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Help with a Spotting Scope

Hello all,

I was hoping to get some advice on a spotting scope. My budget is about 150 bucks or under if possible. I'm getting tired of having to walk all the way up to my target just to see where I'm hitting. I've seen a Simmons at Wal Mart for about 60 something bucks and was not too impressed. I looked at a Bushnell at Academy Sports for just over a hundred bucks, better, but way too bulky. I would like something smaller than the two spotting scopes I mentioned above. Compact, light, and rugged. Any suggestions?


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I would take a look at the Redfield

It is a little more than you want to spend but, especially when it comes to optics, you get what you pay for. Theit 20x60 is selling for about $220 and the reviews I have read have been very favoreable. I wish had bought a Nikon Earth and Sky back when they were seling for around $250. They were a great scope for the money and occasionally they do come up for sale used.
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A 20x60 is what I would suggest, just like CZ said you get what you pay for in optics. With the cheap scopes they don't have the quality of glass you need to see .22 cal holes at 100 yds. If you can, save up a few more bucks and spring for a Nikon or Bush-elite or Burris. Your not gonna be happy with a Simmons or BSA or one of the "bargin brands"
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