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Escort MP-A Autoloading 12 Gauge Review

picked up one of these last week for $430 and finally got the chance to shoot today.


Fit and finish is excellent, dissasembly is a breeze, it appears to be well designed, and the ergonomics are quite good. I was encouraged to hear that the guys who sold it to me managed to shoot one of these guns at a shooting convention awhile back and they were thouroughly impressed with the reliablity of thier example. They said it shot everything they fed it with suprising ease.
here are the Specs...
• Security & law enforcement purpose 12 gauge, 3” / 76 mm chamber tactical semi automatic shotgun shotgun.
• Fast Loading System & Smart Valve Piston.
• Fixed cylinder choke 18” (46 cm) or 20” (51 cm) slug barrel for shot or slugs.
• Flash suppressor on muzzle and additional muzzle cap supplied in the box. Door buster for muzzle is available as an option.
• Ghost ring adjustable rear sight integrated on the picatinny rail and adjustable front sight with fiber optic sights.
• Picatinny rail fitted on aircraft alloy receiver.
• 2-Shotshells holder insert on stock for emergency.
• Spacer shims to adjust the slope of the stock for a perfect fit.
• Strong and durable advanced polymer compound synthetic stock with integrated pistol grip.
• Elastic material covered pistol grip for better feel and grip.
• Integrated picatinny rail on forend.
• Ergonomic design long forend for fast and easy action.
• Barrels are made of nickel-chromium-molybdenum steel with additional chrome plating
internally & are proof tested for 1200 kg / cm² (17160 lb. per square inch).
• Tough black matte finish.
• Elastic butt pad for recoil absorption.
• Manual cross-button trigger safety.
• Magazine capacity: 7+1 in 20” / 51 cm barrels. 5+1 in 18” / 46 cm barrels.
• Sling swivels on stock and magazine cap.

Here is a pic of mine and the basic takedown procedure...

To dissasemble do the following...

Remove the magazine cap and spring

Remove the foregrip and expose the gas system

Remove the barrel

Remove the O-ring and Gas Piston

Remove the bolt handle and bolt assembly

Remove the Action Spring

Drive out the two pins that hold on the trigger assembly and remove it

Everything out together!

I ended up shooting 390 assorted rounds. After I zeroed the sights for buckshot I proceeded to do an informal function test with various ammo between 15-25 yards. Below the different ammunition types with thier reliablity results.

100 Rounds - Federal 2 3/4" 1 1/8 oz #8 shot (Wally Word Speacial) - zero malfunctions
60 Rounds - Winchester 2 3/4" 1 1/8 oz #7 1/2 shot (Wally Word Speacial) - 50% Failure to Eject or Failure to cycle
65 Rounds - Wolf 2 3/4" 9 Pellet 00 Buckshot - zero malfunctions
40 Rounds - S&B 2 3/4" 12 Pellet 00 Buckshot - zero malfunctions
30 Rounds - Fiocchi 2 3/4" 27 Pellet #4 Buckshot - zero malfunctions
30 Rounds - Nobel Sport 2 3/4" 9 Pellet 00 Buckshot - zero malfuncitons
30 Rounds - Nobel Sport 2 3/4" 27 Pellet #4 Buckshot - zero malfunctions
10 Rounds - Federal 3" 15 Pellet 00 Buckshot - zero malfunctions
5 Rounds - Nobel Sport 2 3/4" 1 .650 RB - zero malfunctions
5 Rounds - Fiocchi 2 3/4" 1 oz Exacta Aero Slug - zero malfunctions
5 Rounds - Fiocchi 2 3/4" 1 oz Exacta Aero Slug (Low Recoil) - 100% Failure to fully cycle
5 Rounds - Brenneke 1 oz K.O. Slug - zero malfunctions
5 Rounds - Remington 2 3/4" 1 oz Slugger (Low Recoil)- 100% Failure to fully cycle

So far so good. I think this weapon is well suited for its intended role of home defense. It simply works very well no matter how fast you pull the trigger. Just don't expect it to cycle low recoil ammo or cheap birdshot 100% but anything full power should work just fine. Considering the low price point and its included features, I am impressed with MP-A. For a serious self-defense shotgun at an affordable price, I am not sure it can be beaten. I won't be getting rid of my trusty old 870 just yet, but I would have no problem relying on this gun with the proper ammo. If I ever did have to use it in a home defense scenerio I wouldn't have to worry about loosing out on a $1,500 Benelli!
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nice review thanks
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good write-up Domino.
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Is there a link to get more info on one of these? I am interested in getting a shot gun, but haven't decided on which.

PS never mind I found the site after looking again.
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