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I love Glocks and mine have functioned and performed flawlessly for me, but I am intrigued with the XD's. They seem to be basically the same thing as a Glock with only a few nice differences. I haven't had a chance to shoot the XD 9 subcompact but I did like the feel and size. My wife thinks the .40 Glock 23 kicks too much, although she would use it if she needed to. When I work late or am away from home she keeps it close at night just in case. We have a 5 month old baby and she is very protective. I would feel more comfortable if she had a weapon she could train with and one that was on the smaller size for her hands. I like the idea of adding the XD 9 for that reason and it would be a good CCW for either of us in the future. We are sold, just waiting for our tax return!!
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I understand your comment on the trigger issues by the mini semi's. I have a ruger LCP.

BUT, in all fairness, you should see how she performs under stress before you decide on a weapon. Take her out of her element, get a few guys to shout at her, have her pull it from her purse or holster, and fire off a couple rounds.

If she can do this, the trigger issue will likely be a non-issue as her adrenaline will kick in.
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