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Leupold Mark AR

does anyone have any experience with these rifle scopes? im new to the ar platform and plan on putting more money into my ar once i find the money for it. im exchanging its current a2 upper with a yankee hill a3 so i can scope my rifle. right now im looking at the Leupold 1.5-4x20 Mark AR rifle just need some input before i make the purchase.
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I see that Cabela's has been promoting Leopolds for the AR at around $279. They are suppose to be all set up for the 55 grainers. Leopold scopes are hard to beat for the money.
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I have the Leopold Mark AR 3-9x40 on my Mini-14 Tactical 581

My first scope so I can't compare with others.

I am very happy with it.
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I also have the 3x9 on my mini with low ruger rings. Shooting from a 3 sided enclosure, the wind wasn't there to remove the heat from around the scope - went blurry. Was concerned until I figured out what was happening. Do keep monitoring the Leupold site for updates, heard a rumor they're coming out with that scope in a 4x16?
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i was wondering, do any of you have a fixed front sight with the scope mounted to your ar? does it obstruct the view at all? i kno the problem can be fixed by purchasing flip up sights if this does happen but i dont have the money for it.
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