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No more pistol grip

I got this funiture off of ebay and replaced the plastic pistol grip and fore end on my mossberg 500. Never did like to shoot with the pistol grip configuration. I think she turned out nice. Gives her a WW1 trench gun look, And is nice on the weight as far as the wood goes. Any way was wondering if any of you have got rid of pistol grips, didnt like it.
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That's cool. You like the wood or just like having a stock? If I were just out hunting with the guys I like real wood but for the range, I love my Knoxx recoil reducing stock.

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Its got a nice recoil pad. but I like the wood. Ive had the polymer and it has its place and use. An AR with wood would not look right. If my shoot gun was stainless the polymer would be the right thing, if I was going to be on the water, and so on . It all comes down to different strokes for different folks.
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That sir, looks good, real good.

Most of my guns are black. And as you know, most black guns don't use wood furniture.

But I have a Benelli M1, with wood stocks that look much like yours. So, I decided I'd paint them black, to match all my other guns. Well sir, this gun had been hit with stain, oil and polishing material for so long, that it wouldn't take nothing...

So, I cleaned it, gave it a real good steel wooling, and taking hours and hours of hand polishing while watching the gun show on tv, put an awesome linseed oil finish on it.

I'm probably going to do that again sometime, when I have a gun with nice wood stocks.

Shotgun Bill
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I actually took the Knox folding pistol grip stock off my 870... While I like the recoil reduction I don't like having to roll my hand off the pistol grip to hit the forend release. Replaced it with the Hogue reduced LOP stock which works for me but is not nearly as pretty as that wood. Nice looking Shotty, especially like that "trench gun" look...
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Ive always been a fan of wood stocks and finaly grabbed me up the wood stock with wood handgaurd for my Mini. I ordered it off ebay and it was a Frankenstein with a rattlecan rubber coat someone threw on. After strippin it low and behold its black walnut but the handgaurd is the original blond. once its done Ill post some pics. Nice vent gaurd by the way plumbernater I kinda wanna get one for my Punkin gun. I grabbed a wingmaster magnum at a yardsale years ago with the plans of a combat style shotty. I think the vent gaurd would finish it up nicely.

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I know where you coming from. Heres my mini a old 181.
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I agree. I love the look of wood. My superposed will always stay the way it came from the factory.
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