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Vortex Strike fire issues


I just picked up a Vortex Strikefire for my new AK. It was delivered yesterday and I have some concerns. First of all, the dot is not crisp. I have no problem with the brightness but the smudge/star type thing that is supposed to be the dot is very annoying. My second issue is with the wierd reflection. For the life of my I can't figure out where it is coming from. It looks like a half moon in the 5 to 9 clock position.

I really checked the reviews on this before I decided on the purchase. It got slammed for the covers being tight (did not find that to be a problem) and several complaints on the controls ( I did not find these to be a problem either). Only a couple in all the ones I read mentioned the reflection or the smudge of a red dot. I was wondering if anyone else noticed the same issues, especially the one with the smudged dot.

I may have made a mistake on this one.

Thanks in advance,


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Send it back to Vortex....I've heard all these great things about their warranty! Tell us how it goes, I bought 2 Vipers last year......I hope I didn't screw up too, I usually buy ONLY Leupold or Nikon and have yet to mount my Vortex.
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This is what I found out about my Strikefire problem.

It is not the Vortex, the problem is with my eyes. It appears that as you get older your eyes change. If you have a astigmatism, you will not see a red dot as a circle. I called Vortex and they were happy to look at the scope but told me to take a picture of the dot with my cell phone camera. If the picture shows a dot, like it is supposed too, the problem is with the eye. I did what they suggested and the picture showed a dot.

I also went to Bass Pro who just started carrying the Vortex. I looked at the one on display and with my eyes, I saw a distorted dot. I also looked at the other red dot's that they had on display and I had the same problem.

Just for the heck of it I looked at a EOTECH. The center dot was a circular dot but the outer ring looked fuzzy or like it was composed of hundreds of small dots.

I played with my Vortex and found that if I turned the brightness down I got less distortion. When I pressed the NV button, I was able to still see the dot and that also minimized the distortion.

So, I guess I have to accept the fact that I am getting old and am going to keep the Vortex. It is a really great red dot for the money. Some of the reviews dinged it for the tight fitting covers and not too user friendly buttons but I personally don't see those issues as a big deal.

One final suggestion , before you buy a red dot physically inspect and look through it before you plop down any cash. I bought mine on the internet without looking at it first so this caught me by surprise.

Hope this helps,

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look on the bright side of getting old...

at least you are still standing on top of the grass.
Ua Mau ke Ea o ka ʻĀina i ka Pono

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yep, astigmatism.
It is your eyes, friend.
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Originally Posted by SloChicken View Post
yep, astigmatism.
It is your eyes, friend.
My problem also. Though I've noticed that if I focus on the target instead of the sight (what you're supposed to do), the reticle of my eotech sharpens up a bit.

I don't know if reflex sights will have the same issue or not. A 1-4 or other low power scope might also be better. I don't have any issues seeing the reticules of magnified optics.
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