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Scope Mounting Question

Can anyone tell me the advantages/disadvantages of mounting a scope like the one pictured in the link below?
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1) "Scout Rifle" sighting system (google "scout rifle" for a jillion articles; original concept by LtCol Jeff Cooper) allows you to shoot with both eyes open, very rapid deployment and first round hits. For big game, it's both fast and accurate out to any reasonable distance.
2) If your rifle has a stripper clip guide (or you make one), you can top off the magazine quickly without looking.

1) Not just any scope will work. It has to be "intermediate eye relief" scope. AFAIK, only Burris and Leupold are making IER Scout Scopes. Both are good glass; nether are cheap. You can use a pistol scope, but it forces you to mount it too far forward.
2) You are limited to about 3x for a scout scope to work properly. The articles you've googled explain why.
3) If the mounting system is not rock solid, you might as well not have any scope at all. The glass also has to be mounted as low as possible.
4) The semiauto platform is contrary to the scout concept (see those articles), if those sorts of things matter to you.
5) Rifle balance will be affected. It may be positive or negative, depending on the rifle.
6) The Scout Rifle sighting system does not work for some people. If you are cross-dominant (eg., shoot right-handed, but have left-eye dominance or vice-versa), you'll probably have a helluva time trying to make it work before you give up.

I know this looks like there are more negatives than positives, but (if the system works for you) it is awesomely fast and slick, which outweighs many of the negatives. The key thing is to read Cooper's original article to understand why all the parts of the system work together.
Because I'm cross-dominant, I was never able to make it work for me, despite the fact that I really loved the idea.
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Thanks for the response! I know what my next project is going to be!
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For better balance and a scope that can be used as a reflex, both eyes open scope or go to 4 power, the Millet DMS-1 scope with some Millet Accu Lock, windage adjustable rings are the ideal package for me.

The rings allow you to center the scope adjustments and then move the rings to bring in the scope to be parellel with the bore.
If it's going on a Mini, these rings allow for adjustment for poorly cut scope mounts which you will find on many Mini rifles.

The DMS-1 also has an excellent retical that allows good rangefinding to 500 yds and has a 1 MOA dot fot precision shooting at longer ranges.
It's the perfect combo for me. Check it out and see if it would work for you.

Best Regards, John K
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