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Tula vs PMC ammo

I went to the range and to my surprise the two different ammo have very different results.

Tula fired high and tot he left. Tula is great ammo and I never had a fail with it. It goes bang every time...

But the PMC is far more accurate and tighter groups.

This is disheartening to me, because I have to stick with one type of ammo and always use it. I cant afford the time need to redial in my red dot every time I go shooting or god forbid if I have to defend my family and home.
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Count the clicks it takes to redial and write it down. Then all you have to do is reverse it and shoot a couple rounds to verify. This only works with quality scopes or dot sights that have repeatable adjustments.

I have dope written down for a couple of my rifles with Leupold scopes for a number of different factory loads and it gets you back on zero fast with minamal rounds expended.
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If you don't have the time to spend at the range to do the technical work of dialing in your optics for each ammo type, stick with the PMC. It might cost a dollor or two more than the tula, but you are getting a good product and reusable brass cases. Even if you don't have a desire to reload, it may be a good idea to save your brass for someone that can reload for you.
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