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Model 1300 defender tactical stock, suggestions??

Anyone out there have a suggestion for a pistol grip, folding, adjustable stock for a Winchester 1300 Defender??

I found this:

It looks like a possibility since it includes the fore grip and the stock.

I have found a bunch of possibilities but the pictures show a huge gap between the rear of the gun and the stock, not the smooth and solid attachment the ATI shows. They don't look like much thought has been put into them.

Has anyone put a pistol, folder unit on there 1300?

The factory stock puts my wrist at a bad angle when I fire off the 3" mag "Blackmagics" plus the compact unit would fit better in the cargo box on the 4-wheeler or in back of the truck seat (or under the cold weather coat ((Concealed carry)). Seriously, this is my bear protection / home protection gun.

Thanks for any input.


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I have the ATI on my Mossberg 500 and I love it... it's one of the best tactical stocks I've been able to use. My dad has a collapsible pistol grip stock on his Winchster 1300, but for the life of me, I don't know the brand - I just know it's different than my ATI. It still folds over the top like the ATI, but it's a completely different design. It's nice too, but feels a little less solid than the ATI I have.

p.s. it was bugging me that I couldn't find it, so I searched a little more - it's the Choate Top Folder for the 1300 - like I said, a little less solid that the ATI, but still decent. Here's the manufacturers link:
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I looked at the Knoxx specops stock with the shock absorbing action and it gave me an idea. since I use the ATI on my mini 14 fully extended why not bypass the adjustment mechanism to allow the butt end to free slide and build a spring into the stock tube. The spring will hold the the stock full length where I use it anyhow. Any extra reduction in recoil over a solid stock is a bonus. The only bad recoil I get off the 1300 is the 3 inch 1-1/4oz brenneke blackmagics.

I'm going to go mod the mini right now. Samson Hardware just reopened and they have any odd ball parts you could dream of for a project like this. Maybe it will work, maybe it won't.
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Modified the ATI I have on the mini 14.

I ordered the ATI setup for the Winchester and from what I can tell the rear part might be interchangeable with the ATI on the mini. So I'll go test the "pogo stick" mod and see if how it feels with a .223 and then give the shotgun a try when the stock gets in.

BTW - I used a spring out of the front forks off a mountain bike, half a 3/4" rigid pipe coupling, a 3/4" pipe plug and some "JB weld".

I will post anything more in the mini forum since I am moving off the shotgun topic. If the shotgun test works I'll post more here.

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Look for the Knoxx CopStock or the Knoxx SpecOps Folder (same basic stock, changed the name as production went on). I have one on my 870 and love it. Recoil absorbing pistol grip with a top folding wire buttstock.
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Just beware of the Knoxx Spec Ar style stock. The one I purchased doesn't quite line up with the gun just right so it makes shooting somewhat awkward. I'm actually probably just going to put the original stock back on.
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Thanks for the input guys.

I did modify my ATI stock on my mini 14 "tactical" (overused term but it describes what it is).

The pogo stick idea worked far better than I thought it would. I have about an inch of preload adjustment to put on the spring using the threaded coupling I put in the stock. As it is now on the lightest setting the .223 kick is smoothed out where keeping the sights on target is automatic. Setting the spring on the highest makes it a solid stock.

As for swapping over to a 12G shot gun. I'm positive the lighter loads (buckshot, lighter slugs) will be absorbed with the spring tension cranked up a bit. As for the bigger 3" mag slugs??? I think I might bottom the spring out when it fires, but there will be an increased time to spread the shock out so the the violent recoil will be more of a big push.
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