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Remmington 870 sight picture with ATI stock

Hey guys, I have a question for you. I recently came into possession of an ATI collapsing stock for my remmington 870 express magnum. I installed it and everything works well, the only problem is the sight picture. My 870 has a bead sight, and the stock prevents me from positioning my cheek in right position. The stock was a gift, and I really would like to make it work. Any ideas?
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A little more info about how the stock prevents you from positioning your cheek correctly, please. Too high? Too low? Too far forward? Backward? Left? Right? Big lump under your cheekbone? Link to pix of stock?
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tactical stocks are usually higher, preventing you from getting low enough to use bead sights at the rib. You may consider a set of elevated rifle sights like those on the police models, or maybe a picatinny rail for a dot sight. The dot is a lot of fun, but either is quite efffective.
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