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Red dot vs scope

My son and I have gone back and forth on this. With my old eyes, I like using my 22x 50 mm scope. I can back it off to 6x 50 mm if I like. My son likes red dot for the full view it gives him.
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had a 3moa red dot and found it sucked for hunting coyotes past 70 yards cause it coverd the whole much happier with a 2+7-32 scope can roll them out past 150 yards no problem now.
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I like a red dot out to 250-300 Yards on coyotes.

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Red dot for fast aquisition,Scope for precision and range.
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Talking Here's what I think !

I've had alot of the cheaper red dots like the BSA and some others and as they work fine until they are low on batteries or broken , well a scope is more reliable !

My two cents as the more expensive red dots , I have never own , but could of with all the cheaper ones that I have owned !
One good shot is worth more than alot of misses

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It really depends upon the job your rifle will be doing for you. For fast shooting situations: red dot. For precision/sniping then you want a good scope. I keep some scopes and some red dots on my different rifles.
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I just ordered a Leatherwood 1x30 (M-30) red dot for my AR. It's a very interesting and highly reviewed red dot. The best part? If you look around, you can get it for less than $60.
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If you asked a couple of days ago I would have said red/green dot. However I just put a scope on my FAL. A 1.5x4.5 and I'm really feelin it. No batteries and I think it's just as fast as a Red dot.Plus low light is definitely better.I'm getting another one for the MIni!
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I'd really like to see someone start making a combination. An illuminated reticule scope with 1-2x on the low side and zoom to 6-10x on the high side that automatically switches on the illuminated reticule and an illuminated 50-65 MOA ring when you zoom it down to the lowest magnification. The lowest magnification would give maximum field of view. Combine that with a circle and dot illuminated reticule and you essentially have most of the advantages of a red dot. Zoom up the magnification and you get the advantages of a scope. Drop the illuminated circle at all but the lowest magnification.

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This may be something that everyone here already knows. When sighting in a red dot the 12 o'clock edge of the dot should be used for establishing POI, not centering the dot over your target. That allows for more precise shot placement beyond CQB distance. Scopes require a rather precise eye relief distance and cheek weld to eliminate parallax issues. Good red dots do not have parallax issues, if you can see the dot, you're on target. Red dots for speed, scopes for precision shot placement. YMMV
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Hey John ! The new offering from SWFA in their SS line is a 1-4X with an illuminated reticle that performs as you require (no automatic "on" switch however). ANY optic that is a pleasure to use will cost as much as your rifle (including rings and mounts) and more likely 2-3X that for a real orgasmic experience. High end optics hold value well and I consider them investments that I can enjoy when ever. YMMV
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