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Shotgun cleaning: Wad residue dissolver needed.

I know Brownells sells it. Is there any product that one can buy at the auto parts store that will dissolve the wad residue? I've heard of brake cleaner, carb cleaner etc. What do you use? Does it work well? Thanks Joe
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I just got some Blue Wonder. Seems to do what it says. Do a search on YouTube. Works just like the videos. Not expensive.

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Do a search for Ed's Red, if you mix it with the acetone it's supposed to dissolve the wad residue.
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no need for chemicals, brass bore brush with stainlees steel ( scrubing pad from the store) wrapped onto the bore brush. 15-20 passes through the barrel,,,all done.
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Break clean, Ed's Red, acetone all will disolve the plastic fouling. I also use a Tornado brush with a thin patch over it, to hold the cleaner. If you use Eezox, it makes cleaning out wad fouling easier, after a few applications.
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Go to WalMart and buy some Outers bore cleaner. Spritz the bore and run a brass brush through it 5-6 times while holding the barrel over a waste can. A 10ga. brush works well for a 12 ga. gun and helps to keep the chamber clean too. The brush will be covered with wad residue but it will fall off after a few runs completely through the barrel. Wipe it out with a patch cut to size, I use old 100% cotton sweat shirts I get at garage sales.

Other product likely will work also but WalMart is handy for me.
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