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Opening peep sight

I have 181 and the peep seems to be quite small. I have been thinking of drilling it out but unsure how big to drill. I don't think I want it too big like a ghost sight but larger. Anyone ever done this and what was the results? Thanks Ringo63
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As a comparison, XS Sights ships their ghost ring sights with 0.19 and 0.23 inch apertures. I find the 0.19 to be as large as I need/want.
Your drill bit set assuredly has at least these bits:
1/16 = 0.063 (pretty close to what you have now)
1/8 = 0.13 (a nice all-around opening)
3/16 = 0.19 (XS Sights smaller ghost ring)

I'd start with something in the 1/8" range and see how you like it. The aperture only is available from Midway for a whole $2, and the entire sight for $25, so even if you drill too big or screw up in a major way, it's not catastrophic. Ruger Rear Sight Peep Ruger Mini-14 Blue Stainless Models
Ruger Rear Sight Assembly Ruger Mini-14 Stainless Models
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