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Meet the Little Gun that Could HD VIDEO

You got to love the little Ruger LCP. If you are unable to carry something larger, or need a backup pistol, the "Elsie Pea" will do the trick. I had a good work out with my LCP at the gun club and this video features some discussion about the LCP with shooting and functional accuracy demonstrations. Terrific little guy.

How many of you guys carry an LCP? What's your favorite range ammo and carry ammo? Mine performed flawlessly with Critical Defense, but had a few fail to extracts with Blazer brass.

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I actually just bought my girlfriend an LCP for her backup weapon. She's LE, so she'll be carrying it on a Fobus ankle rig daily. Trying to find her a good IWB holster for off-duty carry...

We haven't had a chance to get it to the range yet, but I'm hoping it'll cool off down here soon so we can run it through its paces at the farm (our "private range" ).

I'm sensitive about my ammo (even if my guns aren't), so we'll probably be shooting UMC FMJs. I'm a firm believer in Federal's HSTs in my carry guns (.40 and .45), but they're not making an HST in .380... May just go with the Hydras in that case. She's allowed to carry any HP that's no heavier than the ball ammo she qualifies with.
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Been packin' one around in my pocket for a couple years now. Shoot 95gr cast pills in front of a couple grains of 231 for a real nice pleasant practice round.

I'm boring and carry plain old Hydra Shoks in mine.

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the diamondback DB9 9mm is the same size, lighter, $400 and 9mm, so it's got 2-3x the power, depending upon the load. There is no reason to settle for the feeble 380, guys.
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