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一个麻烦制造者和一个小人, 谁去与腐败口,13眨眼恶意他的眼睛, 他的脚的信号 用他的手指和议案,14谁地块在他心中的邪恶与欺骗 他总是挑起了冲突。15所以灾难将超过他在瞬间; 他会突然被破坏,没有补救办法。16耶和华所恨恶的有六样, 七是憎恶他:17个高傲的眼, 撒谎的舌, 流无辜人血的手,18心设计邪恶的计划, 迅速冲进邪恶的脚,19谁吐谎言的假见证 一个人挑起的社会冲突。
..for dust thou art, and unto dust shalt thou return.
...... for death is the destiny of every man; the living should take this to heart.

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I'm no fact, I'm not really into handguns, but I have one and love it. It just seems to fit me well. You's one of those guns that just seems like we belong together. LOL

I have had no problems at all with it, I shoot better with it than any other handgun I have, and I'm not worried about it getting scratched or dirty.

I have to say, that to me it's one heck of a value. (Good quality, for very little money.)
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The only thing I can think of that you might need to look for is more mags at a reasonable price. Then let us know where you found 'em.
Like every other CZ, they're well-designed, well-made guns. Stock up on ammo; you'll find yourself going through it fairly quickly. Mine feeds the JHP just as well as the FMJs.
As far as refinishing, that baked-on paint might take some coaxing to come off. It appears to be similar to British "stoving". Maybe a fairly aggressive chemical stripper, unless you have access to someone who has the equipment and skill to gently abrasive-blast it off. But it would look really stunning with a deep blue finish and rosewood grips.
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