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CZ-75B Questions

I was looking for a full sized 9mm for competition and a few folks recommended the M&P Pro, FN, and CZ-75. I went to a local fun shop to take a look see and get a feel for what was available. The M&P Pro was okay, I just wasn't feeling it. The FN was not available in a longer barreled 9mm , so much for that. Then the guy showed me the this really spiffy CZ. I have to say, that gun spoke to me, in Russian! I loved the 1911 style safety, the sites were good, and she had an interesting engraving scheme. The shop wants $500 for it. Is that a good price on a new, from the Czech Republic, CZ-75B? Thanks.

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Check out the prices at CZ Custom Shop. I just bought a CZ 75BD from them and I shopped around for prices for a while before I made the purchase.

If you want something that doesn't show as 'in stock' just give a call and ask. Mine was out of stock but they called CZ-USA and had one shipped to them. It took around two weeks to get the gun to them and then to my FFL.

The other benefit if you buy from them is you can get any work done on the pistol before it comes to you and you won't have to pay any additional shipping. CZ Custom Shop, by the way, is pretty much the go-to group for CZ customization, so any work you have done will be top shelf stuff.

CZ Custom Shop

I haven't put many round through mine yet, but I will say I think you are making a great choice. I am super happy with my choice and I can't wait to get more rounds through it, it's a really fun gun to shoot!
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That is the going price around here. The CZ-75b is one of two of my favorite 9mms, the HiPower being number one. I will say that the HiPower is not as sturdy as the CZ
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$500 for a 75 B sounds pretty reasonable to me.
That's about what I paid for my 75BD a couple years ago.
I love my CZ's--accurate ,reliable and just plain fun to shoot
Besides my 75BD I also have a 75 compact and a P01.
IMO --you can't go wrong with a CZ
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Funny thing, apparently CZ is raising the price on new ones to $525.

I put it on layaway. Can't finish paying for it until mid-March.

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Good choice. You won't be disappointed and you might feel guilty about paying that little for a firearm that nice.
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Looks like I should be able to pick it up tonight.

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Got it yesterday. Pics up this weekend!

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very nice did it come with the commie red star havent seen that before.
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Originally Posted by curt mini14 View Post
very nice did it come with the commie red star havent seen that before.
Yes, it's a special edition, Cold War Commemoratives. Shoots nice, too, and prefers Tulammo 9mm

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Congrats on your CZ-75B. I haven't got a chance to handle a Cold War Commemorative. There is something weird about a Czech pistol with a Russian commemorative. Other than expensive magazines they are a steal.

$500 is a good price for them also.

bulk 9mm ammo
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It's a real 'beaut, man!

I'm a huge fan of the CZ-75B pistol. They're great shooters!

Congrats on finding a real winner.

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I just dropped $45 for a CZ mag. MecGar makes good ones for a lot less, I'll be picking two of those up along with a few other mags I need next month.

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Mine shoots better than I do. You will be happy with the way it handles. Have fun
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CZ makes a good firearm at a reasonable price, IMO.

If I wasn't already invested in 1911's and P35's I'd be looking really hard at the CZ line. One of my buds is a big fan of CZ and has got me to shoot some of his. My only complaint is that while being similar to the P35, the Thumb Safety is in a slightly different location, and with my small hands I am unable to manipulate it without shifting my grip. That negates the CZ for me as a defensive weapon, as I have to be able to maintain my grip on the weapon as I manipulate any safety device.

All in all a great gun whose ergonomics don't work for me due to my hand size.

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You can't go wrong with the CZ 75----I have the single action model & it is by far the most accurate handgun I have ever shot. It is so accurate it's scary. The only thing I did was change the grips. Yeah it's a bit heavy & a little bulky for a 9mm but I can live with that---just wished they made it the same size & bulk as the Browning Hipower (which I also have). When I'm at the range, and I'm not doing particularly well with my Hipower or my Glock 19, I switch to the CZ 75 just to gain some confidence----and it works everytime.
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$500 is the average going price and pretty good for a brick and mortar store. I got my CZ75 Single Action Only for 450, but after the random BS CA FFL fees, it cost me about $500 anyways. Here's mine:

Personally, the upswept beaver tail on the SA frame won me over, plus I wanted a gun in single action only. The trigger is also different than the standard Bs and has far less pre-travel over the DA/SA models.
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Not only is the 75 a great pistol in 9mm but you should also try the 97 in .45ACP.
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I really need to add this pistol to my collection, i keep procrastinating. But for an odd reason I am on a revolver kick right now. BUT Soon !! I want the CZ-75B in that Satin Nickel finish (why you may be asking...) I will tell you why, because I like the look of it and when I add a set of Rosewood checkered grips to it I believe she will become one of my more beautiful of Duty size pistols.. putting a set of rosewood grips on a black polycoat finish just doesn't do it for me.. not the same.

But regardless, you have one of the best 9mm pistols in the WORLD now JIMBO... enjoy
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I bought my 75B new in box about 11 years ago - my 1st new gun.
I love it over 1000 rounds not a single problem!!!
I see them sell for $475 - $550 all the time!
I saw a sweet satin nickel at the last gun show and was tempted for $450,
but trying to get a AR15 so I had to pass!!!
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Another plus is that you can buy the " kadet " conversion kit and turn it into a 22lr to practice with, it is the same exact wieght as your other barrel. I love mine you can practice your draw and shot follow up for pennies vs dollars.
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thats a sweeeeet shooter there man i tell you i had the .40 75B stainless i liked it alot times they get tough one day one day
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I've been a big fan of the Browning High Power for years so it's only natural that I would also like the CZ75 as well. There's been a couple things about the CZ that I didn't really care for; the weight of the all steel guns, the length of the grip, and the "Cock n Lock" safety. Now I know how can you like a BHP and not care for the 1911 style safety? Well it's all about the pistol being used as a EveryDay Carry (EDC). If you notice everything that I pointed out is a factor in a EDC. As such I've stayed away from the CZ until just recently.

CZ came out with a line of compact pistol to response to the demand for a high capacity EDC, in this case a CZ75 D PCR. The frame is a alloy to reduce weight, the grip size has been reduce to lower the signature when carried and on some they replace the thumb safety with a decocking lever. Unfortunately with this reduction of everything else they also saw fit to reduce the length of the slide and barrel.

Now the barrel length isn't as much of a problem to conceal as is the length of the grip and personally I prefer a longer barrel. So I purchased a slightly used CZ75 B complete upper and swap out the compact. Placing the CZ as I have configured it, side by side to a BHP it is basically the same size but with all the advantages of a modern pistol (DA/SA, Decock, Alloy, etc...). Needless to say I'm very happy with the outcome.

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Wow, at first you didn't mention it was a Cold War Commemorative. I wouldn't of thought there were still new ones out there. Nice. I just bought some 16rnd Mecars from Cals Sport for 19.99. Great service.
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