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Ruger LCP - Carrying HOT

I am sure there have been many posts regarding 'hot' vs 'cold' but I need to start another.

Here is the wife and I will be taking our CCW test as soon as she has some range time. We looked today for a carry gun for her and the one we looked at was the Ruger LCP. She has small hands and it seemed to work for her.

I let her to the looking, talking, and fondling of the gun, since it was going to be hers. After we got home, I got to thinking about it and realized that I didn't not notice a safety on it. I looked at the manual in Ruger website and 'no safety'.

Right now, I am concerned abut carrying a gun, her or me, that doesn't have a safety. I also think that not having a round chambered defeats the purpose of CCW. so, what is the best/safest way for her to carry it? I already told her to look for purses that are specifically made to carry a concealed gun.

What does your wife/GF use to carry? Any suggestions?? Thanks

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Around here we use holsters.

The LCP/LRC line of handguns are what we commonly refer to as a pocket pistol, and they are carried in this:

Mika's Pocket Holsters - Custom Made Pocket Holsters, Waistband Holsters, Vest Holsters, Tactical Pocket Mirrors And Much More.

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No worries about the LCP being carried with a round chambered - it's designed to be carried that way. Think about it this way: you don't worry about a double-action revolver being carried with a fully-loaded cylinder, because it's designed that way.
The LCP's striker is not fully cocked. It requires the relatively long and heavy trigger stroke to bring it to full cock and release the striker, just like a DA revolver requires a long, heavy trigger stroke to cock and release the hammer. I carry my LCP daily, and it's always fully loaded. Same with my wife.
However, (and it's a big However), pocket pistols may fit in your pocket, but they shouldn't be in there "nekkid": they really should be carried in a holster, as BikerRN said. To do otherwise is foolish, and reduces the usefulness of carrying a gun.
Not only does a holster keep pocket (or purse) junk from getting into your trigger guard, it keeps the gun positioned correctly so you can grab it and draw without rooting around trying to find it, and it minimizes the accumulation of pocket/purse lint and other crap on and in your gun.
Aside from the already-mentioned holsters, a quick search on Midway turned up 2 pages of LCP holsters, about half of which are pocket models. I use the DeSantis Nemesis. If tech-geek is part of your "look", DeSantis also makes The Pistol Pack, which everyone thinks is a belt pouch for a peripheral hard drive. The one made for the LCP will actually fit a Kahr PM-9.

As to purse carry, everyone says not to do it, because the bad guy will steal your purse, etc., etc. The reality is that women will carry their gun in their purse, no matter what we say. The holster-purse sounds like a good idea, but I've never been owned by a woman who liked any of them. I have adapted many purses to carry guns, however. A simple, cheap "inside the pants" clip holster will position the gun well enough in most purses until she decides where the best place is. At that point, permanently mount a more substantial holster to the purse.
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Also check into the DeSantis Super Fly, an "improved" Nemesis. It may or may not be suitable, but it hides the shape well, is "sticky" (without really being sticky) and therefor does not come out of the pocket when drawing. It would fit a purse pocket fine, I would think. Yes the trigger pull on the LCP is similar to that of a revolver, but having the trigger covered is cheap insurance for a pistol that's carried all the time. Especially if getting it out fast, the trigger can catch on something, and that could be very bad.
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lago; I understand your concern and I have asked on many forums: WHY do people hate manual Safeties? Most give the same answers as noted above.
Now what they say is true, BUT, I too would prefer a safety on my LCP.
That's one plus the new LC9 has (In my view!).

I see where in a purse or pocket it could be a issue!
But, get a good holster and must (if not all) problems are solved.

Good Luck, the LCP is a great carry gun in my view, I own one!

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Best thing you could do for your wife is find a range or gun store where she can shoot the LCP and a couple of other guns. My wife bought a LCP when they first came out and soon came to dislike that the slide didn't lock open on an empty mag, the trigger pull was extremely long...a reason the manual safety is not needed, and the sights were almost nonexistent. She traded it for a LCR and found it to be a great carry gun. She recently bought the new Ruger LC9 and it has quickly become her favorite carry gun. It does have a manual safety...which I am not fond of...the slide locks open on an empty mag, it has real, usable sights, and is only slightly larger than the LCP. The 9mm ammo is cheaper than .380, and the gun hold 8 rounds....7+1.

It's also fun having a wife who loves to shoot cause she is always dragging me to the gun store to look at new stuff.....
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>>I am concerned abut carrying a gun, her or me, that doesn't have a safety<<

Man, you've got to work at pulling the trigger on an LCP. There's no way you're going to set that one off inadvertantly.
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My wife appropriated my LCP not long ago. It's her daily carry now and has replaced a S&W 642 that I used to have.

We've only done a handful of range visits with the LCP. She is handling the recoil better than the 642 with +P ammo. The LCP is also a lot easier to conceal. I haven't had any issues with it malfunctioning either.

bulk .380 acp ammo
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I carry an LCP in a pocket holster daily and have for a couple of years. I arry it fully loaded.
I looked at the new LC9 at the fun shop and I was not impressed with it, the safety is usless, you could not get it into the off position in a hurry, the button is too small, If I had one I would carry it like the LCP,it has the same trigger set up, except longer and heavier.
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She's your wife; so I really don't care; but, if you honestly believe that, 'carrying cold - as you say - defeats the purpose of CCW', then, all I can tell you is that you're dead wrong. Just like most other things in life, there's an art and a science to C-3 carry that most amateur pistoleros either fail to perceive or simply never learned how to correctly use.

If C-3 carry didn't work well, or couldn't be made to work well, you wouldn't be reading this right now. (True!) The truth is that there is no one perfect way to carry a handgun. There are pluses and minuses, advantages and disadvantages, to every handgun's design as well as its most secure method-of-carry.

I, also, question the intelligence of someone who actually believes a double-action revolver, and a pistol with a pretensioned striker are equally, 'safe'. I would think the DEA's, 'Glock Frisbee Tests' proved that premise to be completely untrue; but, as I said, she's your wife.

Whenever I stop to consider the ratio of amateur gunmen who are carrying in C-1 to the number of genuinely competent pistoleros I know, or have met, it always gives me a moment's pause! There's an awful lot of, 'poised pistoleros', out there, who are carrying deadly weapons and instantly, 'ready-to-go' without any genuine comprehension of the actual risks they pose to, both, themselves and others.

I have to imagine that the same kind of specious reasoning (or prejudicial rationale) is what has caused this nation to end up drowning in its crushing national debt. Remember, most of the people who sign onto these gun forums and vociferously advocate C-1 carry,


Why not do a risk assessment of your own and see what you come up with. Me, personally? I don't allow my wife carry in C-1; but, then again, I'm really fond of her; and I'm presently too old to be able to, 'break-in a new act'.

NOTE: I'm going to add just one thing. I'll betcha, I'll just betcha, that all of these C-1 gunmen who walk around all day long ready to fend of an, 'instant ambush' are much more likely to shoot themselves or someone else BEFORE they'll ever see their first CQB pistol gunfight. (How's that for a bet!)
Life is karma. It reflects both past and present circumstance. Our time here is short; so choose carefully and behave well; for, all of your tomorrows are presently being decided.
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Originally Posted by PigBat View Post
...The holster-purse sounds like a good idea, but I've never been owned by a woman who liked any of them...
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It's been several years since I've posted anything on this forum, but I'm compelled to respond to the OP's question. The Israeli military carries cold, or at least they used to, and it's definitely an art to be able to draw while chambering a round. I HAVE been in several CQB situations while serving two tours with SOG in Vietnam. I don't think that I'd be here to type this had I been carrying a cold pistol. A good holster and proper draw, along with proper finger control, would work well with the LCP.
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What good is a pistol if it's not loaded. That's what i have always been told though. haha
Good? Bad? Im the one with the (Assault Rifle).
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Seems that many are stuck in the single action autopistol syndrome of yesteryear.

The new crop of double action only autopistols are as safe to carry as a revolver, and fully loaded is the standard and expected carry method for both double action autopistols and revolvers.

Most of the safties on small autos are imaginary devices that only block a sliver of metal on the striker or trigger anyway. The DAO is actually safer.
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This here is my safety sir... (wiggles index finger)

Ua Mau ke Ea o ka ʻĀina i ka Pono

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Rule 3: Keep your finger off the trigger until the sights are on target.

Or, as we say here in East Tennessee: "Keep yer dam' booger hook off the bang switch".
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It's not hot till you put your finger on the trigger. I carry an LCP every day with one in the chamber. I either use a Desantis Nemisis or Galco Tuck-n-go depending on the weather.
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I had a Kel-Tec P11 that was the same type of mechanism as the Ruger (which is a copy of the Kel-Tec P3AT). I carried it with one in the pipe and 10 in the mag, which IMO is the ONLY way to carry a carry gun.

Carry with a nice LEATHER pocket holster that is fitted to keep the gun safe, and you should have no worries at all!
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Originally Posted by PigBat View Post
Rule 3: Keep your finger off the trigger until the sights are on target.

Or, as we say here in East Tennessee: "Keep yer dam' booger hook off the bang switch".

heh heh... I like that.
Ua Mau ke Ea o ka ʻĀina i ka Pono

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Carrying hot should be done with a holster, draw training, and an emphasis on trigger discipline. Modern design semi-auto's are generally as safe as a revolver to carry in condition one. The most common failure while carrying hot tends to be the shooter, not the gun.

My hard and fast rules for ccw:

1. Use a holster (preferably worn in the same place every time)

2. Train, train, train, and train some more. I'm not talking about slaying the paper hordes in a range environment, but instead drills involving drawing, target acquisition and dry fire. Have someone watch you and make sure you have excellent trigger discipline under stress. You need to do this hundreds of times in order for it to become a skill that doesn't require conscious thought process. It needs to be part of your 'muscle memory.'

The Ruger LCP is by no means unsafe with no exterior safety switch nor is it unsafe carried hot. What the carrier does with the weapon determines the level of safety. The finger doesn't touch the trigger (even under stress) until the target has been acquired and the barrel does not cross anything the shooter is unwilling to destroy.
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