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Please help! Need lee loader 12 guage instructions.

OK, I decided to dabble in a little 12 guage reloading and I thought the tool was a neat way to do a "few" at a time.
I got one from fleebay. Nice condition and complete EXCEPT for the instructions... I'm no rocket scientist and I can get the general gist of how it works. would be nice to have a little "factory sugestion" now and then to fall back on for comfort.

I already contacted Lee, they don't offer coppies of the instructions for the shotgun line anymore

I tried my luck for 15 minutes iwht google and was left wanting.
Does anybody have a copy of these instructions? Maybe a link to somewere online where they are available?

Thanks in advance.

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Never mind. I just bought another loader in 20 guage.
If anybody ever has the same problem and finds this thread PM me and I will ground mail a copy to you.
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It's a great little loader. I really loved mine. Perfect to reload a hundred, or so, shells a week. I guess that, by now, you've figured out to always use Winchester AA hulls - Right!
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