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Model 12s

Any Model 12 fans here?
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Would love to get a short barrled one for the home
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I have a 1949 vintage 16 gauge. Sweet gun! Best pump ever made IMHO.
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Got a real nice clean 12 ga with a Cutts compensator. Like to take it skeet shooting occassionally. Its hard to miss with the old spreader tube.
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First shotgun I ever fired was a model 12. Solid shotguns you see all these tactical shotguns with pistol grips and extending butt stocks and they feel cheap. My dad just purchased a model 12 heavy duck gun and its definitely a "Boom Stick." Most model 12 shotguns shoot 2 3/4 but the heavy duck gun shoots 3" magnum rounds. If you find one in good shape you wont be disappointed.
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my favorite "go to" shotgun is my model 12 20ga. i had a model 12 16ga that i traded off this week. had it for 20 yrs & never shot it, the 20ga just always seems to end up going to the field with me. i've had it for over 30 yrs & will never sell or trade it.
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