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Accurate new Mini-14

I just got back from trying out my new Burris fullfield II 3x9x40 on my new mini-14 that I got from CDNN. If other new mini's shoot as good as this one, I don't know why so many people complain about their accuracy. I do still have that issue with the first shot being a little off from the rest of the group but it is consistantly shooting 3 to 4 shot groups almost touching each other at 100 yards with Remington umc ammo. With 1 group of my reloads I had 3 shots touching in a perfect cloverleaf. All my groups were within 2.5 inches including the first shot flier. I think some of the AR people have just never taken the time to honestly evaluate the new mini's. If I were going to do competition shooting, I would probably use a bolt action, but for practical accuracy I don't see any thing wrong with the mini-14.

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Originally Posted by hd44 View Post
All my groups were within 2.5 inches including the first shot flier. )
that's the problem, a true 2.5 MOA semi auto rifle is not bad... but folks are hung up on the 'gotta shoot a 1" group at 100 yards' mentality... which is funny because allot of folks can't even shoot a 1" group at 100 even if they have a true blue MOA rifle. other than the novelty of it, I don't see the need of a combat rifle that drives tacks - good working accuracy? sure - but rail driving accuracy? not needed - cool and impressive... but not required.

all I ask is that a rifle can make a clean humane kill on a game animal at a sensible range for the caliber, or hit the center of mass on a man at a sensible range for the caliber. you just don't need MOA for this. Both of my minis can do this off hand, both of my minis have satisfactory practical accuracy for the application they are intended for. they are not tack drivers - they are good working guns.
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yep, center mass, that all i ask out of these type rifles (mini. AR etc.) i have others that are set up for MOA type shooting.

i picked up my new tactical yesterday. cant wait to get out & see what it will do. gotta find some rings for my scope & get it mounted up before i do too much. the eyes have been going downhill lately, need to make the dreaded appointment & go pay someone to tell me i'm getting old....
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Thats good shooting, and very accurate for a Mini 14 - did you let it get hot at all? Mine doesn't like 55gr rounds once it gets warm, the groups open up to 2" or so at 50yds. That Fiocchi 50gr vmax stuff however stays consistent for me even once it gets warm, but even so the best I've gotten is about 1 MOA plus the first shot flier at 50yds. All around, I'm generally about at an inch or so at 50yds, inch and a half with the xm193 before it gets warm. This was after a gas block re-torque, rear buffer, and Choate handguard which helped a lot with the heat. Unfortunately I am stuck with 50yds at my local range.

Ahh to be out west and shooting gongs at 500yds...

Fiocchi 50gr hot barrel

I'm not the best shot but I can get a cloverleaf one-hole with my heavy barrel Savage 17HMR off the same half-assed bench, for comparison.

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