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SOLD: Ruger Mini 14/20 GBP

I had previously listed this rifle as a Mini 14 Tactical because that is how it was represented to me. I have deleted the old ad and re-listed it here for the sake of accuracy.

For sale: A used Ruger Mini 14/20 GBP(2009 manufacture, 581 series) with 18" barrel, protected "ear" front sight, aperture rear sight and Ruger factory flash hider.

Detail of MOE rail

More detail pictures:

Mini 14 GBP with one 20rd Ruger factory steel magazine and 1" Ruger factory scope rings - $600

Mini 14 GBP with four 20rd Ruger factory steel magazines, MOLLE magazine pouch (OD green, meant for FAL mags), 1" Ruger factory scope rings, 30mm Ruger factory scope rings, Weigand receiver scope rail, Specter CQB sling, Magpul AFG mounted to forearm Magpul MOE rail - $750

Please note that the rear sight is included with the rifle but had been removed for the photograph. All items shown not mentioned above are not included.

Cash is king right now, but I am always open to an interesting trade/partial trade. Shipping to FFL (or direct inside NC) will be at cost.


EOTech optics
Aimpoint optics and mounts
Trijicon optics
AR hydraulic buffer
AR adjustable/match/two-stage trigger
AR pistol or pistol upper
AR pistol-calibre upper

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Edit: He's right

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Originally Posted by torinotony View Post
I think you had it right. None of the rifles in the link to "patrol" rifles are what you are showing. Notice the tapered barrel and flash hider combination. You have the original Mini-14 tactical.

Catalog Number: M-14/20GBCPC
Model Number: 5847

That rifle has the 16" barrel, mine has the 18" and Ruger records gave me the info above.
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