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Mini 14/30 Wasp Sighting System

This is a Wasp Sighting System. It was pulled out of a 184-xxxx series Mini-14. It was manufactured from the Late 70's till the early 80's. Production was later picked up by B'square, but this is an original product and not the B'Square mount. THe Wasp will fit any Mini14 or Mini30 wit the Original style sighting Aperture. If your Rifle is made after 2005 it will not fit.

This sight is in great condition. Screws are not stripped, no Loctite was used on the threads and it held zero for the time it was on my rifle. That was about 3 years of weekly carry on the farm. It has a fully adjustable peep and is constructed out of Steel. The finish is Parkerizing and is in the original finish.

For shipping I will Grease the entire system to prevent rust on transit. I will also ship removal instructions for the original Mini 14 Aperture. This sight rail is a complete unit and will not be separated for parts. It is not readily available so contact me if interested.

Price is 100.00USD, Shipping to US Residents only(unless APO, In that case GO Vets!!)
Payable by Paypal, or US Money Order

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Very nice retro......

I saw this or similar 25 yrs past........
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