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Ruger LCP 380

Hi guys, I need your expertise here. I'm new to the forum and pretty new to CCW so bear with me in my grasshopper questions.

I like how easy the Ruger 308 is to conceal. The Smith is nice too with its safety and the slide locking open on the last shot. I have the opportunity to buy the Ruger used. It comes with 3 mags w/ extensions, a zipper case and holster for $350. It has about 500 rounds through it. Owned by a city cop wanting to get the Smith for qualification reasons. I can get a new Ruger w/ holster (clip comes with the extension) for $330 tax included.

1. Is 500 rounds just breaking it in so it's still like "new"?

2. I can't see carrying the extra clips, so is the used still a good deal?

Thanks guys!

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Wow, 20 views and no replies. Disappointed this site isn't more helpful / informative. I've gotten 8 from another site. Where will I be spending my time? Hmmmm...
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I'll try. From what I hear the Ruger LCP 380's are quality pistols, easy to conceal, typical Rugers, meaning strong and overbuilt. 500 rnds should be nothing but a break-in. Usually cop guns are carried a lot and shot a little. The extra mags are a good thing. When I CCW I always carry at least one reload, it doesn't matter if I'm packing a five shot stubby or a nine with a nineteen rnd mag, always at the minimum one reload. The reason is if the nightmare happens and deadly force is needed, I can use a needed reload to reset myself and my tactics. Meaning somehow whatever I've done is not resolving the situation and something different needs to happen. Also with an autoloader, there are some types of malfunctions that can be corrected with a different mag, this is the primary reason people recommend always carrying a spare magazine. The 350.00 price with the mags, holster, and case seems fair. If your new to CCW you'll find the holster might work and it might not. I've CCW for 25 years and have collected a lot of holsters over the years, holster selection can certainly start with a recommendation but everyone eventually has to find what works for them. This holster might work for you, but it'll be a start. Good luck.
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