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Adkal MKA 1919

CORRECTION: Weapon is the Akdal MKA 1919, not the Adkal

Has anyone on here had any experience with these? Its a new(ish) Turkish made 12 ga that is designed with the controls (except charging handle) and overall look of an AR-15. TROMIX is supposed to be working on 922r/upgrade parts for these. Seen a few reviews online and wondering if anyone here has shot one...

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I've been very actively shooting my 2 week old Akdal (serial number 342), and to say I'm very impressed would be an understatement.

But first, some pertinent facts. The gun is a 12 ga. semi-auto, fed by steel magazines. It comes with two mags, both a 3 inch and a 2.75 inch. I've shot a lot, and can say that in my own case, the magazines are completely interchangable. You can shoot either length round out of either magazine, and can in fact, mix them up indiscriminately.

The gun is a close look alike to the AR15, albeit about 25 percent larger. The mag release, the LRBHO, the open sights, even the flat top and handle all say AR.

But it is a shootin' fool. I have quite a lot of experience with Saiga 12's for instance (have two and wouldn't trade them for the best blue tick hound around), and have found that in order to make them truly reliable, they must be massaged, with reprofiled and polished internals, feed ramp, slides, bolt, and so forth. And even at that, they can perform perfectly on bulk Wal-Mart 7.5 or 8 shot rounds one time, and experience failures to feed, to eject, to make you happy that is, the next. I love my Saigas, but this gun is everything the Saiga isn't.

Out of the box, this gun shoots 7s and 8s with nary a tremor. I'd say, that among my small collection of semi auto shotguns, including Benellis and Saigas, the gun shoots the softest of them all.

Currently, this gun would not be in compliance with 922r, so hi capacity mags are a no-no. However, several manufacturers are working on producing the necessary American made parts to make the gun compliant, and I suspect hi-cap magazines to be coming down the pike pretty soon.

I'm of two minds on the hi-cap mags for this gun. Number one, the gun shoots anything you put in it reliably, and so doesn't need or call for better triggers, conversions and so forth. But, you can legally use only the 5 round mags.To be compliant, you'd have to replace a number of what are already fine and well working parts.

But secondly, hi-capacity magazines on the gun would increase the weight, perhaps unacceptably, while carrying on your person several 5 round mags is easily done. And changing the mags can be quick and easy, since there is no 'rock and lock' or other such machinations involved in loading the mag. Just put it there and give it a push.

And here, the last round bolt hold open is a decided blessing, since all that fooling around with the charging handle can be better used for adding speed to reloads.

Anyhow, at this point, I love this shotgun.

And have added some rails to the forearm (easily done), added an AR15 handle-top rail, which can take lights, scopes, red dots and so forth.

In fact, in almost out of the box condition, this gun may come the closest I've seen to the perfect home defense shotgun...of course, that means any additions, or upgrades, or expensive changes will be harder to justify, taking away that small bit of purpose in our continual buying of gun stuff.

But that of course, is between you and the little woman...

Good shootin' to ya,

Shotgun Bill
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Weight smeight just give me a 90 rd 12 ga beta drum already !
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