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IMI M855 bullets and Norma Brass for reloading

IMI M855 Mil Spec. 22 Cal 62 gr FMJSCBT w/c Bullet 1K bag.

Copper Jacketed Military Spec. Bullets.

These are not pulled bullets, they are factory new! They are IMI M855 bullets one bag of 1,000 as bought from Widenerís back when they sold IMI components and ammo.

M855 bullets are copper jacketed, with the Steel Core Insert (sticks to a magnet because of the insert ) this is the true Mil Spec IMI M855 bullet. The jacket is copper but the insert is steel.

These bullets do not have the green tip painted on them because the tips are painted after the ammo is loaded. These are arsenal new bullets (2005 production) The loaded ammo is not part of the deal, they are to only show you what they look like when loaded from the factory.

$ 129. For the 1K bag in Metro Atlanta area.

Will also consider trade or partial trade for 10mm auto ammo, reloading brass and bullets. I am looking for 10mm 40 Cal. 180 grain Speer Gold Dots bonded, and Golden Sabres too.

I also have 1 box of 100 count of new Norma Unprimed brass in 223 Remington. $ 40. Plus actual shipping.

Last but not least I have 300 once fired 223 brass de-primed with mixed headstamps TZZ, FC and some British. $ 20. Plus shipping, or BO.

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