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Wts 308 gmm brass and more

I'm cleaning out the reloading room and have a mix batch of brass I need to sell to make space.

All brass is once fired. All has been polished except for the 40 S&W. The 556 brass has not been processed. All prices include shipping.

308 Federal Gold Medal Match. 1000 pieces all fired in tactical bolt guns. Price is $115/500 or 1000 for $210. ALL SOLD

556 Brass. Two lots. 1000 pieces of WCC and 1000 pieces of Win NT. Price is $40/500 or $70/1000 if you want both $130/2000. ALL SOLD

9 MM 4000 pieces. Mixed head stamp. $40/1000 or $75/2000. --- SOLD

10 MM 1000 pieces. 225 pieces of SP size and 775 pieces of LP size. 90% Winchester head stamp. This was used in HK sun guns. Some case wall dings but still reloadable. $50/1000 -- SOLD

40 S&W 5000 pieces. Mixed head stamp NOT POLISHED. $35/1000 or $60/2000. ALL SOLD

Contact me direct at GLShooter@aol.com for payment arrangements.

I've sold well over 150,000 pieces of brass in the past two years and everyone has been pleased with the quality and count.

Thanks guys.


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All 308 and 40 S&W is sold. 556 is still available. .


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