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Mini 14 Front Sights / Night Sights

Ok I need some Tritium Night Sights. Does any one know if the Meprolight front sight will fit a 195? Their description says Pn# 30921 fits 173 series only?

I thought all the pre 580 front sights were the same? Am I wrong / will the 173 sight fit my 195?

If not, does any one have a suggestion for a front night sight for my 195 Ranch rifle?


Capt. Thomas
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AFAIK, the front sight didn't change until the 580 series. There never was a "173" series...not sure where they got that from.

P/N 30921 is the right sight for your 195 Ranch.

I've been thinking about a Meprolight front for my 580, but I'd rather have a winged/hooded front sight.

Unfortunately, unless you swap to a Mo-Reaper or some other muzzle brake/flash hider with an integrated replacement front sight, the Meprolight units are all that's available right now.
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If you have a bit of mechanical aptitude, it's fairly easy to cut out the existing post and drill and tap the base to accommodate any of the AK or AR tritium front sight posts on the market. I think the AK style is easier to deal with, personally.

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The AK style is easier to deal with because it doesn't have the indexed base? That makes sense, especially on the winged 580 series front sight where there isn't enough room to squeeze the 1/4" (give or take) diameter of the indexed base between the wings.
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Well I have a Reaper and a XS Sights AK/SKS Tritium post but the Reaper desighn uses the same / correct thread and dia. but the length of their screw in post is short, very short compared to the standard AK/SKS post. I don't think that's going to work without some serious stock removal and then it may not be correct / acceptable.

Still looking and open to suggestions if anyone thinks of something better?

Capt. Thomas
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XS sights makes them for the earlier, pencil barrel Mini's. A new-in-package set was included when I bought my 186 series from a friend. They use Trijicon lamps.

Some notes on installation, which may or may not apply to all mini's!

1) An arbor press, and every pound of its 1-ton capacity, was required to remove to stock sight (even after soaking overnight in Kroil.)

2) The barrel was not blued under the stock sight sleeve. It appears that Ruger blued the whole barreled action after assembly... Makes sense, from a production point of view. Don't know if this applies to series Mini's.

3) The sight base sleeve of the XS front site is shorter in length than the stock sleeve. This left exposed the in-the-white portion of the barrel. I had a devil of a time getting the cold blue blended to match nicely.

4) The bore of the XS Sight sleeve is waaayyy undersize to fit the barrel. Not being a machinist, it took a long time to do a nice, even job of getting a good, slight, interference fit. (And then cold-bluing the inside of the sleeve...)

4a) The diameter is also way beyond doing a heat-shrink interference fit, and the heat destroys the Loctite (yes, Loctite) that holds the sight blade in place in the base's dovetail. Also, this dovetail is a rattley-loose fit. That said, the package includes a fresh tube of Loctite, and a phone call to them confirmed all of this as being correct... And you already guessed how I learned this tidbit.

5) The blade was too tall to get sighted in. Easy fix; file it down, cold blue.

Once all this was accomplished, it -is- a very nice sight. In their defense, who knows where the tolerances were on my rifle, and where they were on their test rifle. Just keep in mind that it may, or may not be an easy install on -your- rifle.

In my case, a flex-hone may have made my life easier---- certainly an adjustable reamer would have! Check with your machinist if you run into this.

It certainly explains the prevalence of set screws incorporated in all those flash hiders that also use the front sight pin.

I hope this helps, and I hope that I didn't stray too far off-topic!
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Been away for a few days but I'm back and ready to try and do something to get some night sights on this 195 ranch rifle for some O dark thirty hog & Cyote use. Thanks for the info, sounds like you have "been there and broke that". Now I wonder what flash hider will work with that XS front sight? Any info on that?


Capt. Thomas
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I just checked the o.d.'s of the stock and XS sight sleeves.

Stock: 0.675"
XS: 0.741"

I don't have one on my Mini, but I would imagine that, with a little careful hand filing, any of them that use the stock sight would work.

Hope this helps!
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