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I picked up a remington model 11 semi 12 ga for really cheap ($20) the only thing that is bad is the first 1.5" of the barrel is bulged. It shoots great and I am considering cuting off the bad part and somehow reattach the sight. A gunsmith said he would cut and crown the barrel for $75 and my hacksaw is sounding better at this time. I was thinking about using the bulged section as a slide on front sight. This is the field grade one and has about 10% blueing left and a cracked stock. Is this worth anything or should I hack away? I was also thinking I could buy a mount and get a cheap red dot for some fun. Is there a scope mount for a model 11 or is it wecsog time?

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I used to be a member of the WECSOG board and I haven't seen that acronym in a looong time. Cut the barrel and file it flat at the muzzle and then use a pipe reamer or sharp pocket knife to crown it (which basically consists of chamfering the edges on a shotgun), get a bead and tap a hole for it. If it's just a plain barrel, no rib, I charge $30 for the cut and crown and $15 for the bead. $75 seems like an awful lot for the 20 or 30 minutes it would take to do it. Since you are a WECSOG'er my price will seem pretty high,too. Just go slow and you'll be fine.

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I found out from a gun dealer that the early model 11's took the 2 5/8" shells instead of the 2 3/4" and that would explain the extraction problems. Next weekend I will go to the gunshow and get a cheap box of minishells. If they don't cycle I will single feed them. If all goes well it will feed and will be fun.
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