson stand up!!
  184. Pennsylvania court blocks avenue for NRA lawsuits
  185. Farrakhan and the American flag
  186. Ebay new policy-ITAR
  187. curt mini14: "The only good gay is a dead gay"
  188. Blond cop joke
  189. Hillary Clinton Headquarters!!!
  190. Holy crap! I have to defend Hillary!
  191. Good article....
  192. Wave That Flag
  193. Now they're after The Dukes of Hazzard?
  194. Take Down the Fascist, Anti-Christian Gay-Pride Flag
  195. What about this one?
  196. Is this it?
  197. Malik Zulu Shabazz; The Shining Example of the Left's Tolerance
  198. Rand Paul Backs Confederate Flag Removal, Calls It Symbol of Racism and Murder
  199. Well, it's come to this.
  200. Shelby Foote and the Confederate Battle Flag
  201. Is the SPLC aiding and abetting terrorism?
  202. Cuomo's Epic Fail - Mass Non Compliance for the SAFE ACT
  203. “Black America” Is A Bloody Mess
  204. Ebay- Property- Ransom Payments
  205. Muslims For Liberty at Porcfest
  206. Democrats Plan to Shut Down!!!!!!
  207. Pope Francis Says Manufacturing Fire Arms is Immoral.
  208. Isn't it funny.....
  209. Nikki Haley calls for removal of Confederate flag from capitol grounds
  210. Only Difference Between Dylann Roof and Bill Ayers Is Legitimacy Among the Left
  211. Lie fans in Heaven...
  212. What do you call six guys slapping the monkey in a round pattern?
  213. Leader of Council of "Conservative" Citizens donated $65,000 to Republican candidates
  214. Is President Obama Really A Socialist?
  215. Wtf??!!
  216. 51 years ago, tonight
  217. Gruber was integral to obamacare. Obama lied again
  218. The Confederate Flag - A symbol of racism for over a century.....
  219. Will capital or labor prevail in Greece?
  220. The Big Lie of the Confederate States of America
  221. At long last the confederate flag is being put to good use
  222. Child's birthday party turns into bloodbath as gunmen shoot 10 people
  223. Take down that flag
  224. Council of Conservative Citizens exposed
  225. From a NH News Paper....interesting indeed!
  226. Bovine story!!!!!
  227. The 2nd Amendment Saved!!!!
  228. Conservative...
  229. Michelle Obama waves communist flags
  230. Finally, Louisville police union president throws down the gauntlet
  231. Charleston terrorist words read just like those of the kultists here.
  232. Hillary's blood dance begins
  233. Maybe they'll ban cars and knives too....
  234. Charlie Daniels recent letter to President Obama
  235. This is sick....
  236. It's getting old
  237. higher strength of character and faith could hardly be found
  238. Psych 101
  239. 2011 Deaths !!!
  240. A Man Died
  241. 'I'm sorry. I said things that weren't true'
  242. Charleston Shooter Was on Drug Linked to Violent Outbursts
  243. And now calls for a draft....
  244. FBI in Midst of Broad Campaign to Disrupt ISIS
  245. Libya , Gadaffi, Chrysler New Holland, Bailouts
  246. Ronald's EDC Was A .38 Special
  247. Donal Trump is the ideal Republican candidate
  248. Trump is running
  249. The Comical Conservative
  250. Guilty until proved innocent....